bicchiere di ghiaccio per cocktail

How to make ice glasses for fresh cocktails

The days are increasingly hot, the aperitif is a must but only thirsty and the ice Become the absolute protagonist: why not turn your happy hour with i glasses of ice From which to savor your fresher cocktails than ever? Here you are How to prepare ice glasses In a few simple steps for a summer thrill even in the most torrid summer.


Nio cocktails glasses


Glasses of ice: why use them

Why limit yourself to simple ice cubes when you could do more? In addition to keeping your nio cocktail fresher, i glasses of ice They are the fresh and trendy idea for aperitifs or Afterdinner who amaze friends, colleagues and family. They last more than the usual cube, they refresh the big one and give a unique touch to your evenings: enough for you compose a box nio cocktails With your favorite drinks, shake your cocktail, tear the colorful corner of the package and ... pour into your glass of ice to enjoy the best of the mixology Ready to Share!

If you want to be on the safe side for a fresh and thirst -quenching summer, choose the Box summer nio cocktails With a selection of cocktails (new and not only) also ideal with the most suffocating heat.


Nio cocktails glasses


How to make ice glasses

Can't wait to make them protagonists on the first occasion with friends? Then the time came to find out how to make ice glasses in a simple and quick way.

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Preparation time: 2 hours

What is needed:

  • large glasses and as many smaller glass, plastic or waxed paper
  • A small weight like a cherry or a small fruit
  • water
  • A few aromatic leaf.



  • Take the larger glasses and pour two fingers of cold water, then in each of them put a smaller glass with cherry or a small fruit that makes weight in the center (or always use water by pouring it into the smaller glass to make weight). Put the aromatic leaves - sage, mint, lavender and so on - between one glass and another.
  • Add water in the space between the two glasses until a finger remain under the edge of the largest glass.
  • Cover with coffee saucers and put in the freezer for at least 12 hours.
  • Remove the two glass glasses from the glass of ice obtained by helping you with warm running water.
  • The alternative idea is to use paper glasses and insert a wooden stick under the largest glass to make your ice glasses more practical to hold in hand.

    Nio cocktails glasses

    Molds for ice glasses for a quick result

    Don't you have time or don't you want to struggle too much? The solution is just a click away: online you can find molds for ice glasses Ready, very practical, to be filled simply with water and put in the freezer for at least 12 hours. The result is insured!

    Ice effect glasses, the Easy glass solution

    Themes that the glasses of ice will last too little, melting quickly and wetting everywhere, but do you still want to serve your cocktails with style? Then choose i ice effect glasses: very easy to find online, they are generally in glass and processed to look like glasses of ice in all respects.

    Fill the ice glasses with your favorite cocktails: Comba your box nio cocktails!