Cocktail for women's day

There Women's Day It is now to be considered a worldwide appointment of great symbolic and social value, a special day for the collective memory and a new opportunity to dedicate in our private daily private, a further time to tell every woman in our life, how important it is for us too March 8.

You know, how much flowers are always a very appreciated thought, but what you would say to transform the traditional flower bouquet into a cocktail bouquet?

A gift To surprise it and displace it with style. Our bouquet is a composition of the nio cocktails with the most fruity and floral aromas, but also the most intense ones and bitter so as not to miss an extra touch.

There Women's Day It is also the perfect opportunity to meet with your friends and indulge in moments of relaxation between women and celebrate. What better way to do it than with a personalized box of nio cocktails that will arrive directly at your home, already perfectly mixed and Ready to share?

We recommend you 5 cocktails Better to compose your bouquet, starting from 2 classic choices, and then move on to 3 more innovative alternatives and floral flavors.





The best cocktails for Women's Day


Old Fashioned


Garden of Russia

Tommy's Margarita


1. Cosmopolitan, The cocktail symbol of femininity and glamor par excellence cannot fail to be mentioned among the cocktails to add to your box dedicated to women. Elegant and refined, a cocktail suitable for all women who never give up on style and fashion.

Its flavor is sweet, with a pinch of spiciness given by Cintreau's orange. Perfumed, delicate, but of character.
Having become famous for its bright pink color and for its numerous "appearances" in Sex and the City, the TV series that made Milli of women dream of New York all over the world dream does not lack even in the traditional glass of Martini in which it is served.


For Nio Cocktails, Patrick Pistolesi offers us his most glamorous cocktail version that there is with these ingredients:

  • Vodka Ketel One
  • CoinTreau
  • Blueberry syrup
  • Bio citric acid


    Add the Cosmopolitan to your personalized box



    2. Old Fashioned, Without a doubt, another pillar of mixology, with the opposite character to that of Cosmopolitan. In fact, if the latter is immediately recognizable for his sweetness, the Old Fashioned is characterized by his bitter notes donated by angle. Body and structure also emerge from the whiskey Bulleit Bourbon, its extraordinary raw material and the protagonist ingredient.

    An iconic and timeless cocktail, for a strong and energy woman.

    Even the Old Fashioned, both longevous and iconic cocktail, enjoys a great hunger in novels and screens: in the novel "Live and let it die", from 1954, the secret agent James Bond sips an Old Fashioned while traveling by train. That he was inspired to solve his cases?

    And even later, he becomes the co-protagonist of the "Mad Man" series, next to Don Draper. In short, a best seller drink, which can never be missing in a high mixology box.


    Nio cocktails proposes it mixed as follows:

    • Bulleit Bourbon
    • Toschi liquid sugar
    • Aromatic bitter angostura
    • Angostura orange bitter


      Add the Old Fashioned cocktail to your box


      Floral cocktails, to surprise the women of your heart with an unusual bouquet


      3. Gin., The invention of the Master Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi who conquers every woman in the first sip. His secret ingredient? The violet liqueur, a real bouquet in the glass.

      Mixology recalls that of a classic gin sour, which, however, is embellished from the violet liqueur with a purple color access and the scent of fresh flowers, which will immediately bring you to spring.

      A Twist on Classic that unites two flavors with the antipodes:The bitter one typical of juniper and the sweet one typical of violets. The unmistakable floral notes of the buds and the petals of Violetta merge into the acri notes of Gin with a balanced result that makes this cocktail suitable for the most disparate occasions. Perfect during long and cold winter months to bring a spring air and at the same time refreshing when looking for relief during the warm summer evenings. 

      An unpublished cocktail, sophisticated and carefully studied: it cannot be missing in a box for gin lovers:

      • Gin tanquray 
      • Violetta Monin liqueur 
      • Bio citric acid  
      • Liquid sugar


      Add a gin.



      4. Garden of Russia, another floral cocktail; This time the protagonist of the bouquet are the elderberry flowers, which give this fresh and unusual version of the Vodka Sour, a fragrant and fragrant touch, which make it an unpublished recipe signed by Patrick Pistolesi.


      The freshness is already evoked by the name, refrigerant as a walk in a Russian garden. Perfect for the summer and for the first days of spring to dream of trips out of town and outdoor lunches.


      The recipe is this:

      • Vodka Ketel One
      • Sambuco Bols flowers liqueur
      • Bio citric acid
      • Liquid sugar


      Add a Garden of Russia to your cart or your box



      5. Tommy's Margarita, With this cocktail you fly straight to Mexico, the classic flavor of the margarita is enriched with the agave syrup to accentuate even more the flavors and smells typical of its country of origin. The main ingredient? It can only be tequila.


      Perfect to accompany spicy dishes, typical of Mexican cuisine, but also to refresh the palate after a plate full of fats or frying. Or simply to enjoy a refreshing and regenerating aperitif. With nio cocktails just add the ice!

       The mixology, always signed by Patrick Pistolesi, provides:

      • Tequila jose cuervo
      • Bio Agave Siroppy
      • Bio citric acid


       Add Tommy's Margarita to the cocktail bouquet



      Have you already composed your cocktail bouquet?