Cointreau: i segreti del liquore classico amato nei cocktail

Cointreau: the secret of a classic and beloved liqueur for cocktails

What is Cointreau 

Cointreau is a classic liqueur, which is distilled in red copper stills, with fresh and dehydrated pills, flowers and essential orange oils coming from Africa, Spain and Brazil, together with spices, water, alcohol and ginger. On first oranges Prima Oranges are left to macerate in alcohol, then go through a further distillation process to emphasize the protagonist flavor - citrus.

The distillation also ensures an intense, pungent and enveloping citrus aroma in all forms, starting from the pills and juice to end with flowers and essential oils. It is considered a Triple Sec, or a sweet liqueur (obtained from a triple distillation) flavored orange ideal to embellish and sweeten many traditional cocktail.

Cointreau che cos'è

Cointreau flavour

In addition to the intense scent of orange, in the Cointreau also stand out the olfactory notes of orange blossom and orange blossom honey. The touch is slightly and delicately spicy with a hint of nutmeg and vanilla. The taste of Cointreau is overwhelming: on the palate, in addition to the freshness of citrus fruits, you can distinguish the notes of jam, pepper, macis and a hint of mint.

How to use Cointreau