Differenza tra cocktail e drink: cosa cambia?

Difference between cocktails and drinks: what changes?

For years now the word cocktail entered the common vocabulary to describe any drink a alcoholic base, but is often used improperly. That's why we will take you to the world of mixology to explain the difference between cocktails and drinks.

What world would it be without cocktails? To be able to fully appreciate magic, it is essential to recognize them, because every moment of the day wants his. Whether it's an aperitif with friends or an evening of work, it is essential to understand what always drink.

Difference between cocktails and drinks

If all cocktails are mixed drinks, not all mixed drinks are cocktails. Here are the differences between drinks and cocktails:

The word cocktail It is used for the first time by a magazine in 1806. The author used it by referring to a specific drink containing whiskey, bitter and sugar. The term continued to evolve to include every alcohol mixed with bitter and sugar. Today the word is often used as a synonym for mixed drinks, experts in the sector know that it is not the same thing.

To talk about cocktails it is necessary that there are at least three elements:

  • A basis, such as rum, gin, vodka that constitutes the main part of the cocktail. In classical mixing, in general, it is avoided to mix the bases, a rule that every now and then is broken.
  • The modifier, also said "body", which binds the ingredients with each other without predominant. Generally these are vermouth, champagne, or light juices.
  • The scent, that is, fruit, coffee, bitter, herbal liqueur that intensifies the flavor of the base by giving cocktail a unique fragrance.

4 classic cocktail examples as per definition:

2 examples of mixed drinks that are not precisely cocktails

  • Gin & tonic
  • Vodka lemon

Difference between cocktails and drinks

The difference between long and short drinks

Six long drink they are generally Mixed Drinks refreshments of size between 200 and 300ml and have a low alcohol content, the short drink They are about 70ml and are stronger for the same alcohol content.

Long drinks contain large quantities of juices of fruit Or other drinks such as tonic water, cold tea or carbonated drinks. This peculiarity makes them fresh, thirst -quenching and tasty, in a nutshell, perfect for your moments of relaxation away from meals. The most suitable long drinks are the slightly acidic or bubbles that - accompanied by pretzels and chips - stimulate the appetite, while the sweeter ones or with a bitter aftertaste are perfect for after dinner.

Short drinks on the contrary are excellent to close the meal or to start the most monotonous evenings.

Some examples of long drink:

  • Bloody Mary
  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Caipiroska
  • Gin tonic
  • Sex On The Beach
  • Moscow Mule
  • Gin fizz

Now that you know the difference between cocktail and drinks, long drinks and short drinks, you just have to choose!

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