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  • Eileen and Phil

    Verified Buyer

    My husband and I absolutely love these cocktails as a special treat. Everything about them is perfect, from the simple ordering process, to the packaging, speedy delivery and the taste! The service is so efficient & the cocktails are so easy to prepare with a great choice. We can’t wait to try our next batch. (Think it will be a box of 9, rather than 6!!)

  • Antonio

    Verified Buyer

    The NIO Old Fashioned is the best one I've had – and I've been all around London tasting them! Super easy to have in the luxury at home, faster delivery than expected given these challenging times & love that there's a cocktail for me & my partner on the site.

  • Dan

    Verified Buyer

    You know when a product's packaging is so well designed that it's all part of the experience of enjoying the product itself? Apple do this well. And so do NIO Cocktails. It's immediately obvious that this is a quality product when you open the box. But it's not style over substance, either. The cocktails taste great...and pack a punch! A real treat. Also, the customer service is amazing - some of the best I've ever experienced. They went above and beyond to resolve the a delivery issue (through no fault of their own). You're in safe hands with these guys.

  • Loraine

    Verified Buyer

    I have bought three boxes of these cocktails since lockdown, two for friends to have while having video calls and one for my husband for his birthday. I was a little sceptical as to to how ready made cocktails would taste but everyone has been really delighted with the quality. They are very well balanced and perfectly made. They arrived in the given timescale and the packaging is very stylish. Customer service is excellent. I will definitely be buying more as they are a great gift idea.

  • Emily

    Verified buyer

    I ordered a mixed box of 9 cocktails last week. I was sceptical that they would be as good as if I were in a bar, but they really are! I particularly like the gin ones. Box arrived next day in lovely packaging with a nice note inside. I would highly recommend trying them. I have tried cocktails like this before that you order online and never been impressed. These are different.

  • Esther

    Verified Buyer

    Cannot wait for lockdown to be over and I can have these available to my friends. Have ordered the 9 box twice now; there will be more. The cocktails are perfect, as strong as they should be!! Often not the case. These are a fabulous idea for Christmas gifts, the nine box is absolutely beautifully packaged and I know I’d be delighted to receive one as a gift.

  • Caroline

    Verified Buyer

    I bought a set of three negronis for friends to cheer them up in lockdown and they said they tasted just as good as a high-end cocktail bar! They absolutely loved them! Along with the taste, the customer service was excellent, especially managing expectations with slow post because of Coronavirus.

  • Eoin

    Verified Buyers

    The cocktails were great! We thoroughly enjoyed and the taste was just as good as any of our cocktails bars at the 5 star hotels I work at. I also blind tasted them with my friends, and they couldn't believe it when I showed them what they were drinking!

  • Casey

    Verified buyer

    I bought these for a beach party,
    but I couldn't fit them. "Need Ice Only"
    on the-go bevs for the beach etc.
    10/10 would recommend.

  • Keeley

    Verified buyer

    These are amazing by the way.
    I ordered a box of three before
    Christmas to test it out. The
    quality is incredibly, far better
    that any high end bar in London.
    I got a box of 6 this time around
    and polished them off in two days.
    Soooo worth it!

  • Ali

    Verified Buyer

    The cocktails were an
    absolute smash! I'm quite
    particular when it comes to things like Manhattans
    and Negronis. We were pleasantly...amazed by
    them and all the others we
    had. I have a couple left and I'll then be reordering for home!

  • Jack

    Verified buyer

    These truly are fantastic...
    took a 6 box with us when we
    went on a ski holiday over Christmas.
    You could probably use them on the
    train or plane, if you can snag some
    ice blocks from the hosts!

  • Martin

    Verified buyer

    Tried NIO for the first time and
    bought the Bitter-Sweet Box,
    my girlfriend and I were so
    surprised at how good they are.
    Sweet packaging, awesome taste
    - just need an Old Fashioned on
    the menu!

  • Gaeyle

    Verified buyer

    I got given these as a gift for
    Christmas by my daughter, and
    I was pretty skeptical but even
    my husband loved them.
    It was a little hard to tear
    off the corner cleanly but we
    just started using scissors to
    snip instead and it worked