due coppe cocktail rosa con ghiaccio su tavolo aperitivo con candela e limone

Aperitif at home: what to drink, eat and how to be comfortable

Some tips on how to prepare a fast aperitif at home without too many complications, a practical guide on how to welcome guests from A to Z, from cocktails to drink to appetizers, up to the choice of furniture, a section entirely treated in collaboration with the Westwing interior design experts.

  1. What to drink?
  2. What to eat?
  3. How to prepare and furnish a house?

What to offer to drink as an aperitif?

Aperitif calls cocktail, so it is imperative to think of the drinking department of our Happy Hour housewife evening in advance, thinking both a how many people We will invite that ai their tastes.

Those who do not want to complicate their lives by improvising bartender for a day, thus risking proposing to their guests unwillingly not exactly from high mixology, the simplest solution are the ready to drink cocktails Like those proposed by Nio Cocktails. Monody bags ready to be poured into a glass with tasty cocktail ice and premium quality.

Cocktail tray with ice and lime glass


Methods of preparation separately, it is fundamental decide the types of cocktails to be offered Based on the taste or Based on the distillate main used. In order not to make mistakes, always better to include a great classic, a non -alcoholic variant and some original choice to intrigue and amaze their guests. So here is a possible combination of cocktails ready to drink for sure appeal, directly from our menu.


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It is the cocktail of apperitic that cannot be missing, famous in the world and highly appreciated throughout Italy. This historical variant of the American classic, born in 1920, replacing the foam the gin, is today a drink with an unmistakable taste, bitter and decisive at the right point.

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The most international cocktail, not only in the name, will accompany your alcoholic aperitif evenings with unique style and taste. His sweet and loving notes of blueberry and vodka are ideal for accompanying all kinds of dish, from finger-food to real to bring from Dinner Party.

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Virgin Bitters

Directly from the experience of our Master Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, a non -alcoholic reworking of the classic Negroni in version ready to be enjoyed with the sole addition of a little ice.

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Espresso Martini

Nothing better than a vodka-hot cocktail to give the charge to an aperitif evening with friends! Our version immediately ready to serve avoids errors in the dosage of the ingredients, without therefore risking obtaining a correct elongated coffee or a glass of vodka with a moka aftertaste.

Alternatively, if instead of the favorite vodka of the good bourbon, the Brown Gold It is the coffee cocktail that is right for you.

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Garden of Russia

If you want to give your guests an original and fresh drink with a floral aftertaste of Sambuco, our Garden of Russia is the ideal choice. Perfect mixing of vodka and elderberry flowers liqueur, this is the aperitif cocktail to be amazed to amaze.

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If you are interested in other ideas for the drinks of your evenings in company, consult ours Guide to the best aperitif cocktails, of course in Ready-to -rink version.

What to do to eat at an aperitif?

Eating during an aperitif is not only an accessory element but it is essential to taste the maximum cocktail of each season, which will be accompanied with flavors suitable for the period and the drinks served, also adapting to the style that will be given to the evening aperitif, more or less formal, classic or themed.

Snacks and canapés

Let's start with the bases: there is no aperitif without fast appetizing to accompany each sip of the most diverse cockail, from Negroni to the Gin sour. Classic savory delights such as olives, chips And peanuts, as a supermarket or gastronomy depending on the tone that we want to give to our Happy Hour.

If, on the other hand, we wanted to offer something more substantial and satisfying for the stomach, the canapés are the most obvious choice. Those who do not want to resort to the packaged ones can easily prepare for different types Using a few ingredients and a little imagination.

miniburger lying on stone cutting board

As a base of our canapés we can use slices of bread in cassette, nachos, slices of polenta or of the puff pastry, while we can indulge ourselves with the ingredients we prefer, perhaps trying to balance the fatter and lighter and refreshing ones, passing through vegetables to sausages, from the fish to cream creating combinations always of great effect for the eyes and for the palate.

We will not be able to miss the inevitable Small pizzas And Focaccine, perhaps preparing in the house of the trays to be cut into squares to serve our hungry guests.

Finger food

One step beyond canopies we find the culinary elaborations known as finger food, or mini versions of more complex dishes, such as cups of risotto, salt brioche stuffed, hard -stuffed firm eggs, pesto emulsions, meatballs, Mini Supplì and Arancini, fried cones, mini muffin savory and sweets, skewers of vegetables, fruit and cheeses, up to sushi.

Ceramic spoons co nmini sushi salmon fingerfood


Instead, those who want to lengthen the Happy Hour towards the evening meal, can strengthen the classic aperitif transforming it into oneMilanese aperitif, that is, a Happy Hour full of dishes that becomes a real dinner, complete with a table set in full style Cocktail style.

Accessories and furnishings that cannot be missing

First of all let's think of the table, or buffet area, where most of our aperitif evening will take place at home. Set with USA cutlery it seems an obvious choice, but we do not underestimate the effect of a nice Fork and metal knife set, precious or maybe simply beautiful to put on the table. The same goes for table cover and tables, between Printed paper tablecloth or a nice tissue, perhaps ethnic or hemp effect for a more shabby-chic look, now classic.

Instead, better differentiate the choice of glasses: those for water and drinks cannot obviously not be missing, both in plastic that in glass, colored or monochrome, but it is recommended to offer cocktails in suitable glasses Depending on the drink, even just choosing a guy but keeping them different in the look compared to others.

Often forgotten but instead central in the success of a domestic aperitif are the furnishings, starting from the sessions: the chairs are little used because you tend to stand, but they certainly cannot be missing in case of need, therefore a couple of folding chairs, perhaps colorful or particular shape, can always come in handy and make their figure. Dinner Party lovers will instead need dining chairs design to complete the furniture.

Different role may play the cocktail armchairs which, unlike normal chairs, represent real magnetic attraction centers for chatter with friends, also giving an unmistakable touch of style to the home environment.

Cocktail corner with aperitif aperitif table and drink trolley

Whoever has a dedicated space for home events, such as one terrace with external bar corner or a tavern, it will be able to dare something more and furnish these environments with more classic armchairs and gods low service tables, ideal for resting cocktails and finger-food sauce.

For true lovers of home bartending, then, a minibar in the house It becomes almost mandatory, from the simple console adapted to the bar counter complete with all mixing accessories, from the shaker to the ice basket.

Skit wooden bar with cocktail accessories on parquet floor

Preparing a house for a domestic aperitif with friends is therefore an opportunity not only to spend good moments together, but also for rethink some of the spaces where we live For the convivial moments but also to the simple desire to pass a few minutes of relaxation with a good cocktail in hand.

Nio Cocktails always has the right solution for a last minute drink thanks to his ready to drink cocktails in envelope, prepared and rewarded with the best distillate and ingredients on the market, for an experience as a real mixology lovers ... even if in home sauce!