NIO Cocktails mixology per la primavera a casa

The best cocktails for a spring full of high mixology

The most awaited season of the year has finally arrived, the first sunny days, the first heat, the first blue skies and the nature that awakens.

Spring is definitely a season that brings good mood and serenity and nio cocktails wants to help you live it in the best way by offering you the perfect cocktails to spend this season.

We chose the freshest cocktails for you with fruity and floral flavors. In our selection you will find both the most classic and loved cocktails and always loved and important news, truly exclusive, dedicated to those who love mixology more than niche and refined.

Here are the 3 best proposals of Nio Cocktails to spend spring

 1. Cardamaro: a new exciting chapter in the world of mixology

On the occasion of spring, Nio Cocktails presents another exciting collaboration resulting from research and experimentation. Thus was born the box made with Cardamaro, the first and only bitter bitterness based on wine and thistle.

The cardamaro is made with the most valuable variety of thistle which is the original one of Nizza Monferrato, the gobbo thistle, a vegetable with charitable properties, slow food and jewel garrison of the lands of Monferrato and produced throughout the province of Asti. The thistle is said to have many properties including, that of protecting and purifying the liver, anti -inflammatory, antioxidant, anti -stress and much more.

TheCardamaro It is characterized by an almost amber color, with bright reflections. The perfume emanates spicy notes ranging from liquorice from the genty, as well as obviously the aroma of the gobbo thistle, which emerges distinctly. The flavor is balanced, between the dessert and the bitterness and a slight flavor conferred by wine. All this gives a pleasant and unique tasting experience for the way of the bitters.

Cardamaro's unique character makes it perfect to stimulate creativity and try new recipes, declining it in mixology classic cocktails or creating completely unpublished mix.

Here are the 4 cocktails:

  • Cardamaro: A spice bouquet, particularly suitable for after meal for its well -known digestive properties.
  • Cardamaro Sour: a toning and lively drink, a symphony of tasting notes, released by opposites, a marriage of spices enhanced by the acidity of the lemon.
  • American: a reinterpretation of the American classic, made even more incisive thanks to the addition of the Piedmontese herbalist well -known. A cure -all for serotonin!
  • Manhattan Cardo: an Italian American mix, but as ingredients only Piedmontese excellence, capable of making the historian Manhattan even more enveloping.


Nio cocktails for cardamaro box for spring


2. Tea Sour: an exclusive nio cocktails that finally returns to the menu cocktail

An unmistakable cocktail, made exclusively for Nio cocktails by the Master Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi. A captivating and aromatic, it is perfect for accompanying the aperitif of the sunny and spring first days. The main ingredient of the cocktail is the liqueur at TE T+, entirely produced in Italy, which gives the drink a unique and distinctive character.

A certainly precious liqueur, derived from the careful selection of tea in leaves, a distillate of tender wheat and source water. High quality combined with simplicity: the filtration chosen is very delicate to enhance the maximum flavors and perfumes. The Cocktail Tea Sour ready to drink It also gives a slightly energizing effect thanks to the teina naturally contained in the protagonist liqueur.

Are you already dreaming of savoring it under a blue and sunny sky?

Add it to your box

Nio cocktails tea sour cocktail for spring

 3. All the charm of the spring enclosed in a box

We want to offer you a positive and relaxing tasting emotion. The box spring cocktail It contains a selection of 5 cocktails to celebrate the season where nature is reborn and the desire to spend relaxing time in the open air is felt more and more.

The freshest and most intoxicated, colorful and with a floral base. You can choose the box Spring cocktail in the 5 cocktail version or in the 10 version.

Nio cocktails box for spring in envelope

The protagonists are 5. Beyond the already presented Tea Sour, you can enjoy:


An invention of the Master Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi whose secret ingredient is the violet liqueur.

Mixology recalls that ofclassic gin sour, which, however, is embellished from the violet liqueur with a purple color access and the scent of fresh flowers, in short, all the magic of spring is enclosed in a glass.

A Twist on Classic that combines two flavors with the antipodes: the bitter one typical of juniper and the sweet one typical of violets. The unmistakable floral notes of the buds and the petals of Violetta merge into the acri notes of Gin with a balanced result that makes this cocktail suitable for the most disparate occasions. Refreshing and perfect to admire the first sunsets at the aperitif time.

An unpublished cocktail, sophisticated and carefully studied where gin becomes the chosen spirit:

  • Gin tanquray
  • Violetta Monin liqueur
  • Bio citric acid
  • Liquid sugar


The iconic cocktail which is a simple mix of:

  • Gin tanquray
  • Lime

A fresh, savory and aromatic cocktail. Gimlet is a cocktail composed of gin and lime juice. The description that Raymond Chandler reports in the book "The long goodbye", in 1953 established that "a real gimlet is half gin and half lime juice and nothing else"; This statement is in line with the proportions suggested by the 1930 "Savoy Cocktail Book" Lime to the Gin newspaper of his men of the Royal Navy to help them fight the damage of scorbuto (disease due to the lack of vitamin C) during long ocean crossings.

Vodka Sour

A milestone in the world of mixology, apparently only a mix of vodka, sugar and lemon ... in practice much more:
  • Vodka:Patrick Pistolesi has chosen a truly premium Dutch label for Nio Cocktails: 40 degrees of legend. One of the most historical brands, for total quality without compromise.
  • Citric acid: it's a Natural compound present in citrus fruits, especially in lemon, and is defined as weak acid because it does not cause damage to health. A choice of style: allows you to give the drink the right degree of flavor, while leaving it clear and crystalline, in absolute consistency with modern mixology techniques. Our citric acid is of organic production.
  • Liquid sugar: A totally natural composition 1: 2, that is a part of water and two of sugar. Obviously the best quality made in Italy.

 A very simple drink, but which hides pitfalls in the preparation. With Nio Cocktails you can have already mixed it in your home, without having to worry about anything else apart from the ice.

Garden of Russia

A floral cocktail, a bouquet of elderberry flowers, which give this fresh and unusual version of the Vodka Sour, a fragrant and fragrant touch: an unpublished recipe signed by Patrick Pistolesi.

The freshness is already evoked by the name, refrigerant as a walk in a Russian garden. Perfect for the summer and for the first days of spring to accompany your trips out of town and the first outdoor lunches.


  • Vodka Ketel One
  • Sambuco Bols flowers liqueur
  • Bio citric acid
  • Liquid sugar

These were our tips to spend the freshest and most intoxicating season, so what are you waiting for? Orders ours now Cocktail Collection Primavera And enjoy the summer with a good drink!