cocktail gift box majani nio con 2 bicchieri

Gifts for cocktail enthusiasts: original alcoholic gift box for friends and colleagues

What to give to the friend of the cocktail lover or to the nice colleague who is not the usual gadget? Finding original gift ideas is not at all simple: think and think again, the same things always come to mind: because instead not Try with a truly original alcohol gift, a quality cocktail -based drink experience?

Surprise all with a style object, with a high quality content and with that pinch of elegant panache. For Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, ceremonies or even just for a thought, a beautiful box nio cocktails could be the right choice! We have many proposals for people with refined and different tastes, but who also love to have fun and be in company.

Prepare to take notes: here is a selection of our best Box Cocktail Gift!

The Experience Collection of Nio Cocktails

Cocktail Experience Gift Box

Confanetto Experience Nio cocktail with Negroni and 2 glasses

Do you want to give a real complete cocktail expert? L'Experience box nio cocktails It is the gift idea for you. Ideal to amaze my fans of mixology, but also to make an elegant thought to your boss or colleagues, this alcoholic gift box is a complete solution for aperitifs and after dinner with everything you need to taste the favorite cocktails:

  • A selection of 6 cocktails from the NIO menu (surprisingly or selected by you)
  • 2 glasses in eco-cristal serigrafati with the logo of nio cocktails, made in Italy and perfect for each cocktail
  • 1 ice mold for 4 cubes of XL size (recommended to cool the cocktail without watered it).

Our tumbler glasses are an ideal complement for your gift cocktail kit, the first in 100% recyclable eco-cristal products products in compliance with the environment with heat fueled exclusively by renewable sources.

In short, the aperitifs at home will no longer be the same: they will be crazy!

Discover the Experience Box Nio cocktails

Experience bar cabinet

Experience bar cabinet nio with tray, 6 glasses and 6 cocktails in envelope

This idea Nio Cocktails gift is absolutely recommended to get to the hearts of friends who dream of a home cocktail bar: ours Experience bar cabinet nio cocktails It is like a more compact, practical and intelligent mobile bar than ever. To show off in the living room, in a corner of the kitchen or in a space in the office, allows you to serve friends, guests and colleagues an elegant manual aperitif.

The tray is in top quality polycarbonate, resistant and easy to clean. Associate it with one Nio cocktail box created by you And voila! There Elegant and cool response on how to give alcohol for parties and events Without expanding in the banal or even in the dozen.

Discover the Experience Bar Cabinet Nio Cocktails

Nio experience backpack

Experience backpack nio with thermal backpack, 2 glasses

The ideal gift for lovers of cocktails and drinks in general, original and comfortable: ours Experience backpack Nio cocktails It is the triple layer thermal backpack that allows you to bring your aperitif wherever you are and to taste perfect cocktail on a trip or traveling as at the bar. Our cocktail lover backpack is complete with:

  • 2 5 cocktail boxes chosen from our must
  • 1 thermal clutch bag to protect your cocktails from heat, rain, from any atmospheric event
  • 1 thermal clutch bag for ice so as to prevent it from melt
  • 1 mold to create ice spheres that melt more slowly
  • 10 very light glasses with Nio cocktails logo

Is there more original gift for Aperitif-Addicted? We tell you: no!

Give the Experience Backpack Nio Cocktails

1832 Majani Cocktail Experience

Majani Cocktail Experience Nio box box with 2 glasses

Do you want to get to the heart of someone very special or to impress a real cocktail enthusiast with an exclusive gift? Leads to the gift1832 Majani cocktail experience nio cocktails, a box that combines rum and chocolate in an elegant, refined and delicious box. Designed for two people - therefore also for a moment of romantic cuddles, it contains:

  • 2 nio cocktails 1832
  • 2 bars raw raw majani 90%.

The two cocktails were created by our Master Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi to make the most of the flavor of Majani dark chocolate and are prepared with:

  • the rum carúpano
  • The Bols liqueur Crème de Cacao White
  • liquid sugar
  • Bio citric acid

The "Strong> Scorza Majani is a crumbly dark, created with 4 mixtures of cocoa and produced with the ancient method that the master chocolatiers are handed down from generation to generation. It is a cold worked chocolate, without passage neither in the basin nor in a refineer , so as to preserve the granulosity of the cocoa pasta obtained from the grinding of the toasted grain.

Handing temperature amplifies the aromatic bouquet. Intense and persistent on the palate, perfectly completes this gift cocktail box creating a moment of sublime tasting.

Discover the 1832 Majani Cocktail Experience Nio cocktails 

All cocktails of the Nio Gift Box Box

Go beyond the usual alcohol gift with the classic bottle of whiskey, push beyond and gives a refined tasting opportunity giving: the Box barricades nio cocktails To conquer both connoisseurs and novice fans. With intense flavors albeit non -pungent, enveloping and warm, our 4 cocktails refined in barrique are absolute must:

Cocktail Box Barricadati Nio cocktails with garnished glass, spoon and measuring drinks

Negroni Barricato

Reinterpretation of the Negroni Classic, the cocktail par excellence of the Italian aperitif, but with an extra gear: we left it to age in a barrel to obtain a delicate mix of warm, sweet and fruity notes - typical of the long passage in wood. It has a unique, unrepeatable flavor: the bitter bitter bitterness, the typical sweetness of red vermouth and the intense aftertaste of the gin are enriched with the perfumes of wood and vanilla of maturation in barrique. A cocktail with a robust, full, but at the same time velvety and balanced taste. An ideal gift for lovers of gin and cocktails with a robust and full but at the same time velvety and balanced taste.

The recipe of our Barrified Negroni provides:

  • Gin tanquray no.ten
  • Campari
  • COCCHI HISTORICAL Vermouth of Turin
  • Angostura Aromatic Bitters
  • It is a drop of water.

Old Fashioned Barricato

L'Old Fashioned In aged in oak barrels it is the masterpiece par excellence for all whiskey lovers: the balsamic notes of angle, the spicy touch of the Bourbon Bulleit and the sweetness of the refined and intense cocktail.

The recipe of the Old Fashioned Barricato Nio Cocktails:

  • Bulleit Bourbon
  • Toschi liquid sugar
  • Aromatic bitter angostura
  • Angostura orange bitter.

Boulevardier barricate

ABoulevardier More intriguing than ever: in Boulevadier Barricato stands out the bitter note in the bitter that balances the sweetness of the vermouth cocchi. Bourbon Bulleit, rocky and torpedian, is the perfect ingredient to complete a unique mix. An experience that passes from the palate to overwhelm the sense of smell.

Our recipe for the barricate boulevardier provides:

  • Bulleit Bourbon,
  • COCCHI HISTORICAL Vermouth of Turin
  • Campari
  • Aromatic bitter angostura.
Gift Box Barricati Nio cocktails and 4 different cocktails


He is one of the most loved cocktails by whiskey fans: Manhattan It is indispensable in every season, perfect gift for elegant occasions. The Barrified Manhattan is a luxury to be savored with pleasure, thanks to the aging in barrique that gives the most intense flavors, with perfect mix between the Bourbon Bulleit and the Vermouth Cocchi. Enveloping and full -bodied, you can drink on every occasion.

The recipe of Manhattan Barricato Nio Cocktails provides:

  • Bulleit Bourbon
  • COCCHI HISTORICAL Vermouth of Turin
  • Aromatic bitter angostura.

Give the best mixology: you are amazed with gifts for whiskey lovers signed Nio cocktails.

Christmas Cocktails Gift Box

GIFT PACKAGE COCKTAIL NIOD NIO with candle and glass drink

The holidays are a perfect moment to taste calmly and in good company of the excellent cocktails, prepared with all the sacred trappings. Then if the cocktails are nio, with their practical design packaging, success is insured! If you are looking for alternatives to the usual alcohol to give to Christmas, we offer you theChristmas cocktails box nio cocktails: a wonderful Christmas themed box that contains 6 exceptional limited edition cocktails.

  • Spiced Negroni
  • Christmas in Manhattan
  • Winter Sidecar
  • Snow daiquiri
  • Apple Rum Punch
  • Christmas Margarita

Twist on classic of the most traditional or summer are unexpected cocktails like margarita, Negroni or the Sidecar, drinks with unique taste notes, designed to recall the typical perfumes and flavors of the Christmas holidays. Superior quality sips, for drinks to be given to enjoy in company as you want, the ideal gift for those who love to drink (really) well.

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