Cartoline Cocktail dal Mondo


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The collections pay homage to the mixology of Japan and the original ingredient of the Venice Spritz. The 2 best-selling boxes in an exceptional combo reserved for a special price.

Key Ingredients:

2 tumblers for free | 1 Box of 4 cocktails "Postcards from Japan" | 1 Box of 4 cocktails "Postcards from Venice"
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This special bundles contains:

- 1 Box Postcards from Japan:


Eiko Vodka | La Tomato Liqueur | Ancho Reyes | Organic Citric Acid; 100 ML, 24.9%VOL.

An oriental twist on Bloody Mary, thanks to a secret ingredient: a Japanese tomato liqueur, which gives this cocktail a disruptive personality giving great flavour. 


Etsu Gin | La Okinawa Liqueur | Toschi Simple Syrup | Organic Citric Acid; 100 ML, 20.0%VOL.

A Japanese twist on a mixology classic such as Gin Sour, reinvented around a rare green apple liqueur, with round and acidic notes.


Kiyomi Rum | La Yuzu Liqueur | Toschi Simple Syrup | Organic Citric Acid; 100 ML, 18.8%VOL.

An Oriental Daiquiri, characterized by yuzu liqueur.


Tottori Whisky | King's Ginger | Toschi Simple Syrup | Organic Citric Acid; 100 ML, 25.4%VOL.

A version of a Whiskey Sour of extreme refinement and quality. The touch of class of this cocktail is a Ginger Liqueur with the typical exotic tones of the Rising Sun. 

- 1 Box Postcards from Venice:
421- Laguna
Select | Vermouth Americano Cocchi; 100 ML, 13,6%VOL.

A cocktail for a no-frills tasting of the irreplaceable ingredient for the authentic Venetian Spritz: Select. 

1104- Arsenale
Select | Brandy italiano Bonollo | Vermouth Americano Cocchi | Chazalettes; 100 ML, 21,4%VOL.

An aperitif with character, for daring palates and lovers of tradition.

1725- Le Calli di Casanova
Select | Creme de Cacao Bols | Organic Citric Acid | Liquid Sugar; 100ML, 11,1%VOL.

This cocktail, deep in the notes and mischievous in its combination, will pay homage to the art of bewitching and intriguing with the strength of Select and the sweetness of Creme de Cacao.

2021- Cannaregio
Select | Italicus | Pommé Roner Liqueur | Organic Citric Acid | Liuid Sugar; 100 ML, 12,5% VOL.

An experimental cocktail with a fragrant and unusual mix around Select.

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