NIO Cocktails x Bibite Sanpellegrino: la box estiva che porta la Sicilia nel tuo tumbler

NIO Cocktails x San Pellegrino: the summer box which takes Sicily into your tumbler tumbler

Summer is the season of the long, unforgettable aperitifs with friends, the love of your life, the beautiful music in the background and with low calorie cocktails, fresh and refreshing. Do you think it’s hard to find the right drinks to overcome the smothering heat? No panic: the box NIO Cocktails x Sanpellegrino is the solution you are looking for for a fresh thrill of pleasure with an all-Italian flavor, to take with you wherever you want.

NIO Cocktails X Sanpellegrino

Take a sip of Sicily in your tumbler with the summer box NIO Cocktails x San Pellegrino: 3 delicious Sanpellegrino drinks, made with real Sicilian citrus and in cans with graphics embellished by Toilet Paper Magazine di Seletti, become the perfect topping for 3 signature cocktails fresh, refreshing and surprising designed ad hoc by Patrick Pistolesi for NIO Cocktails. A collaboration born to spread to the public the project "Sicily is Revolution", which aims to convey the values of Sicily and the importance of local products – it becomes the ideal opportunity to bring something new in the world of mixology.

Get ready to discover the 3 cocktails that will revolutionize your summer aperitifs with flavors deeply rooted in our territory:

NIO Cocktails x Bibite Sanpellegrino


NIO Cocktails X Sanpellegrino

We could call it a real "architectural" drink that tells the history of Italy during the Economic Boom in a unique mixology version, delicious and contemporary. Inspired by the great italian aperitifs and imbued with the Italian climate to drink after the war - with a people who leave the countryside to live a new comfortable life in the city and who celebrates the moment with an aperitif at the bar - We prepare it with the iconic ingredients that have made it famous in the world the historical aperitif of the Boot with a small touch of internationality:

  • Bourbon Bulleit, pure Kentucky whisky with a high content of rye and aged for 6 years inspired by the original recipe of August Bulleit 150 years ago, with olfactory notes of jam and toasted oak and a flavor of spicy orange, caramel, maple wood and nutmeg,
  • Vermouth Cocchi Rosso, with hints of artemisia, citrus, cinchona, cocoa, camphor and rosemary, it is a bitter wine with spicy and fruity alcohol,
  • Bitter Campari, with the typical ruby red color, obtained from the infusion of bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruit in a mixture of alcohol and water,
  • e rhubarb, a perennial herbaceous plant with unparalleled digestive properties.
Il Siri D'Estate is studied ad hoc ti be erfect with the Chinò Sanpellegrino, round and balanced, with a bitter aftertaste, obtained froml the rich and exquisite aroma of Sicilian chinotti and refreshing with its wonderful bubbles. A duet of flavours that creates an excellent bitter summer and elegant, with hints of vanilla and wood. To be enjoyed at sunset, in the ferment of a new Italian rebirth.

NIO Cocktails X Sanpellegrino

Incredibly Italian, but at the same time with an international spirit, it is a sophisticated and elegant cocktail, rich and tasty, created with the aromas and flavors of the Italian summer. It’s an unexpected twist to the usual vodka sour: Its sweet and sour notes typical of Sicilian blackberries are perfectly balanced with the sparkling and bitter tones of the Aranciata Amara Sanpellegrino and with the dry and strong flavor of the Family Made Vodka Ketel One. The result? A wonderful fruity cocktail, fragrant and overwhelming for thirsty palates. The ingredients of the NIO Cocktails recipe by Patrick Pistolesi are

  • Family Made Vodka Ketel One, produced in the Netherlands in a copper still and named for the eighth year in a row the best-selling vodka in the world in 2020, with notes of citrus and honey,
  • Crème de Mûre, a rich, fruity and aromatic liqueur prepared with the best blackberries and the addition of natural anthocyanins of which the skin of the red berried grape is rich,
  • liquid sugar for a sweet note
  • and organic citric acid for a sour touch.
As its intense violet color (which becomes lilac with the topping of San Pellegrino orange) suggests, it’s perfect during the Purple Hour, that magical moment between sunset and evening.

NIO Cocktails X Sanpellegrino

Garibaldi, the hero of the two worlds, is transformed into a masterpiece mixology with a historical flavor that you will love to taste (even) on the hottest days. Abbreviated to Gary (as the hero, according to the fervent imagination of our Patrick, would be called today on social networks), this twist on classic revisits a must of mixology, the Garibaldi, to make it perfect thanks to the Aranciata Classica Sanpellegrino - a call to the landing in Sicily through one of the most typical fruits of that magnificent land. The ingredients are:

  • Bitter Campari, bitter obtained from the infusion of bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruit in a mixture of alcohol and water become a symbol of the Italian aperitif,
  • Vermouth Americano Cocchi, a wine flavoured and bitter with a drop of alcohol, with a flavor of herbs and spices,
  • organic citric acid for a fresh note,
  • and liquid sugar for a sweet touch.

It is the story of a modern Garibaldi that lands again in Sicily and retraces Italy, but it does it in mixology version with the main ingredients of the Italian aperitif and the touch of complexity of the American Cocchi. Renewed, young (although inspired by events from centuries ago) and fresh, with its sweet and sour taste and citrus grove becomes the protagonist in the hottest days.