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Even in the art of cocktails, there is no trend or phenomenon that does not pass by Milan. NIO Cocktails and Perrier visit Guglielmo Miriello, Giorgio Santambrogio, Teo Rizzoli and Francesco Cione to be donated 4 mixologist masterpieces. Only 333 Box Edition Milan.

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Americano Cocchi Pink | Ryukyu 1429 Mizu | Aperitivo del Professore | Muyu Vetiver Gris | Infusion of Oriental Rooibos (Dammann) | Organic Citric Acid | 100 ML | 15.7%

The idea comes from the Japanese practice of Mizuwari to cut liquors and distillates with water. The iconic Perrier enhances all the ingredients of this cocktail: a refreshing drink with floral notes, spicy, with a reference to the notes of Mandarin, lemon and gentian.

Expertly crafted in Milan, by Guglielmo Miriello, mixologist @ Ceresio 7

Roku Gin | Rum Clairin Sajous | Choya Umeshu Extra Shiso | Angostura / Organic Citric Acid | 100 ML | 34.3%

Inspired by a walk in the historic Gion district of Kyoto, this cocktail is a twist on the typical Mizuwari with the addition of Umeshu and a hint of rum to balance the sweetness and create a magical oriental atmosphere.

Expertly crafted in Milan, by Giorgio Santambrogio, mixologist @ Officina Milano

Gin Giass | White Vermouth Cinzano | Becherovka | Angostura | 100 ML | 31.9%

Arzak, brave knight, rides a pterodactyl over the imaginative world of Moebius, master of the world-famous comic strip. This cocktail is a journey between fantasy and reality with hints of nutmeg, chamomile and carcadè

Expertly crafted in Milan, by Teo Rizzolo, mixologist @ Moebius

Awamori | White Bitter Luxardo | White Americano Cocchi | Cherry Syrup| Lychee Syrup | 100 ML | 25.1%

Manga, kawaii, otaku are some of the keywords of Japanese art in a multifaceted and harmonious mix. This is a pop cocktail that combines a legendary distillate (the Awamori) and the scent of cherry blossoms, enhancing them with Bitter and Vermouth. An oriental and ""superfizzy"" taste thanks to Perrier.

Expertly crafted in Milan, by Francesco Cione, mixologist @ Octavius Bar

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