Idee per aperitivo in casa veloce: cosa fare per stupire amici e colleghi

Quick home aperitif ideas: what to do to impress friends and colleagues

A short walk from home with friends or colleagues before running out to dinner, to the cinema or to enjoy an evening with friends, but what to do? An aperitif at home,  maybe fast, but well designed to please everyone. Do you know where to start? Get pen and paper: these are the ideas for a quick aperitif at home to conquer many compliments.

Idee aperitivo a casa veloce

Quick home aperitif ideas: snacks

A quick home aperitif does not require hours to be ready: it focuses on simplification. First of all, take inspiration from the classic Italian aperitif:

  • olives
  • pickles
  • some tasty vegetables in oil
  • nuts
  • crisps

Just a hop to the nearest supermarket to find everything you need and recreate the typical tasty happy hour of the bar. Looking for something more? The most popular quick ideas are:

  • seasonal fruit skewers
  • skewers with cherry mozzarella and cherry tomatoes
  • sandwiches with cheese and ham
  • vegetable pincimony
  • a platter of cured meats and cheeses

Minimal preparations and zero cooking: the secret for a quick aperitif at home is to choose ready (or almost) appetizers, to be served on the spot. 

Tumbler medio per cocktail, ghiaccio e arancia

Cocktail at home, quick

What is missing? The protagonist of every good aperitif: the right cocktail. There is no time to buy all the bottles, check the recipes, test yourself with doses and quantities... why not bet everything on NIO Cocktails? The quality aperitif, ready to share with those you love and where you want, prepared from the recipes of our master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi.

If you don’t know what to choose, these are the 5 most popular cocktails for a quick aperitif at home:

1. Negroni by NIO Cocktails

It is the king of cocktails of the Italian aperitif, the most appreciated for its delicious bitter soul, it is characterized by a dry and bittersweet balance of bitters that goes perfectly with the classic appetizers of happy hour - because it enhances every flavor. An indispensable legend, rich in sweet, bitter, citrus and herbaceous gustatory notes. Ideal to sip with focaccia, gourmet pizzas, anchovies and butter, dishes with a strong flavor.

Choose Negroni by NIO Cocktails

2. Milano-Torino by NIO Cocktails

Another historic Italian cocktail, the predecessor of many other bitters: created with the advent of the great Italian school of blending, was born at a time when there were not many spirits to mix. The union of Turin’s Vermouth and Milan’s Campari gave birth to a historic aperitif drink. Its sweet and very spicy notes go perfectly with cold cuts, cured meats and meat dishes in general.

Choose Milano-Torino by NIO Cocktails

3. Cosmopolitan by NIO Cocktails

Not only feminine, but perfect for all palates in search of fruity and enveloping flavors. It is the perfect drink for everyone’s aperitif thanks to the Vodka base and fruity taste notes that counterbalance the salty appetizers. Fresh, soft and sweet at the right point, it is the cocktail to be served with a dessert (from fruit salad to apple cake), but also with a good delicate risotto.

Choose Cosmopolitan by NIO Cocktails

4. Margarita

Fresh, tasty, exotic: a tasting journey that takes your aperitif to Mexico. A legend based on Tequila loved by anyone looking for a refreshing cocktail, intense, suitable for every season. Refreshing thanks to the sour touch of the lime syrup, enveloping thanks to Tequila, it is an ideal cocktail to be enjoyed together with fresh fish, delicious raw seafood and fresh shellfish.

Choose Margarita by NIO Cocktails

5. Manhattan 

Irreplaceable, especially for whiskey lovers. It comes from the warmth of Whiskey Bulleit and the sweetness of Cocchi Vermouth, for an intense, tasty aperitif with great character. Warm and not too dry, Manhattan is a perfect match for spicy dishes, with meat in all its forms, but also with grilled fish. 

Choose Manhattan by NIO Cocktails

Build your box with your favourite cocktails for a perfect home aperitif