Speakeasy NIO

How NIO Speakeasy works

NIO Cocktails reserves its most loyal customers, gifts and surprises.
It is born like this in Speakeasy.
The point program (the cheers) with which you will have the opportunity to dive into a mysterious Speakeasy where you will be dedicated unique tributes, surprises and reserved events.
Find out all the charm of being able to get into a real digital secret bar and collect NIO special points.
More cheers, more advantages.
Sign up if you're new or access with your credentials. Speakeasy is the loyalty program of NIO Cocktails, its points being called cheers.
Each purchase or special action will build more and more cheers. As in a real secret bar, these will be your key to accessing exclusive benefits of the program and dedicated to you. We share with you the passion for mixology and we want to reward it.

  • 1

    Create your account

    Enter the NIO Speakeasy program and get 300 cheers immediately

  • 2

    Earns immediately points

    Right away for you cheers with the first purchase or simple activities

  • 3

    Turn the points collected into your awards

    Go to the prizes page and convert your cheers in the homage you prefer

That's how you can easily earn cheers

  • crea_account

    Create your account

    300 cheers
  • like_facebook

    Put like on our Facebook page

    300 cheers
  • like_instagram

    Follow us on our Instagram page

    300 cheers
  • acquista_box_speciale

    Buy a box of 3 cocktails

    175 cheers
  • acquista_box_speciale

    Buy a box of 6 cocktails

    360 cheers
  • acquista_box_speciale

    Buy a box of 9 cocktails

    600 cheers
  • acquista_box_speciale

    Buy one of our Special Box

    from 300 to 1150 cheers
  • iscriviti_newsletter

    Subscribe to the newsletter

    100 cheers
  • happy_birthday

    Happy Birthday

    100 cheers
  • invita_amico

    Invite a friend

    900 cheers

Prizes are better if shared with friends

NIO Speakeasy loves sociality: Every time you invite a friend you earn 900 cheers! Get into your account and start piling up cheers and collecting tributes!

Discover the exclusive gifts

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in the first Virtual Speakeasy?

REGISTER : It creates an account to become a new NIO Speakeasy enrolled.
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