Bologna Edition



NIO Cocktails and Perrier arrive in Bologna to meet Elena Montomoli, Enrico Scarzella, Nico Salvatori and Giuseppe Doria: 4 top bartenders for 4 masterpiece of mixology to collect. Only 333 Box Edition Bologna.

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Heiwua Suppai Umeshu (Plum Sake) Velier | Sirop Mojito Mint Monin | Organic Citric Acid | 100 ML | 5.5%

A POP twist inspired by traditional Japanese art and Otaku imagery. Umeshu, a sake obtained by maceration of a variety of plums still unripe, is combined with water Perrier for a refreshing cocktail, balanced, with sweet notes, sour and mentholated, effervescent and digestive.

Expertly crafted in Bologna by Elena Montomoli, mixologist @ Casa Minghetti

Mancino Aperitivo Rinomato | Pink Grapefruit Juice | Angostura Orange | 100 ML | 8.5%

Mancino Aperitivo Rinomato | Pink Grapefruit Juice | Angostura Orange | 100 ML | 8.5% This cocktail was born in 1932 and stands out as an aperitif famous for its intense notes of orange, vanilla and for its pleasant bitter finish that is perfect with the acidic and citrus notes of pink grapefruit, enhanced by Perrier.

Expertly crafted in Bologna by Enrico Scarzella, mixologist @ Velluto Bologna

Gin Tanqueray 10 | Flower Cordial | 100 ML | 28.4%

The cocktail is inspired by the floral art with its assonances of colors and smells. The base is the prestigious Tanqueray 10 Gin that joins the Flower Cordial, champagne acids, citrus and flowers; all to be exalted with Perrier.

Expertly crafted in Bologna by Nico Salvatori, mixologist @ Oltre


Rum Hampden Summer 8 years / Solerno Blood Orange / Nonino Ginger Spirit / Liquid Sugar / Angostura / Organic Citric Acid | 100 ML | 33.3%

Tiki = mixing, art, evasion, emotion. Tik-oso is the right symbiosis between the classic exoticity of "tiki cocktail" and the innovation combined with the terroir of Italy: Sicilian oranges, Jamaican Hampden, Ginger Distillate and Perrier water create a sparkling, tropical and eccentric cocktail.

Expertly crafted in Bologna by Giuseppe Doria, mixologist @ Macondo

Hand-mixed in Italy with the best spirits from all over the world

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