The perfect gift for mixology lovers: gin cocktails

This Christmas find the perfect gift for those who are passionate about the art of mixology and appreciate the premium quality of the ingredients used to mix our NIO Cocktails, or simply for those who love to try new flavors and want to enjoy relaxing moments at home, as well as in his favorite cocktail bars.

NIO Cocktail offers a great variety of recipes but today let’s talk about gin cocktails.

Gin is obtained by distilling a fermented cereal or potatoes, which is then flavoured with juniper, spices, flowers, berries or other ingredients called "botanicals", chosen by the distiller; juniper is the only one that must be present in the gin by law.

Today, gin is very popular and they experiment new recipes always more refined. Many people choose to drink gin.

The monks were the first to try the distillation between alcohol and juniper to create a terpeutic oil with beneficial and anti-inflammatory virtues. Its popularity grew over time and from medicinal became easily a popular beverage. Thus the first distilleries were created and a precise style emerged, the London Dry Gin, fragrant resinous and spicy. This gin is just what Patrick Pistolesi has chosen to mix the NIO Cocktails, in particular the Tanqueray Gin, whose quality is undisputed. First distilled in London in 1830 by Charles Tanqueray, this gin is today one of the most awarded in the world. Although its exact recipe is still a secret, we know that it consists of 4 ingredients: juniper, coriander, angelica root and liquorice, which create a perfectly balanced mix. It is characterized by a clean and dry taste, where juniper stands out in a predominant way while balancing well with other botanicals, such as coriander and liquorice.


Let’s see in details all the gin cocktails by NIO Cocktails.

 - INegroni: classical and timeless cocktail, the king of Campari cocktails. NIO Cocktails mixes it with:

  • Tanqueray Gin,
  • Vermouth Cocchi
  • Campari

Coktails par excellence for aperitif with an ancient and fascinating story. We suggest you to add it into your box for gin lovers, because with Negroni you will never wrong. It was gin that wrote the story of this cocktail and gave it that peculiar character that made it so popular. Actually, this cocktail was born when Count Negroni asked the bartender Fosco Scarzelli of the Caffè Casoni cin Florence, in 1919, to prepare him a stronger Americano. So the bartender, instead of the sparkling water used in the classic Americano, added gin. Count Camillo immediately loved this new mix, but not only him! After a short time, many people went to Caffè Casoni to try the Americano cocktail "in Count Negroni style".

Gin Sour: the classical cocktail is made of:

  • Gin Tanqueray,
  • Organico citric acid
  • Liquid Sugar Toschi

The category of sours is one of the oldest in the history of cocktails, indeed it can be said that it represents the starting point for the art of mixing: the first to codify the recipe was in fact the great Jerry Thomas. Sours are based on a very simple balance: a sweet part (usually the sugar syrup), a more bitter part given by the lime or lemon juice and obviously a distillate that gives character to the mix. The spirits most used in this type of preparation are usually rum (Daiquiri), bourbon, vodka and gin. The name Gin Sour, which obviously refers to the acid notes of lemon, can be misleading because this cocktail actually has a perfect balance given by the union between the sweetness of the sugar, the sourness of the lemon and the dry taste of the gin.

A refreshing and delicious cocktails which remembers about hot summer days, also on Christmas holidays!

Gimlet: the iconic cocktail is a simple mix of:

  • Gin Tanqueray
  • Lime

A fresh, savory and aromatic cocktail. Gimlet cocktails is composed by gin and lime juice. A 1928 quotes says “gin, a hint of lemon and soda”. Raymond Chandler in his 1953 novel “ The Long Goodbye” described it by writing “a real gimlet is half gin and half lime juice and nothing else”. This statement is in line with the proportions suggested by the "Savoy Cocktail Book" of 1930.The origin of the name is confused: the most popular refers to the Surgeon Admiral Sir Thomas Gimlette who is said to have been the first to have added lime juice to the daily gin of his men of the Royal Navy to help them fight the damage of scurvy (disease due to vitamin C deficiency) during long ocean crossings.

Gin Proved an exclusive cocktail, add it into your box to amaze your guests. It is mixed with:

  • Gin Tanqueray
  • liqueur Bols Parfait Amour
  • organic citric acid
  • liquid sugar Toschi

Gin Proved is an exclusive recipe by Patrick Pistolesi. A classical and fresh Gin Sour enriched by Parfait Amour, which is a violet liqueur, and by a sent of rose petals and almonds. A cocktail for true connoisseurs who will appreciate the delicate balance with which the ingredients are mixed.

Tanqueray Gin harmoniously mixes with the Parfait Amour: liqueur created by Lucas Bols to donate a fragrant and unique elixir for ladies of high lineage, finding the most expensive spices in the world such as Madagascar vanilla and almonds and then perfume it with rose petals and violet; in that time we can talk about a real alchemist’s work and the result is a fresh liqueur, Exotic and fragrant, whose floral tones envelop us at every sip.

A generous dose of Gin, one of Parfait Amour and a proper balance between sugar and citric acid, for a unique drink as fresh as it is elegant, rich and complex, to drink at any time for a tasting experience! 


These are our gin cocktails. You can add them all to your 5 or 10 cocktails box, or choose only those that have intrigued you the most. We are sure that those who appreciate quality cocktails will be fascinated when they find under the Tree a box with cocktails already perfectly mixed. Do not miss the opportunity to amaze and give a true mixologist experience!

Build your box.