The Perfect Aperitivo in Terrazza: Acqua di Parma and NIO Cocktails

Discover now "Aperitivo in Terrazza", the special cocktail Box by NIO Cocktails with, Acqua di Parma, designed to make you live a unique sensory experience, combining the perfect ingredients to bring home the atmosphere of a real cocktail bar.

The exclusive Cocktail Box that offers the luxury of unique sensations

NIO Cocktails and Acqua di Parma designed "Aperitivo in Terrazza" a special Box with a fancy and refines design which encloses something unique: the real secret for your perfect welcome.

So we mixed:

  • 1 Acqua di Parma "Aperitivo in Terrazza" candle
  • 2 very different NIO Cocktails: Negroni and Cosmopolitan

An unexpected and elegant combination which will inebriate your senses enveloping them in a contemporary fragrance with sparkling notes and sophisticated tastes.

The two selected premium cocktailscelebrate the arrival of your guests, welcoming them with the warmth of known and iconic tastes, with a unique character. The best way to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

So t’s natural to choose a Negroni, the bitter cocktail par excellence, suitable for those who love bitter and strong tastes, and the excellent Cosmopolitan, designed for those who never give up glamour nd loves sweet flavours, but with a hint of bitterness.

Everything is accompanied by the lively notes of the Acqua di Parma "Aperitivo in Terrazza" candle based on citrus-spicy.

Aperitivo in Terrazza NIO Cocktails Acqua di Parma

Now try to imagine that you can create the perfect atmosphere. The sunset has finally arrived, you admire the view from your terrace and you realize that the sky has painted a wonderful golden colour; an intense day has ended. Enjoy golden hour with NIO Cocktails.

Too late for an aperitif? It’s not a problem, the NIO Cocktails are perfect to enjoy enjoy even for a relaxing after dinner, maybe on the sofa, with someone you love, intoxicated by the view of the beautiful skyline of your favourite city.

Give yourself a moment of perfect relax with whom you prefer, when you prefer.

Open your new box "Aperitivo in Terrazza", light the candle of Acqua di Parma and your terrace or your living room will be magically pervaded by a pleasant citrus-spicy fragrance that will make the atmosphere sparkling.

Get the glasses, pour the ice and... shake, tear, pour!

Your perfect aperitif is ready!

The cocktails in the Box are premium quality ones, created by selecting the best ingredients and mixed by the expert hands of our master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi; with Acqua di Parma we created the perfect collaboration to create a unique convivial moment, with the typical touch of authentic Italian style.

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Aperitivo in terrazzo with a view

NIO Cocktails and Acqua di Parma bring the perfect cocktail bar to your home

NIO Cocktails is the Italian start-up leader in the artisanal blending of ready to share cocktails. All the cocktails are signed by mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, made only with premium ingredientscontents within a packaging with an iconic and 100% recyclable design.

Acqua di Parma has been a leader in the luxury market for over 100 years, producing real masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship. The brand was founded in 1916 with the famous "Cologne", icon of the House. Its values celebrate the passion for beauty, attention to detail, essential elegance and a contemporary interpretation of authentic Italian style.

Over the years, the Maison has strengthened with the creation of other Colonies, the Barber shaving line, the Nobili, the Blu Mediterraneo line, Signature of the Sun and the Home Collection. All lines are strictly produced in Italy and distributed in Europe, Asia, the United States and the Middle East.

Acqua di Parma promotes Acqua di Parma Futura, an environmental and social policy implemented according to the criteria of the initiative LIFE-LVMH Initiatives for the Enviroment. Acqua di Parma Futura systematizes and amplifies the commitment to Italian art, culture and nature that the Maison has pursued since its inception. Acqua di Parma Futura’s environmental and social policies cover five areas: Products, People, Climate, Processes and Communities. A holistic vision that wants to preserve the Italian art of living for future generations.

Acqua di Parma and NIO Cocktails share their values to give you a unique experience.


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