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Find out how ready to drink is the premium, sustainable and also customisable solution for your business.

Stand out for your customers, guests and employees with an incredible bar-quality cocktail experience.

Our brand can offer you the best premium bar-quality cocktail experience. Are you an online or in-store reseller? Would you like to offer the world of mixology in your hotel or restaurant? Are you thinking about an event or gift for your company? Bring this innovative, original experience to your customer, guest, or employee.

Each NIO Cocktail is designed by Master Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, owner of Drink Kong in Rome, ranked 16th in the World's 50 Best Bars.

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    We only use premium spirits produced by the most important distillers in the world. Authentic partnerships that allow us to create brilliant cocktails... all designed by Patrick Pistolesi.
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    We are a new way of offering the art of premium mixology, with a product that is also internationally recognised for its elegant, sustainable packaging. We are a Carbon Neutral company.
  • We offer more than 25 different classic, signature, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic cocktails. In addition to special collections and boxes for an entirely original taste experience.
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    Our cocktails offer is simple: serve the perfect cocktail without the costs and effort. Our pack is space-saving and functional.
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    We are an agile company and stay close to our customers: we are able to serve small and large companies by basing our commercial offer according to actual needs.
  • NIO Cocktails customisation service can make your company stand out: we recreate your visual identity for corporate gifting as well as giving a warm welcome to your guest.
  • Retail

    Our distribution strategy is selective and aims to ensure a premium positioning of the brand. Our ambition is to create a network of retailers based on innovative design products, to offer their customers a refined experience.
  • Hotel, Pool & SPA

    We are a premium partner twho serves high quality cocktails fast without the need for bar staff. Our cocktails add distinctive value in your hotel or wellness centre.
  • Corporate

    Our exclusive and customisable design makes NIO Cocktails the perfect corporate gift for your PR or employees. Reward employees and partners with a memorable and unique taste experience.
  • Travel

    Our lightweight, compact packaging is tailor-made for air, rail and ocean travel. For the first time, you can have a quality on-board cocktail experience without a bartender and with a pack that is lighter and more compact than glass, making it more sustainable.
  • Restaurants and Off Licences

    Thanks to us your services can count on a high-quality-minimum-cost solution which generates better turnover.
  • Corporate and private events

    With our extensive menu, which includes not only classic cocktails but also low and non-alcoholic options, every guest can enjoy NIO Cocktails, both at the bar and as an eye-catching gift during your event.

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