Il Sidecar è il must mixology per un avvolgente autunno all'insegna dei cocktail premium

The Sidecar is a must of mixology for an enveloping autumn full of premium cocktails

Sidecar: cocktail history 

Sidecar is a cocktail with a fascinating and misterious history. It first appeard in two books: Cocktail: how to mix them by Robert Vermeire in 1922 - although the recipe in the book contained all the ingredients in equal parts – and Harry’s ABC of Mixing Cocktail by Harry MacElhone – who was considered by some the real father of the cocktail.

There are those who believe that it was invented at the Harry’s Bar in Paris, a place that has made famous the cocktail with a legend about its creation: it seems that the Sidecar was prepared for the first time for an army captain who broke into Harry’s Bar aboard his - indeed - sidecar. There is also a third version, according to which the cocktail was created in New Orleans.

It is certain that the Sidecar soon caught on and also ended in Graham Greene’s 1938 novel Brighton Rock. The writer David Embury spoke of it in turn, calling it (improperly, but not with the intention of belittling it) a "Daiquiri with cognac".

Sidecar cocktail: recipe

As the precursor of many immortals of mixology like Margarita, White Lady and many others Sour, Sidecar cocktail IBA contains

  • Cognac (or Brandy)
  • Triple Sec (Cointreau or Grand Marnier, usually)
  • and fresh filtered lime juice.

    A special decoration of the tumbler is required: the edge must be covered with sugar to enhance the contrast with the lemon. The recipe for the Sidecar cocktail according to NIO Cocktails, carefully studied and reinterpreted by our Master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, is composed as follows:

    • Brandy St-Rémy X.O
    • Cointreau
    • Lime syrup Giffard
    • organic citric acid
    • a water drop

    All the ingredients of Sidecar cocktail have been selected for an elegant, delicious and important result. The touch given by Cointreau makes Sidecar a sophisticated drink with strong orange notes.

    Sidecar cocktail: calories

    A tumbler contains about 160 calories, considering the classic recipe

    Sidecar: garnish

    How best to enjoy the Sidecar if not with the right garnish? Patrick suggests a lemon zest directly in the tumbler for the extra touch.

    Sidecar: il food pairing

    It is delicious as an aperitif but also as an after-dinner, it is the perfect protagonist for your dinners: it is perfect with a warm apple strudel.

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