Gift and treats for Easter holidays

It's time for a change; a change of scene, style, wardrobe, outlook. There is nothing better than enjoying Spring vibes with close friends and delicious cocktails. Make sure you're well prepared with an easy-to-please cocktails box with something for everyone.

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Our Easter gift selection

The perfect Easter hosting

You're ready for the break and the first thing on your mind is a long-awaited get-together with friends and family. If you prefer the more unconventional approach, a Barbecue or garden party is a great way to catch those first rays outdoors. Make sure to check the weather forecast as Spring can be unpredictable, but even if it does rain on your party, soggy guests are always happy with a good selection of grilled meat, vegetables, delicious vegetarian options, and shelter from the deluge.
On the arrival of your guests, kick-start the Easter atmosphere with their favourite cocktails as an appetiser. Whatever their taste; sweet/sour/bitter or dry, try Mediterranean pairings to keep it light with breads and olives, capers, smoked salmon and bruschette. Keep your sweeter, richer cocktails for afterwards as the perfect dessert pairing. The first rays of sun are here and with it, your plans for entertaining. For the total unwind experience, organise good company, delicious food and quality cocktails. Make your day effortless with a premium NIO Cocktails box.