Vassoio Bar di Natale + 6 Cocktail


6 cocktail natalizi in edizione limitata, con vassoio e 6 bicchieri in vetro molato
Con confezione regalo gratuita per le feste.

Key Ingredients:

| Spiced Negroni 23.1% Vol | Winter Sidecar 21.5 Vol | Apple Rum Punch 18.3% Vol | Christmas Margarita 22.2 Vol | Christmas in Manhattan 23.9% Vol | Snow Daiquiri 21.1% Vol
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Gift your home a magical touch of Christmas with our tray complete with 6 special cocktails ready to be served. The perfect accessory for your home bar and to delight guests during the holidays. Add a touch of joy and share unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Buy now and celebrate in style

Spiced Negroni - Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino / Tanqueray London Dry Gin / Campari Bitter / Bitter Truth Pimento Dram / Water | 100ml / 23.1% Vol

Our award-winning Negroni gets a wonderfully festive twist with spicy hints of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, blended with Tanqueray London Dry Gin

Winter Sidecar - St Remy XO Brandy / Cocchi Vermouth Storico di Torino / 1883 Cinnamon Syrup / Cointreau / 1883 Tangerine Syrup / Organic Citric Acid / Water | 100 ml / 21.5% Vol

Blending together warming festive spices with smooth Brandy St Remy XO and Cocchi Vermouth Storico di Torino.

Apple Rum Punch  -  Calvados Coquerel v.s.o.p / Ron Santiago de Cuba™ Anejo 8 years old/ Cocchi Vermouth Storico di Torino / 1883 Apple Syrup / Bitter Truth Pimento Dram / Water. | 100 ml / 18.3% Vol

A delicious recipe based on dark rum with notes of apple and star anise. It has a fresh, yet mellow palate and a bittersweet, spicy sip.

Christmas Margarita - Tequila Exotico Blanco / Bols Apple Sour Liqueur / Bols Ginger Liqueur / 1883 Agave Syrup / Organic citric acid / Water | 100 ml / 22.2% Vol

Tequila Exotico Blanco 100% Blue Agave blends perfectly with apple and ginger to create this Christmas Margarita.

Christmas in Manhattan - Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey / Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino / Bols White Crème de Cacao / Angostura Aromatic Bitters / Water | 100 ml / 23.9% Vol

Combining Bulleit Bourbon and Italian Vermouth with silky crème de cacao liqueur, this warming cocktail is beautifully smooth.

Snow Daiquiri - Ron Santiago de Cuba™ Anejo 8 years old / Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum / Bols Ginger Liqueur / 1883 Liquid Cane Sugar / 1883 Pineapple Syrup / Organic Citric Acid / Water | 100 ml / 21.1% Vol

With distinctive vanilla, coconut and cinnamon flavours coming from the Ron Santiago de Cuba rum, blended with notes of ginger and tropical pineapple.

Hand-mixed in Italy with the best spirits in the world

We’ll bring a high quality, thrilling tasting experience to your home or wherever you like. Treat yourself to or gift a wonderful sensory moment; our cocktails are created to Patrick Pistolesi’s recipes and shipped in fully recyclable designer packaging

Perchè regalare l'experience bar cabinet di Natale

Questo mobile elegante e raffinato ha tutti gli ingredienti giusti per le tue feste natalizie più calde ed eleganti. Viene fornito con 6 deliziosi cocktail natalizi, 6 bicchieri in vetro molato e un vassoio trasparente dal design accattivante che può essere utilizzato sia per esporre che per servire

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