NIO Cocktails x Sanpellegrino



Three Patrick Pistolesi-labelled signature cocktails with Sanpellegrino drinks created using only Sicilian oranges. Receive them at home.

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Siri d'Estate

Italian modernity and tradition harmoniously mix in a summer bitter enhanced by Chinò.

Bulleit Bourbon | Cocchi Rosso Vermouth | Campari Bitter | Rhubarb | 20.9% | 100 ml

We are in beautiful Sicily and the end of the day is a show of sounds, rituals, scents and meetings. This cocktail tells of the iconic ingredients that have made the Italian aperitif famous around the world - with an international touch. Vermouth Cocchi Rosso, Bitter Campari and Rhubarb join Bourbon Bulleit to create Siri d'Estate, an exquisite bitter enhanced with Chinò for an elegant, summer drink with hints of vanilla and wood.

Bitter Amuri

The Italian creativity elevates the Vodka Sour to an elegant twist. An unexpected color for a recipe rich in Sicilian vibes.

Ketel One Vodka | Creme de Mure | Liquid Sugar | Organic Citric Acid | 22% | 100 ml

An unexpected three-coloured twist of Vodka Sour - rich and tasty, created with the aromas and flavours of an Italian summer through the sweet and sour notes typical of Sicilian blackberries that balance perfectly with the sparkling, bitter tones of Aranciata Amara San Pellegrino (San Pellegrino Bitter Orange). The strong, dry flavour of the Family Made Vodka Ketel One completes this fruity cocktail, fragrant and overwhelming for discerning palates. As the intense violet colour suggests, it is perfect to savour at the Purple Hour, between sunset and evening.

Gary Siciliano

This signature cocktail celebrates the hero of the two worlds, a unique figure for courage and daring.

Campari Bitter | Americano Cocchi Vermouth | Organic Citric Acid | Liquid Sugar | 14.5% | 100 ml

Garibaldi was the most active, strong and international side of Italy becoming a nation (he was one of the first world history icons). This cocktail, affectionately referred to as ‘Gary’, turns this ambitious restlessness into a high mixology tasting experience. The main ingredients of the Italian aperitif and the touch of complexity of Americano Cocchi create a dynamic and fresh cocktail that balances perfectly with the Aranciata Classica San Pellegrino, straight from Sicily’s most typical fruit.

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