Celebra il tuo San Valentino con le LOVE Box NIO, una per ogni tipo di amore

Celebrate your Valentine's Day with the Love Box Nio, one for every type of love

Cocktail for Valentine's Day

Why limit yourself to the usual bouquets of flowers or boxes of chocolates? Saint Valentine It is the perfect opportunity to amaze with the most creative love demonstrations. Starting from a very simple - but romantic - aperitif at home: lights off, bright candles, some appetizers with an aphrodisiac touch (oysters, caviar, strawberries covered with chocolate ...) and perfect cocktails ready to drink. Too classic? A Cheers At sunset it is what you need: it brings the glasses, ice and i cocktail Nio ... and you're done!


Love Box Valentine's Day Nio cocktails

Alcohol cocktail for Valentine's Day

It doesn't matter what kind of love you bind with the person of your heart, we have the Gift cocktail Perfect for any occasion: the Love Box Valentine's Day by Nio Cocktails. They are 6 cocktail box, all enclosed in a beautiful themed package, in a limited edition. Discover with us and prepare aCelebrating love with an unexpected Tocco Mixology: ready* to discover them all?

Romantic love box

A real journey deep in the soul of the loved one. The means to do it? The taste, with the romantic love box. Inside you will find:

  • Box Postcards from Venice, dedicated to the typical flavors of the most romantic city in the world;
  • Box Postcards from Portofino, with a touch of Ligurian glamor;
  • 2 tumbler In Eco-Cristallo Serigrafati Nio, for a big toast in style.

Bitter-Sweet Love Box

Dedicated to those never boring loves, which cross the storms and exceed them, which combine opposites and make them only one precious thing. In Bitter-Sweet Love Box you will find the following Cocktail for Valentine's Day:

  • Negroni
  • Milan-Turin
  • Boulevardier
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Daiquiri
  • Gin.

A pinch of bitter with a sweet ending.

Love Box Valentine's Day Nio cocktails

Sweet Love Box

The sweetness, expressed in every gesture, in every care and attention. A relationship to be celebrated with Sweet Love Box in which you find:

  • 1832 Majani Cocktail Experience, the box with two raw leafy chocolate peel Majani at 90% and two 1832, the signature cocktails designed by Patrick Pistolesi especially to get married perfectly with chocolate: they are in fact rum based
  • 2 tumbler In Eco-Cristallo Nio

Experience Love Box

A love that is a continuous discovery, an endless adventure, a crescendo of emotions to be experienced with all the senses: what better way to toast in his honor than with an experience love box? Inside you will find these Dink for Valentine's Day:

  • our beloved Experience box, with 6 cocktails of your choice, the XL ice mold that refreshes quickly without watered down, two glasses in eco crystal signed nio

Love Box Valentine's Day Nio cocktails

Strong Love Box

For unshakable loves, which resist over time and become wonderful stories to tell: strong like the flavors they deserve. That's why in the Strong Love Box you will find:

  • there Box barricades nio cocktails, four pillars of the mixology aged in barrique for an explosion of Unique taste notes. The cocktails are Negroni Barricato, Manhattan Barricato, Old Fashioned Barricato, Boulevardier Barricato.

Stylish Love Box

Do you live a careful love of detail, with a glamorous appearance in detail, wonderfully intense and determined to overcome every obstacle? Here's what to give (and give you): the Stylish Love Box Nio. Inside you find:

  • there Gq box nio cocktails With 8 Cocktail Signature dedicated to the 4 world capitals of the mixology, 4 different tumblers - each designed to taste the proposed cocktails, 4 premium prints in Fedrigon paper and a 6cm ice balls mold. A complete kit for the most stylish of the aperitifs!

Soft cocktail for Valentine's Day

You or your soul mate cannot drink alcohol, are you working in a detox period or do you love light aperitifs? No problem: Nio cocktails has the solution with his soft cocktail for Valentine's Day, for each day, for every occasion when an alcohol -free toast can please. Our proposals:

Aniseed Sour: Relaxing and digestive, aromatic and - even seems - aphrodisiac, anise is one of the oldest and loved spices in the world. In Toschi to zero calorie syrup version, combined with the Citric Acid Bio and Memento - exclusive Blend of aromatic waters - turns into a light and non -alcoholic drinking drink ideal for your Valentine's Day aperitif.

Lemongrass Citrus: nSweet and delicately citrus thanks to the vibrant lemon notes which, in this non -alcoholic cocktail, go perfectly with the tropical touch of granitin. To dream of summer with open eyes, Cheek to Cheek.

Ginger Sour: The exotic character of ginger and the thirst -quenching soul of lemon merge perfectly with memento, exclusive blend of aromatic waters, in a copper and thirst -quenching mix.

Virgin Bitters: bitter and deep as a classic Italian aperitif, but without alcohol. The memento, fragrant blend of aromatic waters, is balanced by a sour pinch, with notes of gentian and cardamom.

Bring a Mixology touch to your special Valentine's Day: choose the Love Box Nio Cocktails!