NIO Cocktails X Portofino Dry Gin: due nuove eccellenze italiane celebrano l'estate della riviera icona di stile e gusto. Anche mixology.

NIO Cocktails X Portofino Gin: two new Italian excellences celebrate the summer of the Riviera that is an icon of style and taste. Mixology too.

Crystal clear water, fragrant air, golden beaches, breathtaking headlands and exclusive boutiques: describing a wonderful Italian jewel like Portofino in a nutshell is not easy, but we tried to enclose all its breathtaking features in a Box for the summer that brings into your tumbler all the essence of the “Cinque Terre”.

The NIO Cocktails Box X Portofino Gin is made unique by 4 signature cocktail – bitter ones, sweet, fruity and citrusy drinks and classic twist on – studied by Patrick Pistolesi to dive into Portofino summer. How? Thanks to the main ingredient: Portofino gin, a fresh and young, wonderful italian Gin that with its botany pays homage to the iconic Ligurian Riviera and has won numerous international awards in the mixology world.

Portofino Gin: mixology that enhances the territory

It is the main ingredient of a box fresh, rich and valuable thanks to its undeniable uniqueness. What makes Portofino Gin so special? Its creation, for example: it is prepared with herbs, spices, berries and flowers typically Mediterranean, grown and harvested by hand on Mount Portofino. Juniper, lemon, lavender, rosemary, iris, marjoram, sage - after careful selection - are subjected to light maceration, then to a separate distillation in a copper still. Each distillate is then mixed, creating the unique mix of Portofino Gin: balanced, soft, citrus, with notes of juniper and spices, all made unique by light floral.

The perfect base for 4 very italian and glamourous cocktails - like the beloved Ligurian town - to love unconditionally.

NIO Cocktails X Portofino Gin: summer Box for Gin lovers

Combining the unique characteristics of Portofino Gin with ingredients that recall the scent of the sea, the flavors of Liguria, the colors of the wonderful headlands and the glamorous aura of the Italian holiday in a very exclusive place, Patrick Pistolesi managed to create four sophisticated, overwhelming, fresh and refreshing signatures cocktails.


A real glass of summer in mixology version, with the scents of Portofino Gin and the colors of the sunset, to be enjoyed slowly, in total relaxation. Imagine the setting sun, the warm but not suffocating atmosphere, a gentle breeze that caresses your skin as the golden colors of Magic Hour hypnotize you, helped by the roll of the boat where you drink your cocktail while you see the breathtaking beauty of the coast: you are just tasting a Negroni Portofino.

Patrick’s recipe comprehends:
  • Portofino Gin,
  • White Americano Cocchi
  • White Bitter Luxardo.
Negroni Portofino is a chic and overwhelming cocktail full of botanical scents: it is a bitter with adult and summer tones that turns your aperitifs on the pier, in the middle of the sea, with a breathtaking view to enjoy with people you love.


The Ligurian Riviera is transformed into an elegant cocktail: the delicate taste of Portofino Gin is enriched both by the vegetal and refreshing notes of the sage and lemon liqueur and by the refreshing ginger liqueur. The result? A fragrant and fresh drink, a variant of the Gimlet citric and rich in vegetation of the Ligurian Riviera.

Patrick’s recipe comprehends:
  • Portofino Gin
  • Sage and Lemon Liqueur Carlo Alberto
  • Ginger Liqueur Giffard
  • Liquid Sugar Toschi
  • Organic Citric Acid.
It’s perfect to enjoy in the shade of a tree, perhaps overlooking the sea, to overcome the heat and travel in an instant between the flower gardens of Portofino.


The enveloping tones of berries, the freshness of organic citric acid, the scent of Ligurian botany and the citrus notes of Cointreau combine magically in an elegant and luxurious cocktail, with a strong but refreshing character, refreshing with its sweet and fruity notes. It’s a classic twist on coming from Englans that allows you to enjoy the sweet side of Portofino.

The ingredients are:
  • Portofino Gin
  • Creme de Cassis Giffard
  • Cointreau
  • Liquid Sugar Toschi
  • Organic Citric Acid.
To sip at sunset while the promontory of Portofino that you see from your boat caresses your eyes, soul and palate.


Portofino Gin and liqueur Fair, combined with the Italian red Vermut rich in spicy and vinous notes, take you to have coffee in the square of Portofino between the clamor of tourists and celebrities who parade discreetly. We are talking about another twist on classic inspired by the Martinez cocktail, a must of the 80s, to offer you a sophisticated and very round summer cocktail that fills the palate and refreshes it after the heat of a day at the sea.

The ingredients are:
  • Portofino Gin
  • Vermouth Storico di Torino Cocchi
  • Coffee Liqueur Fair.
A sip of worldliness, for those who love to live immersed in the beautiful.

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