Why you'll love it

Warm, rich and comforting, the Brown Gold cocktail is aromatic and a delight for all the senses. Combining Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey, Bols vanilla liqueur, Bols coffee liqueur, lemon and Toschi liquid sugar, the Brown Gold is a smooth sipping drink that we guarantee any whiskey fan will adore.

The history of cocktails: Golden Brown

It’s late on a summer evening at a Mediterranean beach. There’s a group of friends...a fire...an all-time classic song playing on the speaker. NIO Cocktails Head Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi wants the moment to last forever. He captures it in his own inspired way: with an elegant signature cocktail that manages to taste intense and spicy, soft and sweet. You’ll get a freshness from vanilla, a warmth from Fair Coffee and bourbon and a ‘texture like sun’.

Taste a high quality cocktail, wherever you want it: just 3 gestures...

1. Shake

Choose your favorite NIO Cocktails and have a glass full of ice ready. Shake the pack.


Just pinch and tear the colored corner, you do not need to remove it from the paper case.


Pour into the glass and let stand for a minute to enjoy everything perfectly... better in good company.