Regali originali per la festa della mamma: i cocktail pronti da bere

Original gifts for Mother's Day: ready -to -drink cocktails

What do I give to my mom?

There are few certainties of life but one of these, in Italy, is certainly the love for one's mother. An affection so sincere as to make even more difficult to find original gift ideas that they can make a difference, without being trivial. The characteristics of a Perfect gift for the mother's party they must be:

  • original: Even if he thanked a thousand times for the new pots, are we sure we have surprised her? An original gift is unexpected, potentially never seen before or at most heard of some friend or friend.
  • personnel: When you choose the gift for the mother, make sure she has a profound meaning and denotes the knowledge of her tastes, her history and dreams.
  • valorizing: We are often attempted to give gifts based on a person's work, so that the idea that he can immediately find a job and use immediately is comforted. Focus on enhancing the person, his interests and his tastes.
  • shared: Even if the glittered gifs and the very good kaffé make us goosebumps, the mother is often active on social networks and can't wait to share something new, which can make it say: "Wow!"

So put every list of the best aside Gifts to be done at Mother's Day, searched online in an attempt to find a brilliant idea: this year you will not help you, because we have the perfect solution within reach of clicks.

Gift for the socially active mother

If the mother has a social life that sometimes seems more active than yours, made up of weekly fixed events with friends at home, the perfect gift is the Experience Bar Cabinet: a small bar corner consisting of an elegant polycarbonate tray up to place the premixed cocktails and tumbler, to savor the high mixology in company.

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Gift for mom who loves to travel

For a super active mother who never misses to travel, regardless of distance. Whether it's a trip a few kilometers from home, a tropical paradise or the Far East, the traveler mother is lover of discovery and new flavors. This is why Nio recommends cocktails inspired by nearby and distant cities, for a sensory experience never proven before.

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Gift for the sports mother and attentive to the line

Mother's Day, in Italy, always arrives in the spring. With the days that stretch, the sun that returns to warm up and the prospect of a holiday in a swimsuit, there are many mothers who pay attention to their line. Unfortunately, iron diets advise to reduce or eliminate the consumption of alcohol and it is precisely here that NIO comes to help: giving up alcohol does not mean setting aside the (re) discovery of the flavors of the high mixology, thanks to the non -alcoholic cocktails!

Discover the non -alcoholic cocktails

Gift for mom lover of whiskey

Clear ideas and unmistakable tastes for a mother who has her consolidated routine, she is inclined to discover the new one but finds herself more comfortable when she meets a flavor she already knows, which she loves and always makes her tear a smile. Nio offers a selection of the best whiskey -based cocktails, shipped to an elegant gift box.


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Gift for Mom passionate about Vodka

Scent of cereal, a soft and creamy flavor that accompanies its dense consistency when correctly preserved in the cold. Vodka lovers are attentive to the small details that make the difference and have a trained palate, perfect for high mixology cocktails proposed by Nio. Discover the gift boxes designed especially for vodka lovers.

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Gift for the mother who likes the gin

A high alcoholic gradation that must never be under 35.7% vol. combined with the hints of juniper berries from which it is distilled. The mother lover of Gin has a strong and decided character that hides a great sensitivity, easily exposed to every smile that follows a welcome discovery, an unexpected pampering or the awakening of an unexpected sensory memory.

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Original gifts for Last Minute Mother's Day: they arrive in 48 hours

Now that we have solved the problem of choosing the perfect gift for Mother's Day, you just have to receive it in time! Nio Cocktails gives your gift in an elegant package in 48 hours, without shipping costs for amounts exceeding € 53! To enjoy all the cocktails, only the ice will be needed!