Come organizzare un apericena a casa: cocktail, menu e consigli per il galateo

How to organize an aperitif at home: cocktails, menus and tips for etiquette

What could be better than organizing an aperitif to spend an evening with friends dedicated to food and good drinking?

Of course, giving life to an unforgettable evening is not a simple task, but we are here for this. We therefore collected i Councils for international experts from Galateo and Mise en Place, in addition to gathering some useful suggestions on the organization and, above all, on the cocktails to be served.

You discover What to prepare for a Dinner Party at home: The most loved drinks, recipes and ideas on games, decorations and fittings. Here is our practical guide on how to organize an aperitif dinner at home.

The best cocktails for an aperitif with friends

Usually cocktails are served when guests arrive: for this reason they are one of the most important things when organizing an aperitif dinner. Also, that they are non -alcoholic cocktail or drinks, these drinks can make the difference and make the experience of the meal even more pleasant. Having to organize many things, time is fundamental. For this we recommend serving simple drinks to prepare and that like them as many people as possible.

So here are i best Types of cocktails from aperitif, together with a selection of nio mixed mixture in a few minutes, pouring them directly from the comfortable premiscelate envelopes.

Strawberry from strawberry

Very famous especially in the frozen version, this fruity drink is composed of rum, lime juice, syrup and (of course) strawberries. Aim for the traditional version with ours daiquiri.


This slightly sour Mexican classic is made with Tequila, CoinTreau, Lime juice and a pinch of salt. Our Margarita Mixed contains Exotic Blanco Liqueur, an artisan tequila with a pungent herbaceous aroma, spicy tips and a robust taste of fresh agave with a hint of pepper.


One of the most loved ever, Martini is made with Gin and Vermouth. A very common version uses vodka, and if there are those who love coffee among your guests, you can serve ours Espresso Martini.


Considered the King of the trendiest cocktails, the cosmos is made with vodka, blueberry juice, lime juice and cointreau. There our version It is sweet, strong and above all pink.

Mimosa or Bucks Fizz

The classic brunch cocktails are also perfect during an aperitif: let's talk about the mimosa and the Bucks Fizz. Both prepare with champagne and orange juice. The mimosa includes the ingredients in equal parts, while the Bucks Fizz is made up of two parts of juice and one of champagne.

Piña Colada

A tropical cocktail based on coconut cream, pineapple juice and white rum. Ideal to bring the atmosphere of a warm tropical beach in your living room.

Sex On The Beach

Prepare this summer cocktail with vodka, fishing grappa and blueberry juice. As a garnish, add candied cherries and orange slices.

For other exquisite ideas, take a look at ours Festa cocktail kit.

Which cocktails to serve (and when)

For what concern Cocktail etiquette, William Hanson, the greatest expert on etiquette in the United Kingdom, says: "Avoid too sweet cocktails, especially if wine and other drinks will be served during the evening, and serve an espresso Martini after the meal".

Menu for an aperitif

You will probably be wondering What to offer for an aperitif, since the menu is the most important part of the event. Does the evening have a theme? For example, among the Ideas for a winter aperitif We recommend full -bodied cheeses, seasonal first fruits such as oranges and fennel (together they are an excellent combination) and a delicious tiramisu to conclude everything. Of course, traditional aperitif cocktails cannot be missing to amaze your guests on their arrival.

Whatever the theme, we advise you to stay on the simple. If you have to cook for many people, choose recipes you know and who know how to perform well, rather than trying something new. Simple and seasonal dishes such as gnocchi au gratin, cured meats and quality cheeses, a savory pie and a donut do not take much time and will allow you to enjoy the evening.

A buffet and cocktail aperitif creates a convivial environment, and is definitely easier to organize than a traditional dinner. Your guests will be able to choose what they prefer by using themselves and chatting in the meantime.

Apericena at home: what to do and what is not

Now that you know how organize an aperitifHere are some tips and suggestions of the Galateo expert William Hanson to avoid false steps:

How do you behave to an aperitif?

This guide is dedicated to those who organize an aperitif, but being a good guest is also important! William gave us his advice on how to behave to an aperitif:

How to set the table for an aperitif

Now that you know what to prepare to drink and eat, it's time to set up the table to make your aperitif unforgettable. Let's start with the tablecloth: for a clean and simple look the ideal is a white tablecloth, but if the spots frighten you, it focuses on a warm white or on a more intense color like the burgundy. Do not forget the placeholders and i cocktail napkin.

Sam Hood is co -founder and creative director of Amara, one of the best boutiques of luxury table articles. Here are his advice on how set for an aperitif and organize the stay better:


The games are ideal for not making the conversation off and keeping the enthusiasm of your guests high. Here are our advice on What to do during an aperitif to have fun:

A drink with the killer

A new version of a great classic: killer. At each turn, a person secretly receives the role of killer. This person has the ability to "assassinate" other players by establishing visual contact and winking. When someone wins you, you have to pretend a sudden death. In this version, however, you will have to drink a sip of your drink. Simple! You can also play with non -alcoholic cocktails!

Who I am?

A well-known game (surely you will have seen it on TV): take post-it and write names of famous people. Pass them to your guests, who will attack them on their forehead and turn around the room by asking questions to others in an attempt to find out who they are. Have fun choosing between different types of celebrities, from political leaders to pop star, actors and anyone who comes to mind. It is also a game to break the ice before serving the food.

Mimi game

A timeless classic: in turn one of you will have to stand up and mimic a movie, a TV series or a song in silence. Whoever guesses takes his place!

These were our advice on what to offer for a style aperitif at your home. With the suggestions of the experts and one Wide selection of cocktails You can't go wrong! You want others Ideas for dinners and aperitifs with friends? Take a look at our guides, like the themed one Christmas, for many ideas on how to organize an aperitif at home.