Cosa sono le garnish e come creare perfette decorazioni di frutta per i cocktail

What Garnish are and how to create perfect fruit decorations for cocktails

If knowing how to prepare a cocktail is a mustTo enjoy delicious aperitifs(but not necessary, thanks to the cocktails Nio Ready-to-Share), Presenting it well is equally important. The Garnish They can be essential because part of the overall taste of the cocktail or optional, but the certainty is one: they are always welcome because they complete the cocktail also from a sensory point of view to 360 degrees: obviously taste, but also smell and finally seen.

What are Garnish? How to create them? We explain it to you.

Garnish nio cocktails

What are the Garnish of the cocktail

You will surely notice them when your favorite bar is served a cocktail: the garnish are nothing more than the Cocktail decorations that we immerse directly in the drink, place the edge of the glass or squeeze the essential oils (from the fruits of the fruits) to give an extra taste and olfactory note to the drink.

Which Garnish to use for your cocktails

As classic cocktail decorations are used more commonly:

  • entire slices of fruit
  • half slices
  • Only the fruit peel (perhaps folded in spiral) in order to give a sophisticated aesthetic touch
  • The squeezed peel to release very fragrant essential oils.
  • aromas
  • spices
  • coffee beans (as in the case ofEspresso Martini)
  • cinnamon sticks
  • dried or dried fruit
  • sugar sticks
  • a crust of salt or sugar around the edge of the glass and so on

Do you want to learn to use them better? These are the advice of Patrick Pistolesi for Garnish who make the cocktails unique:

Cocktail lemon decorations

Gimlet nio cocktails

Simple to use and aromatic, the Limone is one of the fruit decorations For cocktails that goes larger. Here's how to use it:

  • A thin slice with the peel (especially if we use an untreated organic lemon), to be immersed directly in the drink or to be placed on the edge of the glass creating a small cutter in the pulp. Gives an acid touch that often enhances the flavor of the cocktail
  • A lemon clove with peel, or the most full -bodied version of the previous Garnish, to be used with care to not add excessive acidity
  • The lemon peel, strictly not treated, to be obtained with a spilucin or a small blade knife. By avoiding going too deeply so as not to add the white part of the peel, too bitter, you can cut a rectangle to add in the drink. If you want to amaze everyone, cut a long and narrow strip to wrap around a straw and leave it in place for an hour, so as to create a spiral to rest at the edge of the glass
  • The essential oils of the lemon peel, using the previously explained technique. With a knife with a small blade, cut a piece of peel, then squeeze it by directing the essential oils on the edge or directly inside the cocktail

Patrick Pistolesi recommends that you use lemon as Garnish Ideal for cocktails such as:

Gin proved nio cocktails

Under the edge of lemon, we can use the most intense Lime as decoration for cocktail:

  • cutting it to thin slices to be placed by the glass
  • to thicker slices to be included in the cocktail For an extra citrus boost
  • exploiting theEssential oils of the peel of the lime to be squeezed above the cocktail or around the edge of the glass

The peel is generally too bitter and difficult to work to be used in very complex Garnish.

Margarita nio cocktails

Lime is the ideal Garnish for cocktails such as:

Cocktail orange decorations

Used as much as lemon, simple to prepare and certainly impactful: it is theOrange as decoration for cocktail. More delicate and less acidic, it is used in the same forms as lemon:
  • Lslice of orange, more or less thick, whole or halfway. It can be inserted in the cocktail or place the glass edge making a small cut in the pulp. It is quick to prepare, but gives a irreconnoisable citrus note
  • orange clove, with peel if not treated. More full -bodied and tasty, it is to be included in the cocktail for a more intense effect
  • the orange peel, possibly not treated, to be cut gently with the knife - being careful not to include the white part. Rectangle or long, then create a spiral, give the aroma of the essential oils
  • The essential oils of the orange peel That you can use exactly as for lemon: get a slice of peel, waste the cocktail or on the edge of the glass. The perfume will conquer you.

Boulevardier nio cocktails

Orange is the ideal Garnish for cocktails such as:

Try them all!

Cocktail strawberry decorations

Delicate, chic, but available for a short period of time (if we want them to taste): the Strawberries as cocktail decorations They are chic, beautiful to look at, good to taste. How to use them? The limit, in reality, is only the imagination:

  • cut thin slices, to be inserted directly into the cocktail to give a delicate flavor and can be savored
  • halfway, to better taste the flavor
  • whole, washing them thoroughly and cutting them at the base to perfectly fit on the edge of the glass
  • pink, using the largest and most juicy strawberries. The strawberry from the tip skewer with a toothpick, then gently carved the sides with a small knife with a small blade. Create many small "petals" making small engravings in the pulp, then use it to decorate your drinks.

Strawberries like Garnish for cocktail

Strawberries are the perfect Garnish For cocktails and drinks such as:

  • Bloodhound
  • Strawberry margarita
  • Strawberry caipiroska
  • Rossini

just to name some.

In the same way you prepare the orange, lemon and strawberry garnish, you can indulge yourself with other fruits: the apple, the grapefruit, the red fruits ...

Cocktail decorations with flowers

Garnish with flowers

Do you love "petalosis" cocktails? Well yes, there is not only fruit, but alsoFlowers are cocktail decorations colorful and whimsical. The important thing is to choose only educated flowers, or edible. Among the most used we find:

  • rose petals
  • Fiordaliso petals
  • Viola petals
  • lavender petals
  • helichrysum petals

Come on a box with the cocktails nio you prefer and test yourself with the Garnish you prefer!