I migliori cocktail invernali, alcolici e analcolici

The best winter cocktails, alcohol and non -alcoholic

You spent the summer looking for freshness as leitmotiv for your aperitifs, but with autumn and winter the desire for a more intense and character mixology is made: it is the time to rediscover all the full -bodied, enveloping cocktails , with a warm and comforting flavor.

What are the best winter, alcohol and non -alcoholic cocktails?

  1. Christmas Limited Box
  2. Barricaded cocktails
  3. Cocktail based on whiskey
  4. Hot winter cocktails
  5. Non -alcoholic winter cocktails

We started from the most searched cocktails for the winter online in Italy, among which the beloved Negroni reigns undisputed, a classic to be enjoyed not only in the cold season but at any time, and then explore all the winter tastes of our collections catalog.

Good tasting!

graphic 10 most searched winter cocktails in Italy

The Christmas Box Nio Cocktails

  1. Christmas in Manhattan
  2. Spiced Negroni
  3. Apple Rum Punch
  4. Winter Sidecar
  5. Christmas Margarita
  6. Snow daiquiri

The first solution is easy, ready and unparalleled quality: a selection of 6 limited edition nio cocktails, designed to celebrate Christmas - but not only. Suitable for the whole winter period, they are cocktails of character, with delicious "thick" and corroborating taste notes. The recipes, created by our Patrick Pistolesi, give life to the best seasonal mixology:

Christmas in Manhattan

Close your eyes, try to imagine the magical atmosphere of Christmas in New York and prepare for (re) live it with the taste buds. The recipe provides:

  • Bulleit Bourbon
  • COCCHI HISTORICAL Vermouth of Turin
  • Bols White Crème de Cacao
  • Angostura Aromatic Bitter
  • It is a drop of water.

The heat Bulleit Bourbon and the Italian Italian Vermouth Cocchi marry perfectly with the soft chocolate aroma of Crème de Cocoo, leaving space for the typically Christmas perfume of the mandarin.

Spiced Negroni

The king of Italian aperitifs wears a new guise. The recipe is surprising:

  • Tanquray gin
  • COCCHI HISTORICAL Vermouth of Turin
  • Campari
  • Fee brothers pimento dram
  • It is a drop of water.

A spicy touch goes hand in hand with the classic spiced hints of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, typical of Christmas sweets.

Apple Rum Punch

Imagine the classic hot punch of winter, but in a tastier version than ever:

  • Calvados Pere Magloire
  • Spiced rum diageo captain morgan
  • Cocci Vermouth Historical of Turin
  • Apple Sour Liqueur Bols
  • A drop of water.

The sweet and sour touch of the apple liqueur blends with the freshness of the calvados of apple cidro, balancing the spicy taste of vanilla and rum oak and the sweetness of vermouth.

Winter Sidecar

A caress on the palate that warms the heart. This cocktail takes a historical recipe and makes it winter, festive and overwhelming:

  • Brandy St Remy XO
  • Monin Mandarin syrup
  • Cocci Vermouth Historical of Turin
  • Monin cinnamon syrup
  • Bio citric acid
  • It is a drop of water.

What best winter cocktail of someone who contains Brandy? The Winter Sidecar Nio Cocktails is full of perfumes of wood and vanilla, but also of hints of ripe fruit and honey that are combined with the unmistakable scent of the mandarin.

Christmas Margarita

With a skilled magic of flavors, our Patrick Pistolesi has transformed the summer cocktail into a perfect winter cocktail:

  • Tequila Exotico Blanco
  • Bols Apple Sour Liqueur
  • Bols Ginger Liqueur
  • Bio agave syrup
  • Bio citric acid
  • A drop of water.

Do you think with nostalgia for summer and dreams of a journey that you take you on a warm Caribbean beach? Then it brings an exotic touch to your winter: the 100% fresh and spicy leafy tequila is perfectly married to the warm flavor of ginger and apple. A sweet and spicy cocktail that warms the heart.

Snow daiquiri

Another exotic call for a winter that warms the heart:

  • Bulleit Bourbon
  • COCCHI HISTORICAL Vermouth of Turin
  • Bols White Crème de Cacao
  • Angostura Aromatic Bitter
  • and a drop of water

The sour of the bio citric acid and liquid sugar is enhanced by ginger, typical of Christmas holidays and winter, and the sweetness of pineapple. Ron Carúpano Silver, with his Venezuelan heart, adds the tropical character.

La Barricati Box Nio cocktails

Barricati box nio cocktails

How to give up the hot notes of the cocktails aged in barrique? Impossible, especially in winter! Let yourself be tried by Box barricades nio cocktails: 4 Mixology pillars, aged in oak barrique barrels, become even more, harmonious, with a softened and rounded alcoholic tip, embellished with vanilla aromas, caramel and spicy notes.

A tasting experience for connoisseurs, the quintessence of the art of mixing in which to immerse yourself for your aperitifs, your dinners and your winter after-nomers. The cocktails are:

Negroni Barricato

The king of aperitifs Negroni He was aged in a barrel to obtain a mixture enriched with warm, sweet and fruity notes typical of the long passage in wood. The gustatory notes are unique: the bitter bitter bitterness, the typical sweetness of red vermouth and the intense aftertaste of the gin blend with the perfumes of wood and vanilla, full -bodied and structured, obtained thanks to the maturation in barrique. The result? A cocktail with a robust, full, but at the same time velvety and balanced taste.

The recipe of our Barrified Negroni provides:

  • Gin tanquray no.ten
  • Campari
  • COCCHI HISTORICAL Vermouth of Turin
  • Angostura Aromatic Bitters
  • It is a drop of water.

Boulevardier barricate

Our barricadier boulevardier becomes even more intriguing thanks to the bitter note in the bitter that balances the sweetness of Vermouth Cocchi. A balance that enhances the intense taste of the Bourbon Bulleit, rocky and torpedian. An experience that passes from the palate to overwhelm the sense of smell.

Our recipe for the barricate boulevardier provides:

  • Bulleit Bourbon,
  • COCCHI HISTORICAL Vermouth of Turin
  • Campari
  • Aromatic bitter angostura.

Cocktail box barricades nio cocktails

Old Fashioned Barricato

L'Old Fashioned Agent in oak is the masterpiece par excellence: an intense taste donated by the balsamic notes of the angle, from the spicy touch of the Bourbon Bulleit and the sweetness of the sugar that creates a delicious bottom.

Our Old Fashioned Barricate recipe includes:

  • Bulleit Bourbon
  • Toschi liquid sugar
  • Aromatic bitter angostura
  • Angostura orange bitter.


TheManhattan Barricate - with its perfect mix between Bourbon Bulleit and Vermouth Cocchi - becomes unique with aging in oak barrel for a touch of color and more flavor. Enveloping and full -bodied, it will accompany you throughout the winter.

The recipe of Manhattan Barricato Nio Cocktails provides:

  • Bulleit Bourbon
  • COCCHI HISTORICAL Vermouth of Turin
  • Aromatic bitter angostura.

Nio Cocktails Whiskey Cocktails

Alcohol and non -alcoholic winter cocktails

Is there anything better than whiskey to sip during dark and cold winter days? Choose the NIO cocktails based on one of the most loved spirit in the world:

Manhattan nio cocktails

One of the most loved cocktails in the world where the warmth of the whiskey Bulleit and the sweetness of the Vermouth Cocchi generate a perfect aperitif to warm the heart and the palate. Our Manhattan recipe provides:

  • Bourbon Bulleit
  • Vermouth Cocchi
  • Angosting

Boulevardier nio cocktails

A sophisticated sweet and sour cocktail that ensures a warm embrace when you need more. The Boulevardier nio cocktails Contains:

  • Bourbon Bulleit
  • Vermouth Cocchi
  • Bitter Campari
  • Angosting

Whiskey Sour Nio cocktails

It has sweet and sour and refreshing gustatory notes, but its main ingredient will heat you. The Whiskey Sour Nio cocktails it is prepared with:

  • Bourbon Bulleit
  • Citric acid
  • Liquid sugar

Alcohol and non -alcoholic winter cocktails

Old Fashioned Nio cocktails

A typical delicious cocktail to make aperitif in the cold months is precisely theOld Fashioned, with its intense taste, bitter, aromatic and citrus:

  • Bulleit Bourbon
  • Toschi liquid sugar
  • Aromatic bitter angostura
  • Angostura orange bitter

Brown gold nio cocktails

An elegant delight based on whiskey, coffee and vanilla: nothing better to sip in the middle of winter. Our Brown Gold it is made with:

  • Bourbon Bulleit
  • Bols vanilla liqueur
  • Fair coffee liqueur
  • Bio citric acid
  • Liquid sugar

Hot cocktails for the winter

The hottest cocktails for the most popular winter are:

  1. Grog
  2. Eggnog
  3. Bombard
  4. Irish Coffee
  5. White Russian
  6. Hot Toddy
  7. Hot Butreted Rum


He is a legendary hot drink: he was born in the 1700s in the royal navy of the Admiral Vernon, he was mentioned in many novels such asMoby Dick e Treasure Island. Intense and rich in flavors, it is created by putting the orange zest macerated in alcohol, star anise, cinnamon, macis, rum and triple sec secp.


An alcoholic zabaion of English origin, born perhaps in 1700. Goloso and creamy, it is createdWith milk, sugar, egg yolk and whiskey, brandy or rum.


The most loved by skiers, but not only. Born in Mottolino, in the snow -covered mountains of Livigno, it is prepared with eggnog, cream, brandy and coffee. The variantPirate has rum), while itScottish Use whiskey.

Irish Coffee

It is one of the most loved hot drinks on every basis basedof boiling coffee, sugar, Irish whiskey and cold milk cream. Someone also adds a pinch of semi-mood cream.

White Russian

We can safely call it the king of winter cocktails, which has also become an icon thanks to the filmThe great Lebowski. Is prepared With coffee liqueur, vodka and cream. Creamy and intense enough.

Alcohol and non -alcoholic winter cocktails

Hot Toddy

Imagine an Irish or Scottish whiskey base to which you will add honey or brown sugar, hot water, lemon and a handful of winter spices. Delightful! You can also decide to make the variant with brandy, rum or bourbon.

Hot Butreted Rum

Heat a glass, add boiling water, rum, honey and a nice piece of butter. Melt everything, add the cloves and garnish with a cinnamon stick. A hot shiver (and caloric!).

The best non -alcoholic winter cocktails

Not just alcohol: let's discover i Best non -alcoholic winter cocktails Suitable for all tastes, diets and needs:

  1. Aniseed Sour
  2. Ginger Sour
  3. Virgin Bitters

Aniseed Sour Nio cocktails

Relaxing and digestive, aromatic and - even - aphrodisiac, anise is one of the most loved spices in winter. This non -alcoholic cocktail with zero calorie toschi syrup, memento and bio citric acid is light and perfect for your winter aperitifs. Try Aniseed Sour.  

Ginger Sour Nio cocktails

Ginger, with its exotic touch, is not only a summer spice: its perfume floods the kitchens from all over the world during the holidays. Thirst -quenching and delicious, Ginger Sour It is made unique by the notes of the lemon they merge perfectly with memento, the exclusive blend of aromatic waters.

Virgin Bitters nio cocktails

Virgin Bitters It is the typical Italian bitter aperitif, but without alcohol. Memento, the fragrant blend of aromatic waters, goes well with a sour lace and with notes of gentian and cardamom.


Centrifuga 3 large big apples, pour the juice into a glass and mixed with sparkling water. Add a cinnamon lace and sugar to taste. Simple, natural and tasty.

Create a box with the cocktails nio you prefer and make your winter tastier than ever!