Cocktail for Valentine’s Day

Choose NIO Cocktails for a taste gift on Valentine’s Day

Looking for inspiration for the most romantic day of the year? Here are many gift ideas to surprise your partner.

GIFT IDEA 1: Love cocktails
We suggest you to compose your box with 5 cocktails which celebrate love. These recipes have an indissoluble bond between exclusive and refined ingredients, mixed by the expertise of the Italian master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi.
5 cocktails designed to enhance the atmosphere of a romantic dinner and amaze you lover with a special evening, only for you and your love.

Gin Proved: Love Elixir. Rose petals, almonds and Curaçao orange create a floral Tanqueray Gin cocktail
Cosmopolitan: A glamour love. A timeless cocktail with Ketel One, Cointreau’s sweet-spicy orange, cranberry and lime.
Milano-Torino: 100% italian. A classic Italian sweet and sour cocktail with Cocchi Vermouth and Campari bitter.
Manhattan: A kiss on the skyline. The warmth of Bulleit whisky and the sweetness of Cocchi Vermouth create a perfect aperitif.
Old Fashioned: Fatal attraction. Bourbon Bulleit Whisky with a hint of aromatic bitter and orange.

Build your Box

Experience Box: to give or share with those who love a complete mixologist experience. A real gem of mixology at home with 5 cocktails of your choice, 2 beautiful NIO tumblers and 1 ice mold.

GIFT IDEA 2: To live together a romantic journey between mixology and culture
Postcards from Venice : The box designed for love and the most romantic city in the world, to live a journey into the ancient culture of the “Serenissima” with the guide of the master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi.

4 cocktails, 4 postcards that lead to the discovery of the most ancient corners of Venice that give, to those who enjoy them, the experience of being in those romantic and historic places from your home: it’s a gate in their palate.
The absolute protagonist for all 4 new cocktails is the Select, the king of the Venetian aperitif.

NIO Cocktails offers you the opportunity to recreate the atmosphere that you can only breathe in Venice at your home, to celebrate with this romantic box Valentine’s Day, with your lover. Enjoy the experience of walking through the streets and exploring the canals on a gondola, sipping a high quality and ready to share cocktail.

GIFT IDEA 3: For couples who like to share stylish experiences
Two wonderful gift ideas to give time to spend together, to live a unique experience and create memories. All with the unmistakable style signed by NIO Cocktails.

Experience Backpack : A complete kit that due to the thermal backpack allows you to taste your cocktails wherever you want. It’s perfect to take with you for a romantic getaway, by boat, for a picnic in the open air, or wherever you want.

NIO Cocktails x GQ Box: a real cocktail bar with 4 exclusive cocktails, designed and perfectly mixed by Patrick Pistolesi, 4 original tumblers different from each other, 1 ice mold, and 4 premium prints to decorate the house.