Differenza tra liquori e distillati: la guida pratica per scegliere

Difference between liqueurs and spirits: the practical guide to choose

Difference between liqueurs and spirits

There difference between liqueurs and spirits is all in theprocedure to obtain them and in the components used that may differ even much.

What is liqueur

Withliquor The drinks are meant with an alcoholic gradation between 30 ° and 50 ° obtained by mixing alcohol with aromas (herbs, flowers, fruit, roots, seeds for example), water, sugar and in some cases dyes such as caramel. In the liqueur, the most important components are the flavoring substances and the minimum sugar content is 100 grams per liter.

What is a distillate

The distillate has an alcoholic gradation from 40 ° upIt is obtained, in fact, from the distillation of some sugary vegetable substances left to ferment. The process takes place in alambicchi that may have different forms and in which the alcohol of fermentation is concentrated. The most important components in the spirits are alcohol and perfumes.

It is also interesting to difference betweenliqueur and bitterness: the bitterness differs from the liqueur for its low sugary content. As the name suggests, The bitter is yes a liqueur, but with a lower sugar content to classic liqueurs and therefore with a flavor bitter.

Examples of liqueurs:

  • Angosting
  • CoinTreau
  • Rosolium
  • Sambuca
  • limoncello
  • Triple sec

Nio cocktails gin tanquray

Examples of distillate:

  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Whiskey
  • Rum
  • Tequila
  • Grappa

Examples of bitters:

  • Fernet Branca
  • Witch liqueur
  • Bitter montenegro
  • Martini Bitter

It is not always easy to grasp, but the difference between distillate and liqueurs You learn by reading the labels well.

Cthe distillate are prepared

How to distil are made, exactly? As mentioned before, theDistillation is the process thanks to which the alcohol contained in the must to ferment is concentrated, condensed and separated by the other substances - especially by the water - obtaining intense perfumes and aromas.

How do the distillates are prepared in a practical way? The sugary vegetable substances to be fermented in the alambicchi are put - which can be both discontinuous and column - and they warmly warm up to create the steam that comesDistillate drop drop, slowly, so as not to burn perfumes, aromas and volatile notes.

Once the process is finished, the distillate is led to the desired gradation simply by diluting it with water. Generally it is also refrigerated to make it a clear and beautiful color liquid to see, while filtration is not always mandatory. The best distillate generally ages in a barrel.

Cosmopolitan cocktails with Vodka Ketel One distilled

Cthe liqueurs are prepared

The liqueurs area Alcohol solution with water, sugar and flavoring such as spices, herbs, fruits or a mix of all these.

How do liqueurs are prepared, then? All you do is put the flavoring first listed in the alcohol at 96 degrees to macerate, making a subsequent mixing with water and sugar.In some cases they also prepare with the method of perception, an industrial technique used for low quality liqueurs.

Distillates and liqueurs used by Nio Cocktails

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