Cocktail Box Stylish LOVE


121,50€ Special offer 99,00€ for a limited time only

121,50€ Special offer 99,00€ for a limited time only

Just for your Valentine's Day, we have created an even richer version of the GQ Box: 4 exclusive cocktails doubled for a total of 8, 4 designer glasses, the sphere ice mold... all enclosed in the iconic Cube, perfect for a gift (for yourself too).

Key Ingredients:

4 signature Cocktails: Milanese Bianco, The Dandy, The Big Apple, Sensei | Extra Box of 4 same cocktail for your refill | 4 NIO x GQ tumblers | 1 sphere ice tray (diam. 6 cm) | 4 Exclusive Art Prints on Fedrigoni Paper
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121,50€ Special offer 99,00€
For limited time only

For your Valentine's Day ... here's the exceptionally extended version of the NIO x GQ Box:

- 1 NIO x GQ box: a real piece of furniture

- 1 + 1 box of 4 NIO exclusive cocktails (8 drinks)
1 White Milanese cocktail (Gin Tanqueray, Americano Cocchi, Bitter Bianco Luxardo)

1 The Dandy cocktail (Gin Tanqueray, Briottet Ginger Liqueur, Monin Honey Liqueur, Organic Citric Acid)

1 The Big Apple cocktail (Whiskey Bourbon Bulleit, Roner Green Apple Liqueur, Organic Citric Acid)

1 The Sensei cocktail (Tottori Whiskey, Yuzu Liqueur, Lichi Syrup, Organic Citric Acid)

- 4 designer glasses: created in Italy, made of crystal

- 1 ice mold: spherical format, perfect for our NIO x GQ tumblers

- 4 limited edition art prints: in precious Fedrigoni paper

NIO Cocktails are made with the finest spirits and liqueurs, with no preservatives, additives or chemical agents.

Hand-mixed in Italy with the best spirits in the world

We’ll bring a high quality, thrilling tasting experience to your home or wherever you like. Treat yourself to or gift a wonderful sensory moment; our cocktails are created to Patrick Pistolesi’s recipes and shipped in fully recyclable designer packaging

A stylish Cocktail Box for limitless love

"For the most daring and imaginative couples, NIO Cocktails offers the GQ box in an extended version: 4 exclusive cocktails including the Milanese Bianco, the Dandy, the Big Apple, and the Sensei with the addition of an extra box of 4 refill cocktails. The box also contains 4 glass tumblers, the exclusive XL ice mold, and 4 premium Fedrigoni paper prints. It’s everything you need for an unforgettable moment."