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How to organize a Halloween party for adults with cocktails, games and snacks

Ready to organize one Unforgettable Halloween party? The most creepy party is upon us and, if you also want to enter the spirit of this very good event, here are some ideas ... of the other world!

From ideas for Halloween cocktails to the most frightening snacks, passing through the games and decorations, we collected some advice for an unforgettable evening.

Here is ours Guide on how to organize a Halloween party:

Invitations and decorations
Drink cocktails
Themed recipes
Games for adults
Gift ideas


Invitations and decorations

Halloween Halloween paper decorations on orange background

Any kind of party has in mind, it is always good that your guests know what to expect. Sending an invitation is the best way to give some clues to the atmosphere of the evening and share the most important information. Is the party in mask? It will be a particular theme or any costume it'll be fine?

Giving this information in advance will help everyone prepare for the evening and to create the right wait. No printed invitations, delivery via WhatsApp or through social networks, it is a more ecological choice and you can be more creative/or

For the decorations, Osa! Prepare your party with frightening objects and hanging decorations that stand out. Do you have a limited budget? You don't have to spend a fortune in particular decorations. Data to do it yourself by creating shapes of ghosts with cardboard, give life to frightening spiders by cutting out black bags, carving of pumpkins and making them terrifying!

Halloween cocktail

Nio cocktail envelopes on pian cuisine

What to do in Halloween with your friends If not to celebrate with thrilling cocktails? You will need scary themed drinks, but since the organization will commit you a lot, we recommend preparing Easy Halloween cocktails. Here are our three favorites:

Bloody Mary

It cannot be missing in your menu. This disturbing cocktail has a very macabre story (look for it, if you don't believe it!) And has a blood red color. There are several variants of this drink, complete with different types of Garnish to amaze your guests.

Red Sangria

Another cocktail of Halloween with blood (fake) is this drink of Spanish origin, perfect balance between dry and sweet. Perfumed, with a decisive and very funny character to make, it may require a little more commitment than the other cocktails, but it's worth it.

The classic Sangria involves the use of oranges, lemons and green apples immersed in red wine, brandy or orange liqueur. Add some sugar and sparkling water, then let it rest in the fridge for a few hours to allow fruit to release your flavor.

Mulled Apple Juice

This Halloween's non -alcoholic cocktail is an alternative to the classic brûlé wine, made with apple juice, orange peel, cinnamon, cloves and honey. It is ideal for those who will have to drive after the party, but also for those who love autumn flavors!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for anready non -alcoholic alternative, Nio Cocktails proposes a delicious Virgin Bitters Orange in color, fully in line with the atmospheres and, above all, the carved pumpkins of Halloween.

These are just some suggestions, but there are Many other cocktails To which you can add a frightening touch, having fun adding details Halloween cocktail decorations and make them even more disturbing. You cannot miss themed cocktail napkin and a large amount of ice to keep your drinks fresh. Before the event we recommend that you discover i Best types of cocktail ice, maybe using one spherical ice cream mold Or to serve your Halloween cocktails with dry ice, for a disturbing and frightening fog effect.

Depending on the theme and the decorations with which you will choose, you could then combine cocktails also based on color, for example a Boulevardier or a Negroni For a horror and bloody Halloween, or a Milan-Turin To stay on the classic orange-zucca.

Halloween themed recipes

Organizing a Halloween party also means thinking about food to serve its guests. Why not make your snacks even more interesting on this occasion? We have selected appetizers, unique dishes and desserts on which your guests will not wait to sink their teeth.

Tortilla chips with pumpkin

This is a very fast recipe. With a pumpkin -shaped biscuits mold creates shapes with tortilla. Put in the oven and voila! You can serve them with hummus, guacamole or with any sauce you prefer.

Verdi popcorn

Who doesn't love popcorn? Try sweets: melt some white chocolate, add the green food coloring and incorporate everything with the popcorn. Let the mixture rest on parchment paper. Serve them in a bowl or - even better! - In a cauldron -shaped container, so it will seem the potion of a witch.

Snack bulbs

Take Vol-au-vent and add slices of cucumber, olives and a little spicy sauce for a fear Halloween snack.

"Blood" cheesecake

This dessert will take your guests by the throat. Prepare (or buy) a white chocolate cheesecake. Create red cover with water, blended strawberries and sugar, or use an already made glaze. Don't you love cheesecake? Try the Red Velvet. You could combine it with a White Russian, a classic dessert cocktail.

Games to do in Halloween for adults

person dressed with ghost costume and lantern in the hand in the middle of the field

One of our best tips on How to organize a Halloween party It is not to turn off the conversation and keep the enthusiasm high with adult games. There are many to choose from, to break the ice between the guests and have them entertained. Here are our favorites:

Mystery with crime

Transform the living room into a crime scene and brings your guests into a mystery worthy of Halloween. Each of you will become the character of a story, and you will choose who the culprit is. Online there are many tracks to follow for this type of games, with instructions on the characters and on the progress of the game.

The mysterious box of Halloween

Among the games to have Halloween for adults, the most disturbing cannot be missing. Fill in boxes with cold, slimy or unpleasant objects to touch, such as cooked spaghetti or peeled grapes. In turn put your hands in the boxes and try to guess the content. Not suitable for weak heart!

Ocular beer pong

If you are looking for a Halloween drinking game, this revisited classic is for you. The usual rules of the beer pong are worth, but replace the ping pong balls with toy -dressed eye bulbs and start the challenge! If you prefer cocktails to beer, you can use them for a more elegant version of the uncommon game.

Ideas for Halloween gifts

Pair toasts with cocktail glasses and ready -made drink envelopes on table

Greet your guests with a final little thought in memory of the evening, maybe an envelope fromNio Cocktails collections most loved that your guests will be able to taste winter evenings during their living room during long. You can also complete these thoughts by adding Halloween sweets, pumpkin biscuits or nice frightening keychains.

If you have followed these tips, now just choose the most spectacular and frightening Halloween costume that there is: we know you will not disappoint us!

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