A new chapter in the world of mixology: nio cocktails and cardamaro

Nio Cocktails continues his collaborations in the world of spirits, creating truly special mixology projects both with the most famous and more niche labels. In search of quality and experimentation, the meeting with Cardamaro takes place, the only bitter bitterness and thistle.

Thus was born the box with Cardamaro: 4 unpublished cocktails signature representing an example of absolute modernity in the world of mixology.


The thistle: a legendary slow food garrison

The most valuable variety of thistle is considered the original one of Nizza Monferrato or the Gabbo Cardo, a vegetable with charitable properties, slow food and jewel garrison of the lands of Monferrato and produced throughout the province of Asti. The thistle is said to have many properties including, that of protecting and purifying the liver, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-stress and much more.

An illustrious belonging of the Bosca family, Rachele Torlasco Bosca, scholar of herbs with charitable qualities, dedicated her life to the search for the perfect herbal product to relieve body and soul. When he learned of the stories about the health virtues of the gobbo thistle of Nice Monferrato, he began to elaborate a recipe based on this vegetable with maceration in alcohol and other herbs. After many studies from all family herbalists, it came to the formulation of the perfect recipe, discovering that the various ingredients were enhanced at most with a wine -based infusion process: thus cardamaro was born, the only bitter -based bitterness of wine.

Nio Cocktails has played a very popular trend in the United States, who fell in love with this Italian product, spectacular example of uniqueness, transforming it into an unexpected and versatile ingredient of mixology with absolute contemporaneity.


Cardamaro: the only bitter wine based on wine

The Cardamaro It is characterized by an almost amber color, with bright reflections. The perfume emanates spicy notes ranging from liquorice from the genty, as well as obviously the aroma of the gobbo thistle, which emerges distinctly. The flavor is balanced, between the dessert and the bitterness and a slight flavor conferred by wine. All this gives a pleasant and unique tasting experience for the way of the bitters.

The aftertaste is complex and maintains the spicy notes, also remembering a hint of tobacco. Overall, the flavor remains bitter, but pleasant and is particularly indicated for the after meal.

He was recreated on the ancient recipe of the Bosca Houser Endologist and boasts the same health and digestive properties derived from the thistle. The formulation includes: wine, gobbo thistle of Nice Monferrato, Cardo Santo, Cardo Mariano and other herbs such as the gentian, sage sculare and licorice, all from the Piedmontese territory.





Cardamaro and Nio cocktails for an incredible tasting experience

The collaboration between two Italian brands that share the values ​​of Made in Italy, know -how of the increasingly sought after mixology and a premium positioning between the brands dedicated to the world of beverage, is born spontaneously.

The classic and ancient Cardamaro bitterness is thus reinvented in the guise of a nio cocktails and made appreciable and tasteable everywhere thanks to the Ready to Share concept.

Cardamaro's unique character makes it perfect to stimulate creativity and try new recipes, declining in the classic mixology cocktails or creating completely unpublished mix.

Nio cocktails, which never takes back when it comes to experimentation and innovation, can only welcome the challenge and create four unpublished cocktails, in a tasting crescendo, with a pure cardinal ingredient to a completely unexpected mixing.



Cardamaro: a spice bouquet for the after meal

Created in Piedmont on the ancient recipe of the house herbalist, Cardamaro boasts countless healthy properties thanks to its main ingredient which is the thistle. Its bouquet is unique thanks to a wise mix on a wine from Cardo Gobbo di Nizza Monferrato, artichoke leaves and infuse spices individually: Columbus, juniper, wooden berries Lutaa, cloves, licorice root, cardamom, cortex lemon e Marjoram. Of pleasantly bitter taste, it is indicated on all occasions and particularly for the after meal.




Cardamaro Sour: a complex and lively cocktail that will leave its mark

A symphony of notes that release from a marriage of opposites from which a complex and fascinating gustatory profile emerges. The wealth and roundness of the gobbo thistle of Nice Monferrato and the countless individually infused spices of Cardamaro are enhanced and electrified by the acidity of the lemon. Ginger and cortex lemon emerge vigorously to tone and liven up a drink that will leave its mark.



American: a reinterpretation of the American with an authentic Italian flavor

A reinterpretation of the American who, even if he suggests the origins to stars and stripes, is actually the son of the Italian tradition. Cardamaro, with all its Piedmontese herbal typicality and the unmistakable note of wine and gobbo thistle of Nice Monferrato, revives the elegance of the famous drink making it more incisive and enveloping. The intense bouquet of spices individually infused by cardamaro make American a riot for the palate and a fair stimulus to serotonin. Savor to believe!




Manhattan Cardo: excellence from the Piedmontese territory ... in New York

A tasting flirt, from the Italian American mix, for this intriguing reinterpretation that brings the notes of Cardamaro and Vermouth of Turin Superiore Tosti1820 Reserve Taurinorum in the alchemy of flavors of the famous Manhattan cocktail. Two excellence of the Piedmontese territory capable of making the historic cocktail more enveloping and intriguing. The Barmona Club barman in New York, which boasts the authorship of the homonymous drink, would certainly have appreciated and you will do it too.




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