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18 cocktail premium per offrire una festa senza precedenti.

Key Ingredients:

Gin Proved | Cosmopolitan | Tommy's Margarita | Gin Sour | Gimlet | Negroni | Cuban Negroni | Disaronno Sour | Dry Martini | Whiskey Sour | Margarita | Strawberry Margarita | Old Fashioned | White Lady | Sidecar | Garden of Russia | Manhattan | Mai Tai
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Gin Proved - Gin Tanquray / Liquor Parfait Amour Bols / Citric acid Bio / Sugar Liquid Toschi / Acqua / 100ml / 22.2% vol. The floral and violet notes and the botanists of Tanquray Gin and Bols Parfait Amour, the hints of citrus fruits and sugar make this cocktail beautiful to see and good to taste.

Cosmopolitan - Ketel One Family Made Vodka / CoinTreau / Cranberry Toschi syrup / Bio / water / 100 ml Citric Acid / 22% vol. He sips the city with this stylish pink cocktail created with Premium Ketel One Family Made Vodka, a splash of CoinTreau and the irreplaceable cranberry.

Tommy's Margarita - Exotic Blanco Tequila/ Organic Agave Game Toschi/ Biological Citric Acid/ Water/ 100 ml/ 20% Vol vols a refreshing reinterpretation of the margarite in which the agave syrup enhances the tequila exotic blanco 100% blue agave.

Gin sour - Tanqueray London Dry / organic Citric Acid / Liquid sugar Toschi / Acqua / 100ml / 22% ABV A Sublime Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Limone and Sugar Skip Toschi which gives a dry, sweet and bitter profile to a modern cocktail that once He was drunk as "Navy Gog", a basic food of the sailors

Gimlet: Tanquray gin / 1883 lime cordial / water / 100ml | 23.3% vol a classic, aromatic and citrus mix of Tanquray London Dry Gin and Lime. Pungent and sophisticated, it was created specifically to recall the typical atmospheres of noir films.

Negroni -Tanquray London Dry Gin/ Cocchi Historical Vermouth of Turin/ Bitter Campari/ Angostura/ Water/ 100 ml/ 22% Vol prepared with Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Cocchi Historical Vermouth of Turin, Campari and angostura Bitters; An Italian classic with notes of orange zest, cloves and a bit of bitterness.

Cuban Negroni - Ron Santiago de Cuba Extra Añejo 11 years/ Cocchi Historical Vermouth of Turin/ Campari Bitter/ Angostura Aromatic Bitters/ Water/ 100ml/ 24.4% vol. Santiago di Cuba meets Italy. Prepared with Rum Ron Santiago de Cuba Extra Añejo.

Disaronno Sour - Disaronno (60%)/ Lime syrup 1883/ Citric acid/ Toschi brown sugar syrup/ water/ 100ml/ 16.8% sweet and harsh, with delicate notes of apricot core ..

Dry Martini - Tanquray London Dry Gin (60%)/ Cocci Vermouth of Turin Dry (20%)/ water/ 100ml/ alc. 30.4% Vol The elegant, fresh and refined notes of this cocktail are in perfect harmony with the minimalist style of those who drink it.

Whiskey sour: Bourbon Bulleit/ Citric Acid Bio/ Toschi Liquid Sugar/ Water/ 100 ml/ 23% vol. The rich aroma of Bulleit Bourbon meets the characteristic citrus flavor of lemon create a refreshing cocktail based on whiskey.

Margarita - Tequila Exotic 100% Blue Agave/ CoinTreau/ Giffard with Lime Syrup/ citric acid/ water/ 100 ml/ 27.2% Vol an aspro and aromatic Mexican classic with Exotic Tequila Blanco 100% Blue Agave, CoinTreau and a pinch of salt.

Strawberry margarita - Tequila Exotico Blanco (45%)/ CoinTreau (15%)/ Crème de Fraise Merlet (10%)/ Strawberry syrup 1883/ citric acid/ water/ 100 ml/ alc. 25.8 Vol protagonist of the drink is the sweetness of the strawberry, sublimated by the lime of lime and delicately balanced by a splash of Exotic Tequila Blanco.

Old Fashioned - Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey/ Liquid sugar Toschi/ Angostura Bitter/ Annture Orange Bitter/ Water/ 100 ml/ 29.3% vol. With Bulleit Bourbon and a splash of Orange Bitter and Aromatic Bitter.

White Lady - Tanquray London Dry Gin/ CoinTreau/ Lime syrup 1883/ Citric acid/ water/ 100ml/ 30.2% vol. A velvety cocktail with a touch of citrus fruits; Sweet, light and refreshing.

Sidecar - CoinTreau/ Brandy St Remy XO/ 1883 Lime Lime Syrup/ Organic Citric Acid/ Water/ 100 ml/ 28.8% A sweet and spicy cocktail with orange and lime notes, based on Brandy ST Remy XO.

Garden of Russia - Vodka Ketel One (Made in Netherlands)/ Sambuco Bols flower liqueur/ organic citric acid/ Toschi liquid sugar/ water/ 100 ml/ 18.9% Vol an unusual, fresh and fragrant version of the Vodka Sour, with Family Made Ketel One Vodka and a touch of elderberry flowers.

Manhattan - Whiskey Bourbon Bulleit/ Cocchi Historical Vermouth of Turin/ Angostura Bitters/ Acqua/ 100 ml/ 24.2% Vol the warmth of the Bulleit Bourbon and the sweetness of Vermouth Cocchi create a perfect cocktail.

Mai tai - 1883 almond syrup (water, aromas, natural aromas - contains almond)/ Ron Santiago de Cuba/ CoinTreau/ Citric Bio/ water acid/ 100 ml/ 23.5% a Tiki cocktail with sweet and fruity almond notes, prepared with Rum Ron Santiago de Cuba Blanca paper aged 8 years, CoinTreau, 1883 almond syrup, toschi liquid sugar and citrus notes.

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Questo Party Box è un modo semplice e divertente per fare un party indimenticabile. La musica è perfetta, il tuo giardino o terrazzo è ben allestito e preparato e i piatti sono di prim'ordine. Per completare l'atmosfera, questi 18 cocktail premium faranno sorridere tutti con un gusto esclusivo per soddisfare tutti i palati. L'importante non dover perdere tempo con bottiglie. Questi cocktail sono velocissimi da servire, basta strappare, versare sul ghiaccio e sorseggiare. Più tempo da dedicare al divertimento!