Kit Degustazione Rum e Cioccolato


39,00€ Special offer 34,00€ for time limited

An experience of perfect combination of cocktails and food, which elegantly combines Chocolate and Rum: and to top it all, we have added 2 glasses at a special price. A real tasting journey at your home.

Key Ingredients:

2 NIO Cocktails tumblers | 1 NIO Cocktails x Majani Box (2 NIO Cocktails 1832, 2 Chocolate bars)
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In addition to the 2 NIO Cocktails tumblers, Majani Box contains:

2 Cocktails 1832

A bespoke rum-based cocktail, inspired by the rich Majani chocolate to add a counterpart to the palate with a hint of sweetness.

2 "Scorza Majani" bars

A new “raw” product has been created, called Scorza Grezza 90%: this is a cold-worked chocolate, neither bowl-blended nor machine-refined. As a result, the chocolate preserves the granularity of the original cocoa paste obtained from grinding the toasted beans. A delicate hand tempering process further amplifies its aromatic bouquet.

The 2 NIO Cocktails tumblers, will arrive in dedicated packs.

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