I cocktail per la grigliata che si accompagnano perfettamente a carne e pesce

The cocktails for the grill that are perfectly accompanied by meat and fish

Let's face it and clear: summer cannot be defined as such without a barbecue with friends and relatives. Point. In the garden, on the terrace, at the sea or where you prefer, the barbecue is always the winning choice for summer lunches and dinners in company. In addition to being a moment to tell you great, its versatility is able to conquer anyone: it allows you to have a more than varied menu between meat, fish and vegetables and various teasers. Among the burning flames of the grid, the food and the numerous chats, to a self -respecting grill, the right thirst -quenching cocktails cannot be missing, perfect for refreshing all the palates.

The cocktail-city relationship has become increasingly solid in recent years and the food pairing With the right drink it is now essential: iCocktail for barbecue They represent the original, sophisticated and elegant alternative to the typical drinks that usually accompany meals. How to better combine food with cocktails for the barbecue? The advice of Nio Cocktails will help you create the perfect combinations for your grilled - which are based on meat and fish.

Outdoor grilled with meat to combine with cocktails

The best cocktails to combine with meat

The choice of cocktail varies according to the type of meat, marinade and the type of sauce that will accompany the dish. The general rule is not to overdo it with the alcoholic gradation, since the cocktail must gently accompany the flavor of the flow rate, do not dominate it with its strong character and above all degrease the palate in the right way.

The bestcocktail to combine with meat Grilled are: Negroni, Manhattan, Tommy's Margarita.


A classic cocktail that fully represents Italian aperitif, loved all over the world for its perfect dry and sweet and sour balance of Amari - Vermouth Cocchi and Gin Tanqueray.Negroni He was born in Florence between 1919 and 1920 from Count Camillo Negroni: in those years the Count used to attend the aristocratic Caffè Casoni in via de 'Tornabuoni and - tired of the usual American - asked the barman Fosco Scarselli for the addition of one Punta di Gin instead of soda, in honor of his recent trips to London. What was "the usual" for the count, for the others it became "an American in the manner of Count Negroni" - for this reason he took the name of the count who loved him so much. The cocktail has become popular from the 1950s, first in Italy and then all over the world, so much so that it was mentioned in one of the novels of Ian Fleming's James Bond saga, "Risiko", in which the legendary 007 agent in a His stay in the peninsula orders, in fact, a Negroni.

A cocktail with a decisive flavor, which goes very well with a grilled meat based because it cleans the palate well and accompanies the flavor.


The Manhattan It is a cocktail in the spotlight from its birth: legend says that it was created around 1870 at the "Manhattan Club" in New York by Iin Marshall, on the occasion of the reception organized by Jennie Jerome (or Lady Randolph Churchill, mother of Winston Churchill) in honor of the candidate for the presidency Samuel J. Tilden. His success made the drink very fashionable and decided to rename him as the bar in which he had been created, the "Manhattan". Thanks to a very fast word of mouth, the cocktail soon became very popular even in Europe, perhaps also helped by its important name: the big apple in the tumbler.

The warmth of the whiskey Bulleit, the sweetness of the Vermouth Cocchi and the touch of angostura create a perfect cocktail to combine with the meat, in particular to the very fat ones and with a decisive flavor the lamb.

Tommy's Margarita

A refreshing touch, variant of the margarita, which brings the exotic flavor of Tequila shine.Created in the early 90s by Julio Bermejo, this cocktail is called the family restaurant in San Francisco - self -proclaimed "the best tequila bar on earth". The Tommy's Margarita He is now the protagonist of all the cocktail list of the best bars in the world. Compared to the classic margarita, the flavor is enhanced by the triple sec with agave syrup which is not by chance extracted from a fatty plant in Mexico: the Weber Tequilian agave.

A cocktail in perfect Mexican style, which combines perfectly with chicken wings - especially if marinated in a spicy sauce.

Fish dish combinable with cocktail

The best cocktails combined with fish

In addition to the meat, the fish is also perfect for being cooked on the grill. A mixed sea consisting of crustaceans is generally usedmolluscs, fish and skewers. The best cocktails to combine with fish are: Gimlet, Daiquiri, Milan - Turin, Old Fashioned.


Let's start with a classic grilled cocktail: the gimletIt is a very fresh mix of Gin Tanqueray and Lime already known in 1928, described as: "Gin, a lemon and soda tip". The description in Raymond Chandler's novel of 1953 -"The long goodbye" - established that "a real gimlet is half gin and half lime juice and nothing else". The origin seems to be attributed to the surgeon Admiral Sir Thomas Gimlette: it is said to have been the first to have added the lime juice to the Gin newspaper of his men of the Royal Navy to help them fight the damage of the scurvy (disease due to vitamin deficiency C) during long ocean crossings.

Fresh, aromatic, the perfect combination of cocktails and fish- Of every kind.


The king of summer cocktails, Old But Gold, super refreshing thanks to the combination of Pampero Rum blanco and citrus fruits. Born at End of the nineteenth century, at the time of the war between the United States and Spain, dates back to the shipwreck of the Main ship - in the port of Havana. A marine arrived in a small village near Santiago de Cuba - called by the - and, to appease its thirst, entered a sort of bar used as a bar. After refusing to drink smooth rum, she obtained an addition of lime and sugar juice.

Tropical enough, Daiquiri It goes well with fish and spiced dishes. In fact, the citrus part of the drink recalls the flavor of crustaceans like prawns and scampi.

Milan - Turin

A cocktail as simple, as balanced and representative of Italian.The Milan-Turin It is a controversial cocktail: nobody really knows when it was created, but the most accredited version is that it was invented to celebrate the birth of the A4 motorway in 1932, although it is more likely that it was created with the advent of the great Italian school of mixing. At the beginning of the so -called "short century" there were few liqueurs available in bars: the most famous were certainly the Vermouth of Turin and the Campari of Milan. By combining the two, the Milan-Turin, prepared directly in the glass, was obtained, with the addition of an orange zest.

IS A very dry drink whose herbaceous hints marry well with the grilled of all types of fish and raw seafood.

Old Fashioned

The origins of this drink date back to so far in time that it is difficult to believe in those who attribute paternity. Originally it was called whiskey cocktail as it expressed the classic formula established in 1806: distilled, sugar, water and bitter. Since 1870, the availability of new liqueurs led to creating countless new "alternative and improved" whiskey cocktails, but there were still those who loved and wanted only the old recipe. From here, theOld Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail. 

Thanks to the whiskey Bulleit Bourbon, the pinch of aromatic bitter and orange, it is the ideal cocktail With decisive flavors typical of game but also to smoked fish - such as salmon. The savory part is in fact dampened by whiskey.


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