I migliori regali di Natale: 40 idee per chi ama i cocktail

The best Christmas gifts: 40 ideas for those who love cocktails

Christmas is around the corner, so the time has come to put us comfortable in front of a fireplace, take the computer and find the perfect gifts for friends and relatives. If there is also a cocktail lover on your list and look for some Ideas for Christmas gifts Suitable for his tastes, we think about it.

In our list of cocktail themed gifts, you will find Christmas gift ideas for the family, For him, for her and for anyone who has a special place in your heart (and maybe even something for you, right?).

Continue reading to discover our guide to Best Christmas gifts 2022 For those who love cocktails.

Gift set for Christmas

1. Cocktail scent bath set

Who doesn't like taking care of themselves? Even a cocktail enthusiast will certainly appreciate a set with soap, shower gel and fragrant bath salts like its favorite drink.

2. Christmas cocktail set

Among the best Christmas gifts, the Gift Box Cocktail Christmas of Nio Cocktails, a selection of mixed premium cocktails, rich in winter spices and enveloping aromas. Contains six of the most appreciated Limited edition Christmas mixed cocktails And it's the best gift set to heat the holiday season.

3. Cocktail tasting kit

For those who are starting to approach the magical world of cocktails, ours Cocktails Experience Box It's the perfect gift. Contains two glass tumbler glasses, the exclusive XL ice mold and your customizable choice of 5 mixed cocktails: if you don't know what can be given to Christmas to those who have not yet started a bar corner at home, this is the answer you were looking for.

4. A book and a cocktail

Imagine the scene: a dark winter evening, a crackling fireplace, your favorite cocktail and a nice book to read. It combines a compelling novel with a mixed cocktail and creates a gift set suitable for everyone. Let yourself be inspired by our selection.


Custom Christmas gifts

5. Cocktail themed gift basket

THE Best Christmas gifts They are the personalized ones: fill a basket with everything that cannot be missing in a bar corner. Add what you prefer: we recommend a selection of liqueurs, syrups, tools and recipes. Or focuses on our mixed cocktails, ready to taste and delicious: we love the Postcards Box from Japan.

6. cocktail shaker

In stainless steel, glass or graphite, an elegant cocktail shaker can give a touch of refinement to any bar corner (you can also choose to add an incision to make the gift even more special). When you choose a cocktail shaker, look for one that is resistant, comfortable to hold in hand and that allows you to shake, mix and filter the cocktails ... without ending up the mixologist!

7. Stopper cap

Keep the open bottles and prevail any losses with a stopper cap for bottles: a precious tool in the arsenal of each mixologist. In addition to being very useful, stopper caps are also available in many different design, suitable for any bar corner, small or large. To make the gift even more special, choose a personalized version that stands out in the home bar of those who receive it.

8. Set of sub -bicries

Subbiciers are always a welcome gift for cocktail enthusiasts; Nobody, moreover, likes to leave signs around with the glass. You can choose personalized, luxury or themed sub -buds, to better follow the recipient's furniture style of this gift.


Christmas gifts for mixologists in grass

9. Jigger, cocktail dispenser

A jigger is a drink dispenser, a very useful tool for creating balanced cocktails: the ideal gift idea for all fans. You can choose a stainless steel jigger or opt for something more particular or personalized. In any case, it will be an appreciated gift.

10. Smoking for cocktail

Cocktail smokers are a particular tool, used to give drinks a smoked flavor. Ideal for cocktails such as The Old Fashioned, I am an excellent gift for amateur mixologist who want to continue to try their hand at increasingly sophisticated flavors.

11. Decanter for crystal whiskey

Are you looking for an elegant gift for your sweet half? A decanter for crystal whiskey is the one for you. Those who receive it will take advantage of this splendid gift, putting it on display in their corner bar to serve (and keep the whiskey at best.


12. Glass rimmer

A Glass Rimmer is a border for glasses, one of those products that cannot be done without, once tried. This useful tool has two compartments, one to dip the glass in the water, and the other to cover the edge with sugar or salt. Use it to create the iconic salted edge of the margarita, or add flake chili pepper to a spicy touch.

13. Book of recipes on cocktails

Each self -respecting grass mixologist should have at least one recipe book on cocktails in your collection. We adore The Savoy Cocktail Book of Harry Craddock, an American bartender who left the United States during prohibition to work as a cocktail artist at the Savoy hotel in London.

By capturing the spirit of the era of prohibition with historical recipes and lively illustrations, this book is a classic to spend the hours on.

14. The grammar of the flavors

A gift that will allow you to better know the art of cocktail by discovering everything on the combinations between flavors. With The grammar of flavors, it is possible to learn all the complexities of the different aromas and which foods to combine with different drinks. In addition, this book is perfect to keep in plain sight in the living room and offers interesting conversation ideas.

15. Cocktail strainer

Strainer is an essential tool for making an impeccable cocktail, because it allows you to remove ice or other unwanted ingredients and obtain a perfectly homogeneous texture. If you want to overdo it, choose a luxury golden strainer or a professional barman professional who will make any cocktail lover happy.


Christmas gift ideas for best friends

16. Picnic cocktail backpack

Always give your friends in motion a comfortable backpack to transport your favorite drinks, perhaps in convenient and portable Ready-to-drink version. A real portable minibar complete with backpack, ice molds and thermal clutch bags to keep it in temperature, travel tumbler glasses. The ideal gift for picnic, car trips, camping holidays, barbecue and garden parties in the name of quality drinks without renunciation.

17. Lessons to create cocktails

Christmas gifts must not necessarily be physical. A mixology lesson is the most welcome gift for cocktail lovers (and their friends).

18. Bar tray

A drink tray is a useful idea to complete the bar corner of your friends passionate about mixology. Not only is it convenient to serve cocktails, but with the right tray you can give a sophisticated touch to your home minibar.

Nio cocktails proposes the exclusive Experience bar cabinet Complete, as well as an elegant tray, also of 6 cocktails ready from the catalog and as many tumbler glasses, perfect for tasting.

19. Teaching Neon Cocktail

Those who love design will greatly appreciate a cocktail themed neon to hang on the wall. Funny and unexpected, it is a gift idea that combines the passion for cocktails with that for furniture.

Christmas gift ideas for customers or colleagues

20. reusable straws

Perfect as a Christmas thought, reusable straws are also excellent gift ideas for secret Santa Claus. Available in a wide range of ecological materials such as steel and glass, these straws allow you to sip the cocktails with a certain elegance.

21. Cocktail Box The New Classic of Nio Cocktails

If you are looking for gift ideas for someone you don't know well, like a work colleague, consider one Cocktail Box The New Classic. It is a box that gives new life to great mixology classics: the perfect gift idea for real cocktail lover.

Christmas gifts for everyone

22. Cup set

Although the cups are born as a champagne glass, they are widely used by cocktail enthusiasts. The design avoids the escape and causes the hands to not warm the drink thanks to the long stem, which makes them particularly suitable for drinking cold cocktails such as the daisy frozen.

23. Cocktail for those who love coffee

Those who love both coffee and good drinking can only appreciate coffee cocktails to be enjoyed at any time. We recommend our exclusive cocktail Brown Gold or our award -winning Martini Espresso cocktail, two real delights.

24. Spherical ice or cubic ice mold

True cocktails lovers know that ice is the most important part of cold drinks. Our square mold in silicone It is ideal for quickly cooling cocktails with a classic style. Or choose one spherical mold To get perfect ice spheres that will give an elegant and more refined touch to each cocktail.

25. Dad for mixology

For those who love to experiment, a mixology nut is the perfect gift, able to make any evening interesting together. Instead of following a recipe, launch the nut to choose the ingredients to use (and in what percentage). Who knows, maybe you will invent a new Winter cocktail.

26. Elected cocktails

Auses can also savor the taste, aromas and complexity of cocktails made with skill thanks to ours Mixed non -alcoholic cocktails. Our Virgin Bitters It is a reinterpretation of the classic Negroni in a non -alcoholic key, and it is perfect to be enjoyed as an aperitif, while Lemongrass Citrus is the perfect refreshing break in the chaotic Christmas period.

27. Set of cocktail glasses

From tumbler to flutes for champagne, there are many types of cocktail glasses. Give a cocktail enthusiast a set of different glasses to give an extra touch to its bar corner.

Nio cocktails offers exclusive Tipblest cocktail glasses signed perfect for tasting.

28. Manual sink

A bartender juicer is a useful gadget if you love cocktails. It is quick and easy to use, and allows you to add a fresh splash of fruit juice (or other plants, why not?) To your drink in seconds. Don't you know how to find the right gift for Christmas? Make a leap in a home shop shop, you will find the juicer and others Last-minute ideas like this

29. Cocktail sticks

Cocktail sticks are essential to insert decorations such as olives and cherries inside cocktails (and can also be used to serve the aperitif). A metal reusable set is much more sustainable in the long run than the wooden counterpart, and also has a certain style. There are many types, fun, elegant and bizarre; You will certainly find the perfect set for the recipient of your gift.

30. Shot glasses

A bar corner cannot be said to be complete without a set of shot glasses. To be used as a measures or to sip purity liqueurs, the shot glasses are a great classic that cannot be missing in the arsenal of those who love good drinking.

31. bar trolley

Extremely sophisticated and elegant, a bar trolley is a truly unique gift that will make anyone who loves cocktails happy. In addition to giving a glamorous and original appearance to any home, it is ideal for keeping your bottles with style.

32. Cocktail themed printing or printing

At Christmas you surprise a cocktail lover with an original picture. The options are many, like a print of its favorite cocktail, a themed quote or an illustrated guide with the ingredients of classic drinks. We advise you to frame the press or the picture before delivering it, so those who receive it can hang it immediately (and you will be really grateful to you!).

33. Cocktail spoons

Simple but always useful, a set of cocktail spoons (or bar spoon) is an indispensable gift for the cocktail lover that prefers its mixed drinks, not agitated.


34. blender

THE Best Christmas gifts They are the useful ones all year round. If you want to give a gift really Useful to a person who loves cocktails, consider the idea of ​​a blender. He can use it all year round to create frozen cocktails in the convenience of his home.

35. Glass punch bowl

For those who organize many holidays, a glass punch bowl is the unbeatable idea. Take inspiration from his furniture and choose a punch bowl that he can use as a centerpiece during all his holidays. For a truly generous gift, consider adding a nice ladle of glass.

36. Aperitif bowls

A good cocktail cannot be prepared, serving or enjoying without something to munch on. Give a set of aperitif bowls to serve olives or peanuts, those who receive it will only appreciate this idea.


37. Tiki glasses

A set of Tiki tropical glasses is the perfect idea for those who love cocktails and parties. Ideal for Tropical and rum -based cocktails, these glasses will give a touch of liveliness to any house (and perhaps they will inspire a holiday on a remote island).

38. Copper cups

If the cocktail-level on your gift list is a person who likes to make aesthetically satisfying drinks, you cannot help but give him a set of copper cups. Classic cocktails such as Moscow Mule and Frozen Mojito have a whole other aspect when they are served in these cups.

39. Cocktail themed experiences

There are many cocktail themed experiences around which to choose to make a cocktail enthusiast happy. From the most sought after tastings to the masterclasses with experts in the sector, you will only embarrass your choice.

40. oak barrels

Are you looking for original Christmas gifts? Why not choose a oak barrel? It may seem like a bizarre idea, but it will allow those who love cocktails to easily grow old liqueurs for a truly unique taste experience. Wooden Shell It is a small company based in the United Kingdom that produces splendid oak barrels by hand, perfect for aging the whiskey and beautiful to look at.

Here is our list of Best Christmas gifts 2022 for those who love cocktails. To make the holidays even happier, give your loved ones something to sip while opening their cocktail themed gifts, with a personalized selection of the drinks who love the most. Our Custom cocktail box He arrives directly at home and is immediately ready to taste.

If you want to test your creativity during the holidays, take a look at our ideas to organize a Christmas aperitif.