NIO Cocktails and GIASS: a new made in Italy collaboration

The important collaborations of NIO Cocktails continue and this time is involved a young and promising Italian brand that produces an exceptional quality gin: GIASS, the first London Dry Gin in Milan.

A 100% made in Italy idea, which shares with NIO Cocktails the attention to the quality of selected products, craftsmanship and passion that generates innovative ideas.

They together create a box composed by 4 exclusive cocktails, all based on Gin GIASS and perfectly mixed with many others ingredients which create 4 unique drinks, which revised traditional flavors or create something new.

GIASS gin comes from the idea of five friends who, accustomed to sharing the aperitif ritual, decide to create their gin, a London Dry Gin to be precise and give it a name that represents all its identity: GIASS ("ice" in Milanese dialect) the essential element for a premium cocktail, which helps the 18 botanicals present in the recipe to release all their flavor.

GIASS Gin is produced in Trentino using only natural ingredients, as required by the London Dry Gin disciplinary, which provides that no artificial element is added, only possible addition is sugar, but in well-defined quantities.

The 18 botanicals contribute to give the GIASS gin different aromatic notes. It starts with juniper, coriander and angelica that are offered as a basis to enhance all the other flavors. The fruity part is given by golden apple and orange naturally dried at low temperatures. Then we find a floral note that comes from: rose petals, chamomile flowers, violet and orange and karkadè. The ground almond, fennel and mint form the mineral part of the recipe, while the citrate soul comes from citrus, cardamom and lemon balm. Finally, the woody aroma, from cassia and thyme.

In short, a complex formulation and studied in detail, to give this gin a bouquet of harmonious flavors, natural and perfectly balanced.


4 exclusive cocktails mixology


Got de navy: a strong, fresh and spicy cocktail

A fresh and spicy cocktail, with notes of ginger and citrus, perfect to enhance the resolute botany..

The "Navy Strenght" gin is a distillate that hides in itself a historical profile. For over 200 years this product has been the symbol of the British Navy, where the Gin was always on board as a tonic useful to heal from different diseases. GIASS presents a label of character, where an integral part of the strong personality that is found during the tasting is due to the high alcohol content, which classifies the Gin as "Navy Strenght", that is not diluted at the time of bottling.


  • GIASS Navy Strenght
  • Basil Bitter Valentini
  • Citric Acid
  • Ginger Syrup
  • Vermouth carpano dry
  • Italicus


Got de GIASS: an after dinner to caress the palate

With its roundness it is suitable both as an aperitif and after dinner. A concentrate of aromatic flavors of herbs and juniper that caress the palate.

An all Italian Martinez, complex and perfect, especially for after dinner. In this cocktail GIASS manages to express the best of itself: with a strong aromatic accent, the Martinez is a milestone in the history of cocktails despite its genesis is shrouded in mystery and dates back to the late 1800s. Always considered the father of Martini cocktails.


  • Vermouth del Professore Rosso
  • China Clementi
  • Alamea Cocco
  • Marsala Florio Superiore Dry
  • Orange Bitter Truth
  • Aromatico Farmily


EL MINGA: dreaming about tropics in Milan>

A fruity and tropical cocktail, with a hint of bitterness that restores balance and decision, a cocktail that makes you dream.

A cocktail created ad hoc for the GIASS, which tries to enclose in a recipe, feelings and summer thoughts. A relaxing and fresh drink designed to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and after a day of work. It is ideal for aperitifs, but it never ceases to amaze at all times.


  • Aperitivo del Professore
  • Sugar Syrup
  • Chamomile liqueur
  • Passion Fruit Syrup
  • Citric Acid


EL PROFESSOR: Negroni signed by GIASS

A Negroni revisited, a different touch, but that does not change the decisive and direct soul of the historic cocktail of the Count.

The story of this cocktail begins in 1919 in Florence when Count Camillo Negroni, a habitual Caffè Casoni, abandoned his usual aperitif, the Americano, and asked the bartender, Folco Scarselli, a sprinkling of gin instead of the usual seltz. This variation was so popular that, from that moment on, the American cocktail began to be called "the American in the manner of Count Negroni". This is how Negroni was born.


  • Vermouth del Professore
  • Bitter Fusetti
  • JNPR
  • Olive Bitter Truth


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