Il Margarita è il tuo cocktail per l'estate, un pilastro della mixology dall'innegabile freschezza

Margarita is your summer cocktail, a pillar of mixology with an undeniable freshness

Our master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi has carefully studied the best recipes among the great classics of mixology to reinterpret in order to conquer the palate even with the most suffocating heat, making the selection of cocktails for the Summer Box to adore and sip in the city, at the sea, in the mountains and in any situation of fun and relaxation.

Margarita is a supreme classin wich accompanies our Tommy's Margarita as an alternativeslightly drier thanks to agave syrup and with a hint of sweetness ensured by Cointreau. It’s the king of exotic cocktails , is refreshing at the first sip and is one of the most loved by those who love the simplicity that surprises.

Margarita, the recipe by NIO Cocktails

Patrick signed the recipe of Margarita by NIO Cocktails starting from premium ingredients that ensure a result worthy of a high level mixology:

  • Tequila Josè Cuervo Traditional, obtained from the only blue agave, grown in the estate, subjected to a very slow cooking and then distilled in two steps inside small craft still, characterized by a delicate bouquet with citrus scents, scents of honeysuckle and white pepper,
  • Cointreau, the famous triple sec flavored with orange and the intense and enveloping scent, distilled twice in succession in red copper stills in which peels of bitter and sweet oranges are macerated along with sugar and spices
  • sciroppo di lime Giffard, from concentrated juice with an intense and clean aroma,
  • organic citric acid.

Margarita, the origin of the cocktail

Several legends tell of its origin - one in particular tells of a bar in Mexico, a dancer allergic to any spirit except tequila and a bartender who creates an innovative drink just for her - but Patrick likes another popular version, always set in Mexico: recipe was created by Josè Cuervo, advertising it with the slogan "Margarita it’s much more than a girl’s name".

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Margarita, the historical recipe

Despite the smoky origins, the original recipe of Margarita is rather clear and contains in itself all the exotic flavor of Mexico. Born as an evolution of the classic shot of tequila, salt and lemon, included:

  • tequila,
  • orange curaçao,
  • lime or lemon juice.

Indispensable the edging of salt around the glass.

Margarita, the garnish

For a taste experience like at the heart bar, the garnish for Margarita recommended by Patrick is a simple slice of lime. Easy, but impressive, it brings back with its mind the era of the great Mexican hotels, between the brave toreadors and the famous dancers of the time.

Margarita, the food pairing

Not only a cool, refreshing and satisfying aperitif, but also a perfect drink to serve at the table with the right menu: it goes wonderfully with a fillet of white fish served with a sprinkling of lemon, but also with a taco de pescado with octopus and jalapeem>ñ/em>os, a shrimp cocktail and a nice plate of shellfish.

Try Margarita and create the box with your favourite cocktails