Scegli la box NIO Cocktails X Selvatiq per assaporare le 4 stagioni in versione mixology a base di botaniche uniche

Choose the NIO Cocktails X Selvatiq box to enjoy the 4 seasons mixology version based on unique botany

Let’s celebrate the unique peculiarities of the 4 seasons of the year, but in an unprecedented mixology version: the NIO Cocktails X Selvatiq Box brings the most typical flavors and scents of summer, autumn, winter and spring into your tumbler thanks to the wonderful native Italian botany – picked without disturbing the balance of our natural habitat - that make incomparable 4 amazing signature cocktails. A real adventure in our unspoilt territory thanks to the conservative foraging that ensures Selvatiq wild botany to fall in love at the first sip. 

NIO Cocktails X Selvatiq

Who is Selvatiq?

A premium brand that creates natural and sustainable spirits, sodas and alcoholic beverages, Selvatiq is the result of a meeting between Valeria Margherita Mosca,founder of Wood*ing Wild Food Lab, and Charles Lanthier, an international expert in the alcohol field. The unconventional beverage proposal of Selvatiq boasts extraordinary organoleptic characteristics thanks to the hand-picked ingredients in uncontaminated environments.

The The distillates, the basis of the 4 wonderful signature cocktails, include  a bitter-sweet Bitter, aVermouth with balsamic tones and a Gin with floral tones - all made with wild botanicals hand-picked in Valtellina with a conscious approach - each distilled individually and then expertly balanced with the others.
NIO Cocktails X Selvatiq

The cocktails of the NIO Cocktails X Selvatiq Box

The result of an exclusive collaboration, the sophisticated NIO Cocktails X Selvatiq Box contains 4 drinks created ad hoc by Valeria Margherita Mosca for those looking for a new, precious and enveloping taste. The cocktails in this collection dedicated to nature lovers are:  

NIO Cocktails X Selvatiq


Inspired by the season of vivid and intense colors, the warmth of the sun and the lush and strong naturethat challenges drought, Summer is a refreshing cocktail characterized by balanced acidity that mitigates the smoky and stimulating notes of Mezcal. Selvatiq Bitter, on the other hand, gives fragrant and aromatic notes, along with apple vinegar and lemon ice tea. The soft and delicate sweetness of the rhizomes of gramigna balances the cocktail, making it refined and tasty. 

Recipe includes:

  • Lemon Ice Tea,
  • Mezcal,
  • Bitter Selvatiq,
  • Appel Vinegar. 

NIO Cocktails X Selvatiq


The Autumn cocktail is made unique by one of the evergreens that do not take off the leaves, the mountain pine. Refined and enveloping, it has a pleasant and warm balsamic taste that overwhelms the palate and includes the three spirits of Selvatiq obtained with flowers and wild herbs picked by hand in Valtellina. 

The recipe includes:

  • Gin Selvatiq,
  • Vermouth Selvatiq,
  • Bitter Selvatiq,
  • Mountain Pine Liqueur Quaglia.

NIO Cocktails X Selvatiq


With a colour reminiscent of snow, the star of the coldest season of the year, the Winter cocktail boasts warm spicy notes of dried fruit and aromatic herbs - such as chamomile - and contains a drop of natural mineral water. The real protagonist of the drink is Selvatiq Gin, with its flowers of Tilia and Filipendula Ulmaria that give an unmistakable background fragrance, with notes of aromatic and sweet pollen.

The recipe includes:

  • Di Saronno Velvet Liqueur,
  • Classic Liqueur Strega,
  • Chamomile Liqueur Quaglia,
  • apple vinegar
  • and still mineral water.

NIO Cocktails X Selvatiq


We return to the rebirth of nature that peeps with the first warmth. The Spring cocktail is characterized by deep and intense floral notes thanks to the rhizomes of gramigna. The sweet note of Selvatiq Bitter combines perfectly with the aroma of the blackberry leaves and the bitterness of the walnut husk. 

The recipe includes:

  • White Rum,
  • Rose Liqueur Quaglia,
  • Bitter Selvatiq,
  • Elderberry Syrup,
  • Braulio.

Sustainability as a pillar

A real tasting and sensory journey through the changes of the territory season after season with an important focus: sustainability. The iconic design packaging by NIO Cocktails is entirely recyclable, the plastic is 45% from vegetable and the cardboard is FSC certified. Selvatiq is committed to using only hand-picked wild ingredients that do not endanger the balance of natural habitats observed, choosing packaging with low environmental impact (recycled glass and cans with 100% recyclable aluminium, labels of reusable paper and without glue).

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