Il Mai Tai è il cocktail dell'estate per un viaggio sensoriale in terre esotiche e lontane

Mai Tai is the summer cocktail for a sensory journey to exotic and distant lands

Fresh on the palate sip after sip, extremely thirst-quenching, perfect to taste at any time (and place) even with the most ferocious heat because they are very light: they are the Margarita, the Espresso Martini and the Mai Tai, the new NIO Cocktails summer cocktails reinterpreted by our master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, recovered from tradition and revisited to have an unparalleled refreshing note, protagonists of the new Summer Box that brings the expertise of the best mixology to your home.

Mai Tai is a real sensory journey to the exotic lands of Polynesia. Son of those cultural exchanges that, at the end of World War II, gave birth to new global trends - including fashion, cinema, costumes and, of course, mixology - was designed by the Californian href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">Don The Beachcomber (later renamed Donn Beach), Californian adventurer and world’s first inventor of a themed venue with Polynesian masks and straw furnishings. The fruity cocktail has conquered the American West Coast since the 1940s thanks to the explosion of href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Tiki culture , along with the few other themed drinks known to date.

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Mai Tai, the origin of the name

The origin of the name Mai Tai is also very curious, an expression that in Polynesian means "out of this world". Well, the cocktail was so renamed because, when served to a Polynesian to give an opinion, he replied "Mai Tai!" to say "crazy, delicious"! We confirm: it is really delicious.

Recipe of Mai Tai, by NIO Cocktails

Among all Tikis, he is Patrick’s favorite who tried to get a perfectly balanced drink, bewitching, full-bodied and at the same time suitable for summer evenings. The recipe of Mai Tai NIO Cocktails provides:

  • Rhum Colòn , delicate and aromatic, recalls notes of tropical fruit with a background of flavor of caramel spicy and toasted, obtained from the sugar cane Salvadoran that is harvested, passed through a centenary mill to become molasses, left to ferment with yeast for 36 hours, distilled and aged in ex-bourbon white oak barrels,
  • Cointreau, the famous triple sec flavored orange by the scent and the enveloping and intense flavor, distilled twice in red copper stills in which are macerated the peels of bitter and sweet oranges along with sugar and spices,
  • Barley syrup Monin, produced exclusively with almonds of the highest quality and with a delicate and sweet flavor,
  • Organic citric acid.

Mai Tai, the historical recipe

The original recipe of Mai Tai has been a secret for a long time, jealously guarded by Donn’s trusty bartender (known during one of his trips) who prepared him "behind the scenes", away from prying eyes, and who passed by to serve him through a sort of "box" that sprouted from a wall. Later it was discovered that the original Mai Tai:

  • two kind of rum, a dark and a clear one,
  • orange curaçao,
  • fresh lime juice,
  • barley syrup.

A balance of flavors that guarantees both consistency and extreme freshness.

    Mai Tai, the perfect garnish

    For a perfect Mai Tai like at the bar, you need only the NIO cocktail: shake, tear and pour - but don’t forget the garnish that makes the taste experience complete! In this case, Patrick suggests to abound: a mint leaf and a generous orange slice are what it takes.

    Mai Tai and food pairing

    Delicious to enjoy with a bit sweet and sour dishes in Asian style, possibly with a spicy tip, you can accompany it as an after - and During - dinner with both meat and fish..

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