NIO Cocktails and Martini signed together a new journey to discover the “Great Classics” of mixology.

NIO Cocktails and Martini: an epical collaboration, to create special cocktails that celebrate tradition combined with innovation. Martini expertise has been offered to NIO Cocktais in order to create ready-to-share cocktail perfectly mixed with Martini Special Reserve.

NIO Cocktails and Martini created together the special box “Great Classics”. It contains 4 cocktail which recreates traditional ones in order to crate new flavours and new recipes.

These cocktails represent how important is to keep safe traditional values, learn from them and adapt them to the present times, meeting new trends and new flavours. The ability to innovate while not forgetting and remaining faithful to the past teachings makes these cocktails unique.

Not only for new recipes, but also because, thanks to NIO Cocktails, we have the opportunity to taste them directly at home, already perfectly mixed and ready to share with anyone you want.

Let’s see in details all the 4 cocktails of the box.


Martini Negroni Reserve: the king of aperitif embellishes with Martini Vermouth Ruby Reserve

Negroni it’s an icon of Italian aperitif and becomes ruby red but traces the most characteristic traits of flavor, corroborated by the exotic touch of "gin". Like all the excellences of our country, its history is immersed in the evocative setting of Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance. Actually, at Caffè Casoni in Florence begun the story of one of the most famous cocktail ever. Here it is reinvented choosing ingredients perfect for a natural harmonization of aromatic components.

Discover the ingredients

  • • Martini Special Reserve Ruby
  • • Martini Special Reserve Bitter
  • Bombay Sapphire Gin

For an extra touch we suggest you to add a little garnish, such as an orange or a lemon peel.

And if you want to enjoy a perfect aperitif, combine it with taralli or breadsticks accompanied by a tapenade, olives and grana.


Ambrato Coktail: elegance and style in a glass

This cocktail has its roots in the period in which vermouth arrived in America for the first time, changing the history of cocktails forever. Vermouth Cocktail is the base of elegance and style.

You can enjoy it on the rocks but also with ice straight up straight up in your glass.

Here there are the ingredients selected:

  • Martini Special Reserve Ambrato
  • Maraschino
  • Orange Bitter

Martini Vermouth Ambrato Reserve has been selected for this cocktail because it is composed by Moscato Bianco D’Asti, which add to cocktails soft and floral notes.

The perfect garnish is lemon peel.

Enjoy it in combination with dried fruit, roasted peanuts or taralli.


True Scotch Rob Roy: a new Manhattan you didn’t expect.

It’s a cocktail with a long story, it was created in 1894 in New York. In its substance is a Manhattan composed by scotch whisky instead of bourbon, a rare moment of tastiness.

Dewar’s 12 is one of the few blended scotch whiskey in which the various malts overcome a second aging in cask. This process makes Dewar’s an elegant and refines spirit, as the New York skyline at night. 

Try it on the rocks or with ice in a glass.

In this case, talking about food pairing we suggest to drink it with dark chocolate in order to enhance all the flavours.

Also for garnishment sweet flavours are the perfect match, for example cocktail cherry; if you prefer sour flavours also orange peel is good especially with chocolate.

Here there are all the ingredients:

  • Martini Special Reserve Ruby
  • Dewar’s 12
  • Maraschino


Torino-Torino to celebrate Piedmont region.

This cocktail look at the origins of aperitif at the end of the XIX century when excellence of Turin, vermouth, was celebrated, together with the excellence of Milan, bitter: this is the reason why it was named Milano-Torino. Today as then, this reinterpretation with only Piedmontese products remains a guarantee of pleasure. 

If you want to turn it into Americano cocktail, you only need to add some soda!

The ingredients are all made by Martini and both share the same three types of artemisia and aging in oak barrels, harmonizing each other as two pieces of a puzzle. They are:

  • Martini Special Reserve Bitter
  • Martini Special Reserve Ruby

Let yourself be conquered by its ruby red and organize a nice aperitif with taralli, breadsticks, grana and olives.. in short, the perfect Italian aperitif!

Also for this cocktail, lemon peel is a good garnishment.


Martin special reserves.

Let’s know better the ingredients that make this collection unique: Martini special reserves. The box "The Great Classics" can be composed by:

Martini Special Reserve Ambrato: a brand new and exclusive product in vermouth panorama. By adding Moscato D’Asti this cocktail becomes unique and gives the palate an initial delicacy, then reached by persistent bitter notes.

Martini Special Reserve Ruby: Nebbiolo is the great protagonist of this vermouth, a wine characterized by a high percentage of tannins, which gives this product astringency and body. This causes vermouth to become very thick. The aromatic notes push towards bitterness.

Martini Special Reserve Bitter: Lovers of bitter taste will find in this vermouth the explosionn of their favorite flavor. The bitter taste is persistent, but then explodes in citrus, herbaceous and floral notes. 

Do not miss the opportunity to bring home an iconic box for mixology, and taste four exclusive cocktails created for true connoisseurs of mixology... add the box to your cart!