NIO Cocktails x GQ Box



NIO Cocktails and GQ launch their first collaboration to celebrate mixology through the urban style of 4 iconic metropolises.

Key Ingredients:

4 Cocktail esclusivi: Milanese Bianco, Lounge Lizard, The Big Apple, Daydream | 4 tumbler uno diverso dall'altro | 4 stampe premium in carta Fedrigoni | 1 stampo ghiaccio a sfera dal diametro di 6 cm
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NIO Cocktails has created 4 signature cocktails just for GQ, an impeccable tasting event that almost physically generates a real aesthetic diary of a sensory journey through 4 capitals of taste with different styles. The luxury box dedicated to GQ contains 4 exclusive cocktails, designed and perfectly mixed by Patrick Pistolesi, 4 different and original tumblers to enhance the taste of each cocktail, 1 ice mould, and 4 premium prints to decorate your home.

NIO Cocktails created the perfect gift for men and women attentive to style. A gift that will certainly excite people who like to live a full life, who can appreciate the strength of these 4 great cities but are able to relax for a moment on returning home and can finally treat themselves to a cocktail, a moment of real pleasure after a busy day.

NIO Cocktails was inspired by 4 cities that could represent 4 different, clearly distinct, sophisticated and unique styles to create the special cocktails in the box:
Milano, paired with the ‘Milanese Bianco’ cocktail, a more harmonious and rounded version of the classic Negroni;
New York, with the ‘Big Apple’ where the green apple liqueur celebrates the great American metropolis;
London with ‘Big Apple’, a classic gin sour with an exotic touch from the ginger liqueur;
Tokyo with the ‘Lounge Lizard’, technically perfect and exquisitely oriental with liqueur from the yuzu, a typical Japanese citrus fruit.

Everything is embellished with 4 tumblers with a unique design, perfect for tasting a high mixology recipe, and aesthetically selected as inspired by the most iconic details of the 4 cities. 4 design pieces to make your home cocktail bar unique. The tumblers are customised with NIO x GQ.

In the GQ box there are also: 4 iconic prints made by art director Paolo Prossen for even deeper immersion in the metropolitan atmosphere, and an ice mould to live 100% the experience of the perfect mixologist.

The cocktail bar at your home with NIO Cocktails and GQ The GQ casket includes:

4 signature cocktails: Milanese Bianco (Tanqueray Gin, Cocchi Americano and Luxardo Bitter White) The Big Apple(Tanqueray Gin, Briottet Liqueur with ginger, Monin Liqueur with honey, Organic Citric acid) The Big Apple (Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey, Ronner Liqueur with Green Apple, Organic Citric acid) Lounge Lizard (Tottori Whiskey, Yuzu Liqueur, Lychee syrup, Organic Citric acid)
4 NIO x GQ tumblers customised with a laser
1 ice ball mould
4 prints on fine Fedrigoni paper NIO Cocktails x GQ limited edition take high mixology wherever you want in an iconic 100% recyclable design Box.

Hand-mixed in Italy with the best spirits in the world

We’ll bring a high quality, thrilling tasting experience to your home or wherever you like. Treat yourself to or gift a wonderful sensory moment; our cocktails are created to Patrick Pistolesi’s recipes and shipped in fully recyclable designer packaging

The cocktail bar at your home with NIO Cocktails and GQ

The GQ casket includes :

  • 4 signature cocktails:

    • Milanese Bianco (Gin Tanqueray, American Cocchi, Bitter White Luxardo)

    • Big Apple (Gin Tanqueray, Liquore Briottet at the Zenzero, Liquore Monin to honey, Organic Citric acid)

    • The Big Apple (Whiskey Bourbon Bulleit, Liquor Ronner at the Green Mela, Organic Citric acid)

    • Lounge Lizard (Whiskey Tottori, Liquor at Yuzu, Sciroppo at the Lichi, Organic Citric acid)

  • 4 customized tumbler glasses at NIO x GQ laser

  • 1 mold ball ice

  • 4 prints in precious paper Fedrigoni

  • NIO Cocktails x GQ limited edition port where you want high mixology in an iconic 100% recyclable Box of design.