I cocktail ideali per le feste di compleanno in piena estate

Ideal cocktails for birthday parties in the middle of summer

The increase in temperatures and the intense perfumes of summer inevitably bring a fixed thought in our minds: organize an outdoor party - perhaps our birthday party - unforgettable, perfect in everything.

When organizing a party or even a aperitif, in addition to thinking about the menu and the list of guests, attention must be paid to how to make the situation as joyful and convivial as possible. The answer to all your doubts about how to do it is easy: with many nio cocktails to drink in company! There is only spoiled for choice: you can find party cocktail perfect for each palate, from the aroma sweet or bitter, delicate or decisive, and above all refreshing character. Many great Mixology Must Classics and some Signature Cocktail will become unforgettable party solutions.

Cocktail for birthday party

The 6 best cocktails for a birthday party

In the garden, on the terrace or even indoors, the best cocktails for a birthday party are: Gimlet, Garden of Russia, Daiquiri, Vodka Sour, Espresso Martini and Margarita.

Gimlet, the first above all: the cocktail suitable for each party

The Gimlet nio cocktails, second recipe by Patrick Pistolesi, is a classic that provides

  • Gin tanquray
  • And lime.

A first description of the cocktail dates back to 1928 and reads: Gin, a tip of lemon and soda. In 1953 he also appeared in the novel of Raymond Chandler The long goodbye, according to which a real gimlet is half gin and half lime juice and nothing else - proportions in line with those suggested by the 1930 Savoy Cocktail Book. The origin of the name is confused: the most popular refers to the admiral Sir Thomas surgeon Surgeon Gimlette who is said to have been the first to add the lime juice to the Gin newspaper of his men of the Royal Navy to help them fight the damage of the scurvy (disease due to the lack of vitamin C) during long ocean crossings. Fresh, aromatic and inevitable, it is a Easy party cocktail that even the most shy palates like.

Garden of Russia, the perfect cocktail to celebrate the summer

Summer birthday? No problem: a nice fresh, fragrant and thirst -quenching cocktails This is what it takes. The Garden of Russia It is an unusual and even more summer version of the Vodka Sour - signed Patrick Pistolesi, ça va sans to say. The main ingredient of this fragrant and fragrant cocktail are the elderberry flowers, a magical plant that blossoms between March and April. The landscape in which we are catapulted to the first sip is not that of the notorious Russian winter, but the exact moment when, after months of snow, it is colored thanks to the summer. A corroborating like a walk in a Russian garden, with a delicate but enveloping flavor, it becomes the perfect cocktail for outdoor summer birthday parties at home, by the pool ...

The ingredients of the Garden of Russia are few and of great quality:

  • Family Made Vodka Ketel One,
  • Sambuco Bols flower liqueur,
  • Bio citric acid
  • and liquid sugar.

Cocktail birthday party

Daiquiri, the alcoholic star of every birthday party

The Daiquiri nio cocktails It is an absolute mai-più-Senza for your summer, with the classic and refreshing combination of:

  • Rum pampero blanco,
  • Bio citric acid
  • and liquid sugar

The origins of this must date back to the end of the nineteenth century, at the time of the war between the United States and Spain: according to some sources, after the shipwreck of the Main ship in the port of Havana, a marine arrived in a small village near Santiago de Cuba that It was called daiquiri. Here, to appease his thirst, he entered a sort of bar used to bar. After refusing to drink smooth rum, she got an addition of lime juice and a little sugar. Here's how the Daiquiri came to light, one of the favorite cocktails of the writer Ernest Hemingway together with Mojito: My mojito à la bodgity, my daiquiri à la floridita.

With all its irresistability, we can call it a cocktail for birthday parties without age.

Vodka Sour for an unforgettable Cheers: the Brezza cocktail for the palate of your guests

The Vodka Sour - counted among the summer cocktails par excellence - is the cocktails pErfetto for those looking for a fresh and light drink, also suitable for the most selective guests and lovers of light tastes.

A refreshing mixture, apparently very simple, but which hides pitfalls in its preparation. Yes, because the Sour are based on a very simple balance: a sweet touch (generally given by sugar syrup) and a more bitter part given by lime juice or lemon. Essential, there is always a distillate that gives character to the mix. The recipe of Vodka Sour Nio cocktails it's very simple:

  • Family Made Vodka Ketel One,
  • citric acid
  • and liquid sugar.

Espresso Martini, the lash of energy for a long party

So hot, a long day behind and ... At the time of the party, tiredness makes itself felt? It takes a nice shock of energy: theEspresso Martini It is the excellent cocktail for your birthday parties who need a powerful thrill. Inspired by the original recipe of the 1980s, ours provides:

  • Ketel One Vodka
  • and Fair Café Liqueur.

Ideal for coffee lovers in all its shapes, Perfect for the summer of flavor, is intense, overwhelming and shocking enough to conquer anyone.

Cocktail birthday party

Margarita, the exotic touch for a party with cold shiver

Always on the mustology must, impossible not to mention one of the most loved cocktails in the world: the Margarita nio cocktails It is the king of the party with its exotic, corroborating, thirst -quenching flavor. Our recipe, reinterpreted at best by Patrick, foresees:

  • Tequila Blanco Exotic
  • CoinTreau
  • Lime Giffard syrup
  • Bio citric acid.

A sip of Mexico, with its colors and its intense flavors, able to animate the party and satisfy any palate - even the most demanding.

The countdown has started, your party is almost ready!

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