Idee regalo per amanti del gin


It gives the best gin in an unusual and very practical version, that is, in the form of a nio cocktails.Mixed on the basis of the recipes signed Patrick Pistolesi and with the best ingredients, they are enclosed in a design packaging, entirely recyclable and perfect to be shared with friends, colleagues, neighbors, family members: only the ice is needed!

Gimlet nio cocktails

Boxes, sets, kits for gin lovers: where to start?

Why go crazy to look for boxes and sets for gin lovers with the risk of not being imposed? The true Gin base kit To give to Christmas we suggest it: just compose a nio cocktails box or choose the right one among the special boxes and we will send your gift to the lucky recipient. Which cocktail to choose for your box? Which boxes are perfect for gin lovers? These are the indispensable choices to impress.

Gin -based cocktails for a perfect gift box

  1. Negroni
  2. Gin sour
  3. Gimlet
  4. Gin.
  5. Spiced Negroni of the Christmas box nio cocktails
  6. Negroni Barricato of the barricaded box nio cocktails
  7. The special box Nio cocktails x giass
  8. Hokkaido pleasure, of the postcards box from Japan Nio cocktails
  9. Fall of the Box Nio Cocktails X Selvatiq
  10. Winter, always of the box nio cocktails x wild

Let's find out all!


The king of cocktails for the aperitif, a historical must that never loses charm. Is there perhaps a better Christmas gift for Gin Lovers? Of course not! The Negroni Nio Cocktails, as a recipe carefully studied by our Patrick, is a perfect dry and sweet and sour balance of Amari, starring the Vermouth Cocchi and London Dry Gin Tanqueray:

  • Gin tanquray
  • Vermouth Cocchi
  • Bitter Campari
  • Angosting

A few simple ingredients that, expertly mixed, create an immortal masterpiece to give to anyone who loves drinking well.

Negroni nio cocktails

Gin sour

It is essential for those who love simple but full -bodied flavors. With all the characteristics of the best Sour - that is, a balance of sweet flavors, bitter and manual buckets - is the cocktail for all occasions. The Gin sour nio cocktails it is prepared with:

  • Gin tanquray
  • Citric acid
  • Liquid sugar

Simple, indispensable.


Who said that fresh flavors are typical of summer only? A wonderful thirst -quenching sip that caresses the palate is perfect all year round. That's why to give the Christmas at Christmas Gimlet nio cocktails, savory and aromatic, so easy to drink to conquer the most demanding. We prepare it with:

  • Gin tanquray
  • Cordial lime rose's

Few ingredients, but of super quality.


Imagine savoring a spring sip ... while the typical cold of Christmas is raged outside. The gin proved is a signature cocktail - created by Patrick Pistolesi - which smells of rose petals, almonds and orange curaçao. It is a floral cocktail based on Gin Tanqueray that will bring you with thought to the rebirth of nature. The Gin proved nio cocktails it is made with:

  • Gin tanquray
  • Parfait Amour Bols liqueur
  • Bio citric acid
  • Toschi liquid sugar

The pinch of sweetness that never hurts at Christmas.

Gin proved nio cocktails

Spiced Negroni

Imagine a Negroni even more delicious, delicately aromatic, incredibly Christmas: lo Spiced Negroni is one of the 6 cocktails of the Christmas cocktail box nio cocktails. The special ingredient is the Pimento Dram, a novelty compared to classic Negroni recipe: adds a spicy touch together with the classic spicy hints of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg - Yes, precisely those typical of Christmas sweets. The recipe studied by our Patrick provides:

  • Tanquray gin
  • COCCHI HISTORICAL Vermouth of Turin
  • Campari
  • Fee brothers pimento dram
  • and a drop of water

Ideal to sip sitting in front of the fire or while preparing the Christmas tree together, it smells of magical moments to give to those who love.

Negroni Barricato

Well yes, we have a Negroni For every taste, palate, whim and person. This is the Negroni Barricato, protagonist of the Box barricades nio cocktails, created with the best possible ingredients and left to age in barrique to obtain a mixture full of warm, sweet and fruity notes - typical of the long passage in wood. The typical sweetness of red vermouth, the bitter bitter and the strong aftertaste of the gin come together with the intense perfumes of wood and vanilla, full -bodied and structured, in a cocktail with a full, intense, but velvety and balanced taste at the same time.

The recipe of our Barrified Negroni provides:

  • Gin tanquray no.ten
  • Campari
  • COCCHI HISTORICAL Vermouth of Turin
  • Angostura Aromatic Bitters
  • It is a drop of water.

A gift for true connoisseurs.

Negroni Barricato

The box nio cocktails x giass

Why not give an entire gin dedicated box? In Nio cocktails x giass Find 4 cocktails based on the first London Dry Gin ... Created in Milan! The cocktails are:

Got de Navy, spicy and warm with hisnotes of ginger and citrus fruits, perfect for enhancing the botanicals decided by jass:

  • Gin giass navy stungth
  • Bitter basil valentini
  • Bio citric acid
  • Ginger syrup
  • Vermuth Carpano Dry

Got de Giass, un concentrate of aromatic flavors of herbs and juniper that caress the palate:

  • Gin giass
  • Vermouth of the red professor
  • China Clementi
  • Alamea coconut
  • Marsala Florio Superiore Secco
  • Orange bitter truth
  • Aromatic famiily

Box nio cocktails x giass

El Minca, fruity and tropical, a wave of warm flavor that makes you travel with thought and leads to distant beaches:

  • Gin giass
  • Aperitif of the professor
  • Sugar syrup
  • Chamomile liqueur
  • Syrup of passion fruit

El Professor, a Negroni revisited with a decisive and direct character:

  • Gin giass
  • Vermuth by the Professor
  • Bitter Fusetti
  • JNPR
  • Olive Bitter Truth

Hokkaido pleasure

Give a sip of the East to the Lovers of Japan with the box Postcards from Japan: 4 cocktails designed by Patrick during his journey in search of traditional distilleries. Hokkaido pleasure It is the Gin -based cocktail, a twist on the gin sour with green apple liqueur, with round and acidic notes. The perfumed botany - which invests the palate and the sense of smell - is supported byGin Etsu, product of a traditional secret recipe with a yellow yellow note of the Yuzu. Recipe:

  • Etsu gin
  • The Okinawa Liqueur
  • Toschi Simple Syrup

Elegant and refined, it is a perfect gift for aperitifs that amaze.


Give the flavors of the wonderful Fall, one of the 4 seasons of the Box Nio Cocktails X Selvatiq: The balsamic flavor of the Pino Mugo, one of the evergreen, marries the flowers and wild herbs collected in Valtellina, respecting the biodiversity of an extraordinary territory. How to drink an uncontaminated sip, with the best ingredients mixed with art:

  • Gin wild
  • Selvatiq Vermouth
  • Selvatiq Bitter
  • Liqueur at the Pino Mugo Quaglia


The candid snow that descends lightly, a white and silent panorama, while a hot cocktail is ready to heat those who will drink it. IS Winter from the Box Nio Cocktails X Selvatiq, with spicy notes of dried and aromatic aromatic herbs. The protagonist is the Gin wild, Based on linden flowers and Olmaria, with a sweet and aromatic perfume of pollen.

  • By Saronno Velvet
  • Classic witch liqueur
  • Quaglia chamomile liqueur
  • Gin wild
  • Apple cider vinegar

Nio cocktails x wild

Give Christmas the best of Gin with the Boxes Nio Cocktails: you will conquer everyone!