NIO Cocktails X Giass



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4 exclusive NIO cocktails created in collaboration with Giass, the first London Dry Gin of Milan.

Got De Navy
(Giass Navy Strength/Valentini Bitter Basilico/Citric Acid/Ginger syrup/Carpano Dry Vermouth/Italicus; 100 ml, 19.3% vol.)

A fresh, spicy cocktail with notes of ginger and citrus, perfect to enhance the botanic notes of Giass. Mixed with the historic ‘Navy Strength’ gin.

Got De Giass
(Giass/Del Professore Red Vermouth/Clementi China/Cocco Alamea/Florio Superiore Dry Marsala/‘Bitter Truth’ Orange/Farmily Aromatico; 100 ml, 18.8% vol.)

Its roundness makes it both an aperitif and an after dinner drink. A concentrate of aromatic flavours of herbs and juniper that caress the palate.

El Minga
(Giass/Aperitivo Del Professore/Sugar Syrup/Camomille Liqueur/Passion Fruit Syrup/Citric Acid; 100 ml, 21.1% vol.)

A fruity, tropical cocktail with a hint of bitterness that restores balance and decision. A cocktail that makes you dream.

El Professor
(Giass/Del Professore Vermouth/Fusetti Bitter/Jnpr/Bitter Truth Olive; 100 ml, 17.1% vol.)

A revisited Negroni, a different touch which does not change the decided, direct soul of the Count’s historical cocktail.

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