Scegli la Box Autunno per una stagione di aperitivi con irrinunciabili protagonisti: i must della mixology

Choose the Autumn Box for an aperitifs season with indispensable protagonists: the must of mixology

The days get shorter, the temperatures decrease gently, the leaves fall from the trees and create a crisp mantle on the streets: autumn has arrived with its beloved colors and flavors, but also with the right autumn cocktails to enjoy with friends!

The Autumn Box Cocktails by NIO Cocktails

What are the best autumn cocktails? Even the perfect aperitif follows the course of the seasons and, this period needs a wide mix of flavors: some fresh and exotic cocktails for the milder and sunnier days, someone more intense and enveloping for the days that get fresher and more earthy colors. The perfect solution for your happy hours and after-dinner is called Autumn Box by NIO Cocktails: 6 cocktails that are pillars of mixology created with the best ingredients from recipes by Patrick Pistolesi will become the protagonists of the season for your moments of relaxation, aperitifs and dinners with friends, but also trips with friends and evenings with colleagues.

Box Autunno NIO Cocktails

The cocktails in the Autumn Box are:

Sidecar by NIO Cocktails

It’s the novelty in the NIO Cocktails catalogue, but it’s a very important historical cocktail, the precursor of many immortal mixology like Margarita, White Lady and many Sour. The Sidecar is one of the few cocktails based on Cognac, it’s sophisticated and it’s a warm caress for the palate. NIO Cocktails recipe includes:

  • Brandy St-Rémy X.O,
  • Cointreau,
  • Lime syrup by Giffard,
  • organic citric acid

How to combine this wonderful cocktail with the right dishes in the kitchen? For us it is to be enjoyed in the gloomy autumn days, perfect to accompany a good apple strudel.

Negroni by NIO Cocktails

The king of aperitifs, a flag of the Italian aperitif in the world, an irreplaceable must that continues to conquer thanks to its dry and bittersweet balance of bitters. The ingredients of  Negroni by NIO Cocktails are:

  • Gin Tanqueray,
  • Vermouth Cocchi,
  • Bitter Campari,
  • Angostura.

Easy in this case to combine with the kitchen recipes: this cocktail is ideal in all seasons, temperatures and palates, it is intense and goes perfectly with the classic appetizers of Italian happy hour.

Cosmopolitan by NIO Cocktails

Erroneously considered a purely feminine cocktail (perhaps for its characteristic pink color, perhaps so loved by the protagonists of the TV series Sex And The City), it is actually ideal for all palates - yes, even male ones! – and seasons. The freshness of Ketel One Vodka goes perfectly with the warm taste of Cointreau’s sweet-spicy orange, with cranberry and lime for a result that made history. The recipe of  Cosmopolitan by NIO Cocktails includes:

  • Vodka Ketel One,
  • Cointreau,
  • Blueberry Syrup by Toschi,
  • Organic citric acid.

For your menus and recipes, it is a very elegant and versatile cocktail: perfect for your autumn dinners with friends and colleagues, it is ideal to enjoy with good cheese with a refined flavor.

Box Autunno NIO Cocktails

Daiquiri by NIO Cocktails 

The favorite of those who love fresh and overwhelming flavors, the Daiquiri is another essential cocktail with a refreshing touch that still brings a little 'summer in your days. The recipe of  Daiquiri by NIO Cocktails includes only quality ingredients:
  • Rum Bianco Santiago de Cuba,
  • Organic citric acid, 
  • liquid sugar.
Simple but striking, it is ideal to serve on the table with seafood, shellfish and fish-based tacos. A sip of Cuba to keep warm with the heat of the tropical sun. 

Mai Tai by NIO Cocktails

An exotic touch comes back thanks to Mai Tai, a very intense and full-bodied Tiki cocktail that will make you taste all the elegance of the American West Coast that, in the '40s, discovered the charm of Polynesia. Our ingredients speak clearly:

  • Ron Colón Salvadoreño,
  • Cointreau,
  • Orzata syrupby Monin,
  • Lime citric acid. 

Enjoy it with fish or poke in perfect Hawaiian style, then let yourself be overwhelmed by all the flavors.

Old Fashioned by NIO Cocktails

There can be no autumn aperitif without a touch of warm whiskey: the Old Fashioned is the cocktail that pampers your palate with its hint of aromatic bitter and orange and with its base of Whisky Bulleit Bourbon. This is the recipe of our Patrick:

  • Bulleit Bourbon,
  • Liquid sugar by Toschi,
  • Angostura Bitter Aromatico,
  • Angostura Orange Bitter.

Its ability to combine mixology and cuisine is really typical of a great classic, with a wide bouquet of flavors that can be associated, can accompany perfectly with meat, cold cuts and chocolate desserts.

Let yourself be tempted by the Autumn Box by NIO Cocktails for aperitifs suitable for every climate, palate and menu