NIO Cocktails X ORGANICS by Red Bull è la box per una mixology energica a base di ingredienti bio

NIO Cocktails X Organics by Red Bull is the perfect box for an energetic mixology with organic ingredients.

The solution to the summer heat is the perfect mix of refreshing and fresh ingredients, that satisfy the palate and quench the thirst at aperitif time: the 4 NIO Cocktails X Organics by Red Bull Boxes are the perfect example of refreshing and surprising mixology to enjoy with the perfect company in every relaxing moment!

NIO Cocktails X Organics by Red Bull

A solution for every taste, with different variations on the same theme: each of the 4 NIO Cocktails X Organics by Red Bull Boxes contains 4 cocktails (two per type) and 2 clubs of delicious soft drinks for adults by Red Bull, created with organic ingredients, no artificial dye, additive or preservative. 4 occasions to experience good drinking with 8 unexpected toppings created from natural sources and 8 signature cocktails created ad hoc by our Master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi.

Discovering the soft drink for adults Organics by Red Bull

Unique in their genre, with an unparalleled flavor and carefully selected ingredients, the soft drinks Organics by Red Bull are:

  • ORGANICS by Red Bull Simply Cola: an alternative recipe rich in lemons and lime with a touch of spicy ginger and orange. Finely sweet.
  • ORGANICS by Red Bull Bitter Lemon: an elegant bitter with a very fresh lemon, with a slight acidity and a pleasantly bitter finish.
  • ORGANICS by Red Bull Ginger Ale: : amber and spicy, it is intense and full-bodied thanks to the stimulating notes of ginger, the spicy character and the touch of bergamot.
  • ORGANICS by Red Bull Tonic Water: a mix of sweet, bitter and dry always based on lemon that gives the hint of acidity, while the bitter is given by the selected herbs that complete the drink.
  • ORGANICS by Red Bull Viva Mate: The smoked mate and the delicate lemon blend into a balanced, fresh soft drink, with a vanilla-flavored finish – also smoked.
  • ORGANICS by Red Bull Ginger Beer: a burst of taste and energy thanks to the pleasant spiciness of ginger with lemon juice.
  • ORGANICS by Red Bull Purple Berry: a floral, fruity and delicately acid taste that quenches thirst.
  • ORGANICS by Red Bull Black Orangewith an orange taste with thousand shades, it is a unique mix of light acidity and fruity flavor. Delicious bitter notes delicate and invigorating. 

All drinks start from the same high quality base: alpine water, sugar and sugar syrup from organic beet farming, concentrated juice from organic lemons. An intense and refreshing sip of nature in 8 overwhelming flavors.

NIO Cocktails X Organics by Red Bull

The signature cocktails of NIO Cocktails X Organics by Red Bull

Patrick has studied every taste note to create 8 signature cocktails that, with the incredible Organics topping, turn into an explosion of unique flavors. The cocktails are:

Frizzy Libre, with a topping that will drive the fans of mainstream cola crazy. Simply Cola Organics by Red Bull completes a refined and mature homage to a timeless drink like the Cuba Libre - in version 3.0 with 2 types of rum, one amber and the other spicy, mixed in equal parts and made exotic by the addition of Ginger Liqueur. A fresh and unexpected tasting experience.

NIO Cocktails X Organics by Red Bull

Bella Italiaideal for lovers of bitter sapid and modern. This twist on classic blends a Garibaldi and an Americano, two Italian icons of the aperitif with bitter and sweet notes - thanks to the fabulous Cocchi Storico Vermouth of Turin, in a single surprising cocktail. Ingredients enhanced with a Chinotto and Cointreau Liqueur, to reach a unique tasting depth and bitterness freshness. Bitter Lemon Organics by Red Bull is the ideal topping for an exclusive flavour.

Frizzy Highballa mixology classic with an eye-catching topping. It is a twist of the famous Bulleit Bourbon and Ginger Ale that envelops and enchants even the most demanding palates with its adult and decisive character. The union with ginger liqueur gives a crisp, frivolous and spicy note, but without an excessive spiciness. Complete the cocktail by adding Ginger Ale Organics by Red Bull and enjoy a unique tasting.

Paris Mule, the French-style Moscow Mule. A sophisticated twist of one of the world’s best-known drinks, a tasting luxury à la française thanks to the selection of the Yellow Chartreuse, with its unparalleled vegetal complexity of over 130 botanies. The Ketel One family made Vodka and topping with Ginger Beer Organics by Red Bull complete this elegant cocktail, fresh and sparkling at the same time.

Gin Flowered Tonicfor a Gin Sour enriched with the botanical notes of the London Dry Gin Tanqueray, among which the famous juniper stands out, in addition to the inevitable touch of citrus and sugar. We added a sophisticated Elderberry Liqueur to give freshness and lightness. The final touch will be the topping based on Tonic Water Organics by Red Bull that with its bitter tone invites to drink and it’s very refreshing.

NIO Cocktails X Organics by Red Bull

Back and Forthan incredible tasting exploration that will take you around the world. Fasten your seat belts: the cocktail begins its journey from the most classic fresh spirits, the 100% agave Tequila and its intriguing botany, and then transport us to the opposite side of the world, in Japan, thanks to the selection of a Midori Liqueur that makes us enjoy the sweetness of this fruit. And here we are again in South America, thanks to the topping Viva Mate Organics by Red Bull. An exotic drink that finds balance in a bold and perfectly calibrated mix.

Purple Blackrich thanks to the spirit pillar: the Venezuelan rum Carupano, with an incredible historical tradition and a unique taste - caramelized and spicy, with a delicate hint of anise.The balance is assured by the sour notes of Passion Fruit Liqueur. The result? A very fragrant cocktail that deserves a distinctive topping with an exotic soul: Purple Berry Organics by Red Bull.

Citric Side, a Sidecar that becomes even more fascinating thanks to the base of Courvoisier, perfectly balanced with the unmistakable orange footprint of the Cointreau. The palate is overwhelmed by an intense wave of freshness, thanks to citric acid and a peculiar Chinotto liqueur that makes the cocktail even deeper. The topping completes the work: Black Orange Organics by Red Bull will make you live a perfect tasting experience.

NIO Cocktails X Organics by Red Bull

The 4 NIO Cocktails X Organics by Red Bull Boxes

The 4 NIO Cocktails X ORGANICS by Red Bull  boxes are:

1. Natural With Style with:

  • Bella Italia with Bitter Lemon as a topping
  • Gin Flowered Tonic with Tonic Water as a topping

2. Ginger Passion with:

  • Paris Mule with Ginger Beer as a topping
  • Frizzy Highball with Ginger Ale as a topping

3. Exotic Sound with:

  • Back and Forth with Viva Mate as a topping
  • Purple Black with Purple Berry as a topping

4. The New Classic with:

  • Frizzy Libre with Simply Cola as a topping
  • Citric Side with Black Orange as a topping

The box you are looking for to give a burst of amazing mixology to your August.

Choose the NIO Cocktails X Organics by Red Bull boxes and drink a sip of nature