A tasting journey to discover the ancient corners of Venice and the premium quality mixology

Patrick Pistolesi is our guide to discover one of the most romantic and intriguing cities in the world through 4 new recipes of high mixology and research, creatively inspired by as many fascinating places in the city, each of which hides a story full of charm and mystery..

Master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi takes us on his journey to discover the most ancient and intact corners of the Lagoon and creates 4 signature cocktails that make up the iconic box "Postcards from Venice", a collection of real tasting postcards that give away, to those who enjoy them, the experience of being in those romantic and historic places from the comfort of their own home as a gate in their palate.

Thinking of the city of Venice you remember the exclusive charm and nowhere to be found elsewhere that welcomes us as soon as you set foot in the lagoon. Going into its canals and its buildings rich in history and heroic events is a unique experience. Love, passion, culture, elegance and refinement are just some of the feelings that the city transmits in every corner.

However, Venice is also a very important place for mixology. Let’s only think about Select!

This is one of the true icons of the Venetian aperitif, which was born in the Sestiere di Castello, right in the historic heart of Venice in 1920, thanks to the liquor experience of the Pilla Brothers. Its refined aromatic profile from which stand out the roots of rhubarb and juniper berries, and its balanced sweet-bitter taste make it also suitable for blending, giving the opportunity to experiment and create new recipes for refined and exclusive cocktails.

NIO Cocktails give you the opportunity to recreate at home this atmosphere to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a very romantic box.

Enjoy the experience to walk through the streets and exploring the canals on a gondola, sipping a high quality and ready to share cocktail.

Postcards from Venice” box is also an original idea for a gift for your lover or a simple way to improve your home bar to share with whoever you want.

NIO Cocktails are mixed with premium quality ingredients by Patrick Pistolesi, bartender of Drink Kong, who in 2020 won the 45th place in the ranking of the 50 best bars in the world.


Select: Venetian excellence for the aperitif.

The historic and famous Select distillery is the place where the main ingredient of the cocktails of the box "Postcards from Venice" was born. From this one Patrick takes inspiration to let us explore with him all the secrets of the city and the most refined and quality mixology.

Select has a long history beginning in the last century…

In the early years of the twentieth century, when the ritual of aperitif spread in Italy, the Pilla brothers understood how to grasp the potential of that moment and thanks to their experience in the world of spirits gave life to Select, that very soon spread throughout Italy and became the protagonist of the aperitif. It was the year 1920.

It was in the seventies that the fashion of Spritz exploded in its classic version: white wine, sparkling water... and Select. Even today this fashion continues to grow and still remains the symbol of the aperitif of the lagoon and the Select is also used to experiment with new recipes for cocktails more and more refined.


Patrick’s journey to explore the most characteristic places of the “Serenissima”

Our master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi was inspired by the many wonders that the city of Venice offers, to create 4 new recipes that go to explore the culture of mixology of the Serenissima and offers us evocative postcards that capture the charm of the places discovered and immerse us in his tasting experience.

421- Laguna: a cocktail to celebrate the origins of the journey and the city

Patrick’s journey begins even before setting foot on the ground, already from the unique view of the city that you can enjoy from the train; Here he was inspired to create the first cocktail Laguna”, , which celebrates the birth of the city.

Here he wrote his first postcard:

Here I am in Venice, looking for a historic local distillery. From the train I enjoy the view of the lagoon: it is said that in 421 A.D. the barbarians forced some inhabitants of the mainland to settle here. That all this beauty was born from a brutal act, makes the itinerary to the Venetian heart of mixology even more fascinating. I’m thinking a cocktail for a no-frills tasting of the irreplaceable ingredient for the authentic Venetian Spritz: Select. For this journey I chose a Vermouth, a fortified wine."

  Laguna, the first cocktail created for the box is composed by 2 ingredients:

  • Select
  • Vermouth Americano Cocchi

A tasting journey that begins in the simplest, direct and "pure" way: to represent and celebrate the concept of origin. 


1104- Arsenale: exquisitely Italian strength and flavour in a special cocktail.

With the second postcard of Patrick we enter the heart and the true personality of Venice and we begin to know its history and its deepest traditions. In the fortified heart of the city we spontaneously think of a cocktail that fully represents strength, but also tradition.

“I took a ride on the traditional Gondola, to enjoy one of the secular arts of this place. I come across the majestic and "brutal" Arsenal, the fortified heart of the city where they saw the light of keels of all sizes and forges, dedicated to political, military or amorous missions. I want to dedicate him a bold, strong, intensely Italian cocktail. An aperitif of character, for bold palates and lovers of tradition. Nearby, in the distillery of Pilla Brother, was created Select, named by D'Annunzio.."

The Arsenale cocktail is mixed with 4 high quality ingredients:

  • Select
  • Italian Brandy Bonollo
  • Vermouth Americano Cocchi
  • Chazalettes

 An exclusive cocktail only for NIO Cocktails, which with Select shows a strong structure, extraordinary and wise for its savoir faire and mixology ambition. Like the cabinetmakers of Venice who are capable of forging menacing Galeoni and romantic Gondolas.


1725- The Calli of Casanova: to discover the most seductive and enchanting face of the city.

Venice is history, battles, struggles between doges and the great homeland of maritime trade, but above all it is passion. No one more than Casanova represents the charm and intrigues that make Venice the favorite destination of lovers. It is from Giovanni Casanova that Patrick is inspired to write a new postcard with which he announces the idea of a third cocktail:

"It’s almost dark. On dry land I choose to get lost in the streets of Venice: unexpected corners, elegant palaces, fascinating arcades and dreamy bridges bring to mind the unscrupulousness of Giacomo Casanova. Politician, philosopher, scholar... and notoriously fine seducer... it is also said thanks to chocolate. Yes, I discovered a link between cocoa and Venice that surprised me. This cocktail, deep in notes and mischievous in this combination, will pay homage to the art of bewitching and intriguing with the strength of Select and the sweetness of Creme de Cacao."

  So the protagonist of this intriguing cocktail is a sweet ingredient with a soft and delicious flavor, the Creme de Cacao Bols, accompanied by:

  • Select
  • Organic Citric Acid
  • Liquid Sugar

Dedicate this very special and refined tasting, which finds a unique and unmissable combination due to the contrast between the strength of Select and the sweetness of Creme de Cacao.


2021- Cannaregio: a multicultural world in a contemporary and unusual cocktail

Patrick arrives at the final destination of his exploration: the Canareggio district. Here comes the idea of reinventing the Select in a more experimental and innovative perspective, fully representing the Canneregio district, a melting pot of different cultures.

Here Patrick wrote his last postcard:

"Going back home, I come across a place which is surprising for its contemporaneity and authenticity, just like Select: Cannaregio, the most populous, intact and dynamic part of the Lagoon. A meltin' pot to discover, from the ancient Ghetto to the Museums of Modern Art, which testifies how Venice has always been "contemporary": here ethnic groups, religions, arts and interests have been meeting and comparing for centuries. This will be the most experimental cocktail I dedicate to the Serenissima. A wish for a future of peace and beauty, a fragrant and unusual mix around Select.."

The Select is expertly mixed with 4 other ingredients:

  • Italicus
  • Pommè Roner Liqueur
  • Organic Citric Acid
  • Liquid Sugar

Due to this cocktail, Patrick takes his master mixologist’s art to the extreme, sending a tasting postcard to the future: a true experience of high contemporary mixology worthy of the top cocktail bars of avant-garde and refined research.


Give or give away "Postcards from Venice": the taste of drinking well mixed with the pleasure of knowledge..

With "Postcards from Venice" you will have the opportunity to enjoy 4 new cocktails and at the same time you can discover the most ancient and fascinating corners of the city of Venice.

Appropriate the culture of the Serenissima while you sip your cocktails made by one of the best bartenders in the world, all comfortably at your home.  

"Postcards from.." is a collection of unique cocktails that want to combine the culture and knowledge of places, far or near, with the art of drinking well and the tasting and sensory pleasure that only cocktails created with high quality ingredients can give.

The journey started in Japan with "Postcards from Japan", and continues with Venice, stay up to date on the news of NIO Cocktails to discover the next fascinating destination.

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