NIO Cocktails x Perrier: l'arte incontra la mixology per una box da collezione

Nio cocktails x perrier: art meets mixology for a collector's box

A piece of art in limited edition composed of 2 Perrier bottles customized by the famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and 12 Cocktail masterpiece created by 12 among the best bartenders in Milan, Bologna and Rome, all enclosed in the iconic Nio pack: ensure the Nio cocktails x perrier, 3 boxes to taste or exhibit where you want, as real works of art that celebrate quality mixology.

Well yes, the king of Japanese pop art, oneAmong the most established talents of the international art scene, he has embellished the iconic clavette of mineral water most loved by the masters of mixology with a very colorful glass serigraphy: a vibrant explosion of smiling flowers and characters who have long populated the world of the Japanese artist .

Nio cocktails x perrier x murakami

Nio cocktails has enclosed, in collaboration with Perrier, these design masterpieces in 1,000 limited edition boxes accompanying them to 12 cocktails, 4 for each box dedicated to each of the 3 capital of Italian mixology.

As many as 12 of the most famous bartenders in Milan, Bologna and Rome have conceived these signature cocktails, created with Nio starting from the most disparate and heterogeneous inspirations. Let's discover them all.

Nio cocktails x perrier x murakami

The Milan edition

Dreamlike, science fiction, with an oriental perfume: The Milan edition It is declined in 4 drinks with a very strong personality that goes well with the bubbles of Perrier water:

  • Tsukuyomi, uNor homage to Japan with a cocktail that contains the flavor of a summer evening along the Shirakawa river, withRoku Gin, Rum Clairin Sajous, Choya Umeshu Extra Shiso, Angostura and Citric Acid Bio;
  • Arzak, the transposition into drinks of a story of a chivalrous story in the imaginable world of Moebius, with Gin Giass, Vermouth White Cinzano, Beccherovka and angostura;
  • Extraordinaire Mizuwari, a reference to the Japanese practice of cutting liqueurs and distilled with water (in this case Perrier,ça va sans to say), with American cocci pink, Ryukyu 1429 Mizu, aperitif of the professor, Muyu Vetiver Gris, infusion of Eastern Rooibos (Dammann) and bio citric acid;
  • Kawaii Superfizzy, a sparkling winking in the postmodern culture of the Rising Sun with Awamori, Bitter White Luxardo, American white cocci, cherry syrup and Lychee syrup.

Spiced, citrus and flowery flavors that conquer both the eye and the palate.

Nio cocktails x perrier x murakami

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The Bologna edition

As a complex and colorful work, this Bologna edition Connect distant worlds - aFloral RTE, OTAKU subculture, a 1932 classic and a return from Tiki -Culture - and transforms them into 4 hypnotic cocktails with unusual ingredients:

  • Mr.Dobijito, a twist pop on the great classic of Sakè Umeshu with menthol -chosen hints. With Heiwua Suppai Umeshu (Plum Sake) Velier, Mojito Mint Monin syrup and bio citric acid;
  • Perrierito, A cocktail born in 1932, which has become renowned for its intense notes of orange, vanilla and for its pleasant bitter ending. With left -handed renowned aperitif, pink grapefruit juice and an angostura orange;
  • Flower Power, aka Japanese floral art in the language of mixology for a cocktail with an unmistakable elegance based on Gin Tanqueray 10 and Flower cordial;
  • Tik-, from the Jamaican heart, from the soul of the Bel Paese and the eastern scent, it is a tropical turning point thanks to the rum Hampden summer 8 years, to Solerno Blood Orange, the Nonino Ginger Spirit, liquid sugar, angle and citric acid bio.

Fresh, thirst -quenching and innovative, thanks to the Union with the explosive perrier bubbles that delight in each sip.

Nio cocktails x perrier x murakami bologna

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The Rome edition

The scotch with the minerality and flavor of the sea, the Japanese green melon, the Garnish that resumes the flowers of Murakami and a strongly pop soul, the peculiarity of these 4 cocktails of'Rome edition It makes itself felt strong and clear.

  • Exotique, a hymn to creativity that marries the French elegance of the water Perrier with the Japanese charm. It is based on: Tequila Cuervo Traditional, Midori Melon, Mango Bols liqueur, liquid sugar and bio citric acid;
  • Eau de Cocktail, An evolution of the scotch and soda that becomes the synthesis of the encounter between art, tradition and innovation, withWhiskey Caol Ila 12, Sea Cordial, Lillet Blanc, bio citric acid and fake lime;
  • B superboble, an explosive and colorful drink that is inspired by the unforgettable Puzzle Bobble video game, created with Toki Blended Japanese Whiskey, Capovilla with apricots, Capovilla with pears, Agave Toschi and green tea with jasmine tea;
  • Almond coolada, a reinterpretation Modern and elegant of the Colada amaretto in vogue in the golden age of pop art, with rum matuzalem platinum, amaretto di Saschira Luxardo, pineapple cordial, bio citric acid and coconut water.

Innovative and rich in flavor, reintempire icons of the past as you would never have imagined.

Nio cocktails x perrier x murakami

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